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Crystal Moon of Compassion w/ Quan Yin
Energy Transmission Video
facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ guest presenter Maia Alaula Kamala

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(01:46:11) - 86MB

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Wesak Crystal Moon of Compassion with Quan Yin Webinar

This video energy transmission offers you the opportunity to:

  • Awaken more fully to the multi-dimensional purpose of Shambhala and how it was created by the Elohim, the Universal Goddess Ishkea and the Seven Kumaras.
  • Understand and experience Quan Yin's higher-dimensional presence and role in the Ascension of our Earth more completely.
  • Expand your awareness regarding the holistic connections between the etheric Crystal City of Korbola at 8000 A.D, Shambhala and the Golden City at planetary and personal physiological levels of manifestation.
  • Be quickened in awareness to how the 44:44 Ascension Stargate works in conjuntion with Shambhala, the nine New Earth Pure Consciousness Temples and the thousand-petaled New Earth Lotus of Consciousness with its "Lotus Stalk".
  • Receive a further transmission regarding the 999 hologram which is inter-woven into the thousand-petaled New Earth Lotus of Consciousness.
  • Understand the hologram of ascension dynamics represented in the Skittuim Pillar, the Avatalkim Pillar, the Golden Pillar and the "Lotus Stalk."
  • Receive a transmission that expands awareness regarding compassion and its different frequency rays, gemstone partners and various octaves, and how these play out in the human experience on the ascending spiral of consciousness.
  • Experience and be healed by the immense compassion of Quan Yin directly.
  • Be escorted up the "Lotus Stalk" into Shambhala and the New Earth Lotus of Consciousness and 44:44 Ascension Star Grail by Quan Yin includes a special "Lotus Stalk" animation!
  • Don your 'Metatronic Wings' and literally 'fly' side by side with the Metatronic Councils of Light (a powerful and liberating process) to gather up the Platinum Ray frequencies of compassion held within Shambhala and bring them back to our Earth to be distributed on several different levels.
  • Receive a special channeling from Quan Yin by my kindred and guest presenter Maia Alaula Kamala at the very end of your guided meditational process.

Experience the energy of Quan Yin, Shambhala and the New Earth Lotus of Compassion Consciousness operating on the Platinum Ray frequency! Read full information.

Download Video Now
(01:46:11) - 86MB

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