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Star-Sidhe, Blissings from Beyond
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Star-Sidhe, Blissings from Beyond
New Cosmic Infusion
into the Human-Faerie Realms

a Cosmic Video Experience

with Karen Ani'Ra and Simeon Chi'Ra

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

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The twelve Gates of the Ophira High-Sidhe human-faerie are now re-opening. As of the March 2014 Equinox four of these twelve gates had re-opened. Based on what I have been picking up on from the Metatronic Councils of Light all twelve of their gates should be re-opened by about 2027.

Each Ophira Gate also has twelve sub-gates or portals, 144 sub-gates total. When each Ophira Gate and all twelve of its sub-gates/portals are fully re-energized, they will each form a dodecahedral dome of living light.

All twelve living light domes will interconnect completely covering the Earth's surface thereby generating a larger toroidal-sphere light-form around them. The time has come... the Ophira are definitely now returning more fluently into the life zone we live in on Earth!

In late January 2014, I and Karen had an Ophira visitation, and more recently some additional interactions with the Ophira were forthcoming. I had worked with the Ophira once in the past back in 1998 when Maia and I and a small group of people facilitated an activation in preparation for the re-opening of the first Ophira Gate in Glen Lyon, Scotland. I only had remote telepathic experiences with them back then.

In our recent Ophira visitation experience, I had a full-on direct body experience of their energy, it is quite amazing, powerful and blissful... like OMG! From that experience I learned that the Ophira were re-activating a sub-gate/portal in our area that was part of the main Glen Lyon, Scotland Ophira Gate complex.

Karen and I then ventured out into a portion of the region they indicated to find this sub-gate/portal. In our first outing it turned out that we were not at its main location, but rather in a down-stream meridian flow (both literally and energetically) at Golitha Falls on the Fowey River. I did establish contact again with the Ophira from there though, and they told me they were near the headwaters of that river working with the sub-gate/portal which is where it was located.

They then sent a whole host of what they called "Star-Sidhe" to greet and accompany us by Golitha Falls. This was quite the experience, as they zoomed about us in these incredible light forms that had brilliant colors, sparkles, pulsing geometric forms and fluctuating light rays.

Whole groups of them would come zooming in close sort of tickling us with their light rays and energies, making very joyful vibrations that made our bodies feel light and happy, then they would go zooming off through the woods and circle back to do it again.

There were numerous groups of them all doing this and they were not all near us at the same time. Sometimes more than one group would be close to us and other times only one would be. The interaction with them elicited powerful healing dynamics that were rapid, easy and graceful... just play really!

The Star-Sidhe are ensouled beings who are incarnating into the Earth in higher-frequency zones of nature as higher forms of Sidhe which have no Earthen human genetic frequencies, connections or form.

Their human star-paragenetics are forming the vehicle for their Sidhe-beingness on Earth in conjunction with the Earthen faerie realm genetic streamings. This may seem a bit obscure stated so briefly as it is... this will be explained further in this program.

The purpose of this program is to introduce you to the Star-Sidhe, to offer a path whereby you can receive the imprint of their vibrational signature. This in turn then opens the door to them bi-locating within your bio-energy field when circumstances may summon them. The circumstances are mostly vibrational, in other words, when we move into experiencing resonant harmonics the Star-Side "see" us and drop in for a fun little visit!

They do not have to be geographically in your area for this to occur. However, if they start bi-locating into yiour field often enough they may establish resonances with certain geographical features in your area and begin actually frequenting those places. So in a sense, by interacting with the Star-Sidhe on a global scale via this webinar we are also offering them a vehicle by which to further explore and inhabit their new home on Earth!

Having these exciting high-vibrational beings in more places on Earth will be greatly beneficial to our planet and our collective consciousness!

The Star-Sidhe are therefore inviting interactions with humans, sidhe and faerie capable of having heart-centered connections with them. Let me warn you... any heaviness you hold on any level may be obliterated! I have also now learned that Star-Sidhe interactions also serve as a preparation for more direct contact with the Ophira!

We will soon be doing another program to provide in-depth updates on all that is currently happening with the Ophira and the Ophira Gates.

BONUS: as a part of your download you will receive a very hi-resolution poster size high quality copy of the beautiful and highly activational New Earth Sacred Geometry energy-art design seen on the left.

In this program I am also speaking more about the healing and ascension dynamics involved when interacting with the Star-Sidhe... they truly are Blissings from Beyond and I am so uplifted to have experienced them and know they are here with us now (tears of joy)!

Join us for some Star-Sidhe Bliss and interaction in the meditation too!

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