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The Ninth Rainbow
of Universal Consciousness
Energy Channeling Video Transmission
facilitated by Simeon Chi'Ra
w/ special guest Maia Alaula Kamala

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(02:07:52) - 146.5MB

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The Ninth Wave's Rainbow of Universal Consciousness Webinar

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In this video you  receive a transmission of awareness and an experience of the following:

  • The Mayan Calendar's nine waves/rainbows of consciousness evolution and their universal meta-functions.
  • The secret Master Vibrational Key held within the Mayan Calendar's numerology.
  • The simultaneously relative and absolute nature of Universal Consciousness - a seeming paradox until properly understood.
  • Seven powerfully effective universal awareness building tools.
  • Additional helpful universal awareness building tools.
  • The Solar Christic Archangel Arhaiel.
  • Tashab'va - the Orion Blue Fire Command.
  • Empowering higher-dimensional direct infusions of Divine Solar Chi within your being from Archangel Arhaiel and Tashab'va.
  • A truly powerful guided meditational journey into the Holo-Crystalline Lattice of Universal Consciousness with the Orion Blue Fire Command.
  • The opportunity to pre-cognitively experience the completion of the Ninth Wave's Rainbow of Universal Consciousness and to bring that pattern more fully into our collective consciousness on Earth. 

On March 9th, 2011 the Ninth Wave's Rainbow of Consciousness evolution as identified in the Mayan Calendar activated. The entire wave/rainbow develops and completes in just 234 days!

There are 13 heavens in the Ninth Wave's cycles. That is a MAJOR shift in heaven-energy every 18 days!

For comparison, the correlative major shifts in the Eighth Wave have been coming about one per year for about 12 years.

This video's higher-dimensional transmission of energies is designed to help you align into the universal matrix of consciousness.

The better aligned we are with universal harmonics the more effective we will be at riding this truly big energy surf into the beach of Universal Consciousness, Unity and Oneness going into 2012 and beyond.

Experience the timeless energy of this activation, attunement and celebration which is truly one of the most amazing dynamics we could ever hope to experience!

Download Video
(02:07:52) - 146.5MB

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