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The Science of the Soul
An Expansive Perspective on Soul Reality
and 7D Experience in the Temple of La'kina
with Illuminari and High Priestess Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na

A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling,
Video/Audio/Energy-Art/eBook Teaching & Transmission
from the Higher Dimensional Sciences Series

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Full Package ALL 33 Items for only $29.99
Download everything immediately after purchase!!!
(2) WMV Videos, (2) MP3 Audios, (27) Energy-Art, (2) eBooks
Videos are 1280 x 720 WMV

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This is a powerful and comprehensive oneness teaching and transmission on the higher-dimensional sciences of the soul and its true nature. It will help you better understand and define what is truly involved in what we commonly refer to as soul reality.

Science of the Soul higher consciousness oneness energy channeling energy-art image samples.
3 energy-art samples from this presentation's transmission
(27 full size hi-res images included in this package - see all samples)

This Package Includes

  • Science of the Soul WMV Video Part One - 01:24:35
  • Science of the Soul WMV Video Part Two - 00:33:40
  • Science of the Soul MP3 Audio Part One - 01:25:50
  • Science of the Soul MP3 Audio Part Two - 00:35:09
  • Science of the Soul PDF eBook - 38 pgs 8.5x11
  • 27 Hi-Res Energy-Art Images - 960 x 720 BMP - sample
  • Heart-Breathing PDF eBook - 26 pgs 8.5x11
  • Hi-Res JPG of Shi'Ra's Eyes - 1200 x 566 - sample

Both videos are full-sized 1280 x 720 HD resolution videos!

The two MP3 audio files are the sound tracks from the two videos - GREAT for listening to again on iPod, burning to CD, etc.

Science of the Soul eBook -  a Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
The Science of the Soul eBook has all the information from Part One of the video with many of the energy-art images in it. You can easily reference all information presented in printed form. View Table of Contents

The Hi-Res BMP Energy-Art image set has all the energy-art used in the two videos and the images are suitable for printing or as desktop wallpaper. View sample thumbnails.

The Heart-Breathing eBook is my gift (normally $9.99).

Your presentation was wonderful. I  was dreaming about the lady’s eyes... They are very powerful. I felt the energies during the meditation... I don’t usually respond to energies that way... I can’t put it into words... The information about souls was very exciting... Thank you so much! ~ Chris Drake, USA

Not only was the info amazing but your presentation/delivery was fantastic - well organized, clear and to the point, with great visuals... the best... Thanks again for all your hard work... Lots of love.  ~ Connie Poggiani, Winnetka CA, USA

Not quite sure where to start... experiencing some very deep shifts. I feel more solid in who I AM. I am... a Divine human... Wow what a trip. The illusion of separation is fading... It's like years, eons of fog has cleared... There was/is more, so much more. More than I can put into words.Thank you Simeon, it's good to be home! ~ Celia Macqueen, Fort Wayne, IN, USA

In this exceptionally clear and powerful higher-dimensional oneness teaching and transmission you will gain a better understanding of exactly what a true "Soul Family of Light" may be, and how souls are resonantly grouped and ordered for various epochs of evolution by a vast master intelligence associated with the Elohim called the "iid.".

The cosmic consciousness and cosmic awareness that this oneness teaching transmission imparts will expand your own higher consciousness and universal awareness around the nature of your very own soul as well as collective oneness soul reality.

Having a better conscious grasp of the various levels and aspects of universal soul reality is very helpful to understanding your inner spiritual experiences, life, our world and ultimately, Reality itself. It is also very helpful for understanding how unity and oneness consciousness can be achieved.

This transmission has its roots in work I did with my former partner Maia and her channeling with Thoth many years ago. This previous work was a cosmic awareness trigger which opened me up to a greater universal consciousness and oneness awareness.

I was then further initiated into this sacred knowledge and awareness directly by the Illuminary Thoth, Master Menon, Lord Metatron, the Merkabah of the Host and the whole collective body of the Metatronic Councils of Light over a period of 16 years.

This transmission can be as helpful to healers and spiritual practitioners as it is to individual spiritual seekers. This transmission further enables you to place all of what you embrace in others who seek your assistance into a more expanded universal context.

The more expansive our context for relating to reality and life is, the more effective we are in bringing all limited energies and consciousness to its point of true resolution and transmutation for the benefit of all beings on Earth.

I'm ready, let me Purchase Now

In this Family of Light oneness energy channeling and higher-dimensional sciences video teaching and transmission you will consciously learn about and be universally quickened in your cosmic awareness to the following:

  • The relationship and interaction between the 144,000 EL'ephen 11th dimensional quasars, and the stars in their soul-birthing mode.
  • How soul-birthing occurs and the different types of soul-birthing events, core knowledge within the science of the soul.
  • The different levels of reality-birthing that stars universally facilitate within the greater field of oneness.
  • The different types of soul-birth Family of Light siblings that are possible.
  • Twin rays are revealed in more depth than is generally available elsewhere.
  • The true universal nature of soul reality itself.
  • The intricacies and details of the various energetic structures and mechanisms within soul reality.
  • Soul archetypification, how it occurs and why.
  • The iid Master Elohim Intelligence for all incarnative experience in the universe on all dimensions and in all parallel realities.
  • Incarnative experience and multiple simultaneous soul projections.
  • The universal organizational intelligence for all Soul Family of Light groupings.
  • Universal soul reality types which determine how the soul tends to project into incarnation.
  • Soul layering or latticing where more than one soul may share the same body.
  • A higher-dimensional and expanded perspective on "Walk-ins."
  • Soul compartmentalization which may occur due to incarnative adversity in the soul reality matrix.
  • Paragenetics, the higher-dimensional genetic memory material of the soul's incarnative journey.
  • The different types of paragenetic "soul memory cells" and under what circumstances they may be present or not.
  • Soul memory modulation, how the soul manages its incarnative memory circuitry.
  • Soul families and merkabahs, the various ways and reasons that these soul family of light aggregates can and do form.
  • Brief interspersed meditative processes to help you experientially access the universal consciousness and cosmic awareness involved in this transmission.
  • A guided journey into the Temple of La'kina with Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na to directly experience your Magna Soul, the highest and most rarified aspect of your individuated soul reality - this is a VERY powerful experience that you will never forget - just look into her eyes below!

7th dimensional Illuminari and High Priestess, Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na
Ascended Master and Illuminar Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na gazes into your soul-being to amplify your Divine Flame of Love and Oneness.
Gaze into Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na's eyes... feel her mirroring your own Divinity

To drink from the deep cup of this exquisite sacred knowledge and experience this very expansive 7th dimensional cosmic awareness transmission, follow the guidance you are feeling and respond to the opportunity to download this incredible video below right now!

 Full Package of ALL 33 Items for only $29.99
Download everything immediately after purchase!
(2) WMV Videos, (2) MP3 Audios, (27) Energy-Art, (2) eBooks
Videos are 1280 x 720 WMV

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