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7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba ~ Dove of Oneness, energy-art image for this Family of Light Oneness Love energy channeling transmission.
click image for large hi-res version ~ my gift

12:13:13 Ona'Ba ~ Dove of Oneness
7th Sacred Tone Activation
Planetary, Collective & Personal Unification
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Video
Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

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This activation is the seventh and final transmission that facilitates a very sacred work with the Metatronic Councils of Light.

Other Sacred Tone Activation/Sounding Transmissions from the 2012 Fractal Line (all free including videos):

As you can see, this series of transmissions we have been facilitating began back on 11:11:11 and concludes with this transmission on 12:13:13. This is highly specialized planetary ascension work that is, however, truly universal and timeless.

With the sounding/activation of the 7th Sacred Tone, Ona'Ba ~ Dove of Oneness, all the harmonics within our new 7 Planetary Master Seals' programming were unified. The unification of these recently installed New Earth Master Programs so they all work together in harmony means they now have access to their full power in the greater field of oneness.

This initiated the next phase of unification of the 7 chakras within the human bio-energy field and then the unification of the entire human collective.

Have you ever had the experience of thinking one thing but feeling something else? Or of having two or more inner voices in conflict with one another? This is very common on Earth. This simply cannot happen once all 7 chakras are operating in a properly unified manner!

Having our bio-energy systems unified in this way also elicits "collective unified bridging" dynamics to then propagate in an accelerated manner. Collective unified bridging is what occurs when two human bio-systems that are unified within themselves harmonically inter-connect so they are operating together in a unified manner. This does NOT require conscious intent and interaction, but can be enhanced by it.

This does not eliminate individuality either. It rather brings the unique gifts we each have to the fore to serve for the benefit of all beings, including ourselves. I will be speaking more about all of this in this upcoming 7th Sacred Tone webinar transmission.

Unification of the 7 Planetary Master Programs and the 7 chakras of the human bio-energy system is the foundation for the bio-integration of the 9 Ray New Earth reality system (ref: the EL'Zohim transmission) and beyond. This in turn ties into the activation of the Pure Inscription of Light, for which there will be a new program (see link) forthcoming in 2014.

With the activation/sounding of the 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, all this work that has been done for some years has been consolidated and integrated within our human experience in some very real and powerful ways. The Metatronic Councils of Light have been reinforcing that this would occur for some time.

You will have an excellent opportunity in this 7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba transmission to work with the Metatronic Councils of Light for the purpose of finalizing the unification of our 7 New Earth Planetary Master Programs and the 7 chakras in your own human bio-field which thereby sets a stronger foundation for the unification of the human collective.

You will work with a process using 3 Keys to Unity Consciousness which have been defined by the Metatronic Councils of Light. You will receive a PDF with a written version of this process so you can easily continue to use it after watching the video.

For the main meditation Simeon Chi'Ra channels the collective of higher dimensional beings known as the Metatronic Councils of Light as they communicate to you through the universal archetype of Ona'Ba, the Dove of Oneness, for the unification of Earth consciousness. Karen Ani'Ra provides her exquisitely beautiful and unifying meditational preludes and serves as the vessel for the concluding Gaia An'Ma transmission which is profound... receive the gift of your innonence returned!

You can expect that your inner community of voices will become more akin to one strong aligned voice instead of a shouting dissonant crowd... your feelings and thoughts will become more harmonious with each other... the vital energy at your disposal will increase because there is less inner conflict using some of it up all the time... your awareness will expand on both the earthbound horizontal and cosmic vertical planes of reality... you will be much more in touch with your Soul-Self... as Soul-Self you are Pure Love and Awareness!

Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness and the 7 Sacred TonesBONUS #1: download a large hi-res poster quality (3014 x 2550) energy-art image like the one at the left.

This image is the result of a cooperative effort between our brother RayMond Tao'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra.

It captures and imprints the energetics of Ona'Ba, the Dove of Oneness and the harmonics of the 7th Sacred Tone in a highly visual and activational form.

7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness webinar slide example thumbs

download 8 high quality (960 x 720) energy-art slide images from this video, 4 are shown as thumbs on left.


7th Sacred Tone Ona'Ba, Dove of Oneness Process PDF
: download this PDF with the 3 Keys to Unity Consciousness process used in this video transmission.


Come fly high on the wings of the Dove of Oneness, Ona'Ba, straight into the heart of your Soul-Self of Pure Love!

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