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EL'Zohim 9 Ray New Earth Infusion image for this Family of Light oneness energy channeling event by Cosmic Consciousness Online.
click image for hi-res version ~ my gift

EL'Zohim - 9 Ray New Earth Infusion
Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
video transmission
facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Download Video
(02:12:41) - 119 MB

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>>>That was beyond-words powerful... these subtle radiations of light patterns which I somehow knew was an activation happening at the deepest cellular level ... then there you were, directing our eyes to the beautiful visual of these rainbow "feathery" lights!! Tears of joy!

Thank you again, for your guiding Presence, commitment, and the truly crystalline clarity of your chalice. ~ Carol L'y'hara Welhan, BC, CANADA

>>> ...beautiful again... the energies that come through are very, very high... I just love the purity and sincerity of your work and being. Hope to 'work' with you for a very long time... Love & Light. ~ Isis Saris of Life Design Academy, THE NETHERLANDS

>>> Today's webinar was exquisite... the envision of the blue white sphere of light as we stood in the radiant light temple of exquisite high energy... 

I am now always aware of the sacred work being done through me, and so this was an important knowing...  I am blessed to have found a family of beings with whom I can share in this sacred work of light-en-ing on this earth. Blessings... ~ Barbara K, Arizona, USA

>>> The energies I experienced today were profoundly powerful! I could feel and sense EVERYTHING... colorful Flames dance joyfully across my inner vision.... I'd be rocketed into another dimension of bliss!

...it felt like toxins were rising up and sizzling off my body/being... memories tied to emotional experiences...  I was feeling past pains, namely guilts, rise up to my consciousness where I was aware of them...

I wasn't denying these parts of me... I also wasn't allowing them to be a part of me anymore. I was simply letting them (perhaps with Intention) dissolve away. I was feeling lighter and lighter and expanded to be filled with more capacity to LOVE everyone... I feel so much love for ALL that IS! 

...I've replaced a lost part of Me that was keeping me from experiencing the True Divine Beauty of My own Essence! I feel that Power now... THANK YOU Simeon for facilitating these wonderful energies! ~ Joshua Farmer, an Indigo Musician from Montana, USA

Listen to "We are the One Song" MP3 by Joshua!

Download Video
(02:12:41) - 119 MB

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In this Family of Light oneness energy channeling video transmission you will be facilitating and experiencing the following for the Metatronic Councils of Light and our planetary collective:

  • Our planetary transition from a 7 Ray to a 9 Ray intermediary New Earth system called Numis'OM by Thoth.
  • An infusion of cosmic consciousness and energy from the transitionary order of New Earth Elohim (EL'Zohim) (9 rays).
  • Initially accessing the 1st (EL'Ha'Men 16 rays), 2nd (EL'Qui'Nuxka (23 rays) and 3rd (EL'Na 33 rays) orders of New Earth Elohim.
  • Further harmonic alignment with the New Earth re-programming of our planetary 7th seal that is currently in progress.
  • Planetary collective activation of the final 9th Universal Wave's 12th Heaven, the last YIN cycle in the entire Mayan Calendar - the Universal Goddess offering the ripe nectar of universal consciousness to our world.
  • Balancing the planetary polarity of Light-Dark between northern and southern hemispheres in conjunction with the September Equinox portal.
  • Leveraging the 999 Cube of Stars, the Metatronic Fulcrum, for our collective ascension into the New Earth.
  • Further enhancing our collective synchronization within Xyx'Na, the galactic flash point of our Sacred Nuba, the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Quickening the harmonics of the initial 9 New Earth Rays within our collective through the 9 New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness.
  • A powerful 9 Ray + 9 Chakra full Adam Kadmon Template activation.

We are in a very powerful movement into the initial harmonic template for our New Earth. This involves a transition from our previous 7 Ray system into a new 9 ray system. This new 9 ray system involves two new rays or sets of specific creational harmonics in addition to the completion of the existing 7 ray harmonics.

The Metatronic Councils of Light have been bringing these two new rays online since the activation of the 9th Universal Wave on March 9, 2011. The completion of the 7 existing rays occurs in sync with the sounding of the 7 Sacred Tones beginning 11.11.11 and going through the end of 2013.

This cosmic movement takes us into the beginning transitional stages of our New Earth called "Numis'OM"(offsite - by Maia). This is our primary focus for now. Yet, the Metatronic Councils of Light have indicated that the entire 33 ray matrix of the next cycle is already fully present in the New Earth hologram.

It is therefore mostly a matter of our ability to access it and bring the universal parameters of that level of consciousness into our incarnate beings on Earth. This is where the "linear process" takes place. The Metatronic Councils of Light have therefore offered to provide an initial attunement to the entire New Earth 33 ray hologram at this very fertile time in our New Earth transition.

Doing so is akin to being able to get a sense of our final destination as we begin our New Earth journey. This helps us to align to the overall far-objective and thus to be better able to sail through the near-term navigational challenges more easily.

Our planetary 7th seal is currently in the process of being re-programmed. This is to be completed by 11.11.11 as was related in the previous Xyx'Na transmission. The Metatronic Councils of Light are bringing this full New Earth 33 ray hologram into our new planetary 7th seal programming.

They are offering you an opportunity to connect that new programming and the 33 ray hologram it represents more directly into our human collective through our own direct experience of it.

This will in turn facilitate and accelerate our overall collective movement within the transitional 9 ray Numis'OM phase of our New Earth. This 9 Ray New Earth EL'Zohim matrix is therefore our lens for this transmission.

Download the video and experience this incredible planetary work with the Metatronic Councils of Light!

Download Video
(02:12:41) - 119 MB

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