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2014 Valentine's Day Be Love, See Love, Hear Love transformational webinar
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Be Love, See Love, Hear Love
Quantum Love Webinar Video
Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

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On Valentine's Day, in 2014 Year of Reconciliation, my sweetheart wife Karen Ani'Ra and I, Simeon Chi'Ra, facilitated a most delightful and cosmically deep excursion into Love as a primary State of Being. While thi took place on Valentine's Day, it is a universally applicable program that offers powerful insights, processes and a meditation for developing and deepening experiences of Pure Love Self.

Love is who we already are. Everything that we might experience in our lives can be experienced from this Pure State of Love Being, or not. It is our choice. Yet understanding how to make the right choice and make it a permanent condition that can be sustainably experienced can be elusive at best.

Everything that we experience which does not feel like love represents a Love Deficiency (LD) within our human beingness somewhere. Zeroing in on our core LD's and filling them with the Pure Love of our True Being transforms them. Transforming our core LD's transforms how we experience the circumstances of our lives.

The good news is that this is REAL and POSSIBLE. It is not an abstract idea that cannot be realized, or which can only be realized by Avatars. YOU can realize it, and sooner than you may think is possible. All that is needed is the proper belief anchored and the dedication to live by it. We wish to support you in that!

We wish nothing more than to help others experience life as we have come to experience it... to be able to Be Love, See Love and Hear Love no matter what is happening around us in our lives. This is not about making the circumstances of our lives perfect according to some set of standards. It is about perfecting our experience of those circumstances, so we experience the Pure Love of our Being no matter what those circumstances are.

Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra, as Pure Love and cosmic and human lovers, offer the energy of their Magical Heart of Soul Mate Joy and their depth of experience together in having learned to Be Love, See Love and Hear Love, in order to facilitate a powerful and delightful immersion in the Pure Love of your Being.

Download and watch this video for a most beautiful expansion into the Pure Love of YOUR Being (our's too)!

Download Now!

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