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Oneness-Love La'kina Transmission
Zanda 1 ~ Pure Being Series
produced by Simeon Chi'Ra
while overlighted by
7D Solar High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

Video Runtime: 15:21

Zanda 1 - Pure Being Series - Oneness Love La'kina Videos

This video series is designed to facilitate direct entrainment to higher and more expanded states of being. It will provide you with an opportunity to have a direct experience of your Pure Being state, which is actually in the unmanifest Absolute. Regardless of where we are in our ability to access this state, we can expand our abilities in this regard.

When we do, our experience of states of Pure Being deepens and becomes more sustainable within the ordinarly flow of day to day life on Earth. To experience states of Pure Being while in a human body going about our everyday life is Pure Bliss!

This is therefore a journey into the blissful core of who you are with a longer term benefit! Our brain rotates slightly on its brain stem in response to certain stimuli.

Normally our brain assumes a rotational position on the brain stem which is aligned with the mundane vibrational stimuli of ordinary life.

There is a Critical Rotational Position (CRP), however, which represents a true alignment to our Pure Source Being -- i.e. enlightment or illumination. This Pure Being video entrainment experience is meant to help adjust your brain's rotational position closer to its CRP.

To accomplish this, we use a combination of pattern, color and movement in the form of fractal animations in combination with other facilitator "seed images."

This highly potentized visual combination is then augmented with a special audio track using a proprietary means of generating highly beneficial theta brainwave entrainment in conjunction with multiple octaves of the 528 Hz Golden OM Solfeggio Tone.

The entire creation of this video and its special audio track was closely guided and directed by 7D Solar High Priestess, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na.

She imparts her own unique high-dimensional energy transmission through this video also, making it a full engagement of your physical senses and etheric energy bodies.

Read this PDF for a full explanation of the Zanda Web matrix that you will be working with, or click here to read the article online.

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