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Trinary Planetary Logica Unity & Oneness Attunement Quanta 4
click image for large hi-res version ~ my gift

The Holographic Human
Trinary Planetary Logica = Unity & Oneness
Quanta 4 Attunement

'Directionless Direction—Nonlinear Linearity'
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Video
Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra
w/ Ascended Master Lord Menon

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

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Comments on our Transmissions

This is a time of massive integration of our higher-dimensional and True-Self aspects within our human forms. Never in the history of our planet have we experienced this. In the very ancient times on the planet we had access to states we struggle to access now, true. However, that is because we have been on a journey of developing pure consciousness out of our sentient state of being through the development of our intellect.

This process has involved becoming highly self-aware beings. As we become more self-aware within the field of density we call 3D, we integrate our multi-dimensional holographic True-Self within the denser structure and form of our human self. As this process progresses our entire fabric for understanding reality must dramatically shift.

This means that the helpful tools of yesterday can easily become today's prison unless we are willing to release them. These shifts are taking place so rapidly right now that any linear approach to trying to keep up with them will fall short and lead to frustration. Linear processes simply do not lead to a holographic reality, they are but a small component thereof!

We therefore have to re-learn how we approach the process of life itself on our beloved Earth. How we think, how we plan and organize, how we motivate and accomplish things... it all has to be shifted into a holographic modality wherein it will succeed and flow with grace and ease now and in the days ahead! In this teaching and transmission you will be given facilitated access to some very expansive 7D awareness and wisdom that is needed to accomplish this.

On the global stage we are seeing the leading edge of a significant failure wave for world systems that are based on the old linear ways of approaching life and reality on Earth. We have a choice as always. We can make the shift inside of ourselves and be part of the solution which facilitates the stabilized acceleration of consciousness on planet Earth, or not.

In truth, for a truly awakened being this is not even a choice at all. Everything inside of an awakened being will respond with great vigor at the opportunity to make these shifts. Just feel that YES jumping out of your heart and soul right now! It is time my beloved Family of Light! Together we will prevail!

In this Quanta 4 teaching and transmission you will be given some amazing insights into the workings of this whole process on macro/microcosmic levels. You will be further empowered to FEEL and KNOW yourself as a holographic human walking the face of our beloved Earth with directionless direction and nonlinear linearity (these seeming paradoxes will be explained and resolved in the presentation)!

In this powerful higher-dimensional energy and consciousness video transmission you can expand your awareness of and experience the following:

  • The three "souls" of our evolution: Sentience, Intellect and Consciousness.
  • The purpose our Intellect is really meant to serve.
  • How Sentience, Intellect and Consciousness are the 3 "lasers" which form the Self of the New Earth Holographic Human.
  • The nature of True Power.
  • How unification connects us more strongly into the unlimited and infinite energy system of the universe.
  • Our built-in resistance to infinite unification and how to transcend it.
  • How paradoxes are actually holograms.
  • Resolving the paradoxes of Directionless Direction and Non-linear Linearity.
  • True-Self guiding you via subtle energy, how to follow it.
  • Dealing with linear ego-mind's interference.
  • Life as a New Earth Holographic Human.
  • Process for further integrating the logic of love and oneness (Trinary Logica).
  • Downloading Core Consciousness Frequency Programs necessary for experiencing life as a Holographic Human on Earth.
  • Experience a process with Ascended Master Lord Menon in the 7th dimensional Tre'Mas Zada Holos Chamber.
  • Experience the Zada Pillar of Zohar Light in the 7D Tre'Mas Holos Chamber.
  • Expand awareness of SELF in self within the 7D Tre'Mas Holos Chamber.
  • Experience an immensely deep and loving gift of mirroring one of your hidden qualities from our New Earth Mother Gaia'An'Ma.

FEEL your inner power and being vibrating and quickening to these frequencies right now! THAT is telling you all you need to know about this transmission... grab this totally Ra'some opportunity to engage significant planetary service and personal transformation my beloved soul friend!

If you experienced the Quanta 1, Quanta 2 or Quanta 3 attunements you KNOW what these attunements offer! If you haven't experienced them you really owe it to yourself to check out what these attunements have to offer!

BONUS: in addition to the video and process PDF you will be able to download hi-res poster size versions of the TWO incredibe New Earth sacred geometry energy-arts shown on the left!

The top one is energetically representative of the Trinary Planetary Logica, and the bottom one is in harmonic resonance with the Tre'Mas Zada Holos Chamber and the Zada Pillar of Zohar Light.

Engage these energies and Ascended Master Lord Menon for this pure energy infusion, attunement and higher consciousness teaching!


The actual value of this video transmission is $44.44. Attune to your inner guidance and choose amount accordingly. Those who pay higher amounts help support those who pay less. We are all ONE, THANK YOU for living by Spirit!


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