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Oneness Bliss Wave Quanta 1
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Oneness Bliss Wave ~ Quanta 1
The Only Truth is Love!
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Video
Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra
w/ the Metatronic Councils of Light

Simeon Chi'Ra and Karen Ani'Ra of Cosmic Consciousness Online

Oneness, love and bliss is who we ARE! Now is the time to shift to a new level and take our experience of this energy into a whole new quantum orbit around the Radiant Heart of All-Being! We have some incredible help for doing this too!

Myriads of Star Tribes, Star Nations, Celestial Councils of Light, EL'Ohim, Angelic and Elemental Kingdoms including Angels, Archangels, Faeries, Sprites, Jinn, Naga, Dragons, Unicorns and many others... are collectively forming the fabric of an entirely new inter-connective universal web that further unifies the experience of all life forms in all dimensions of reality throughout the universe. ALLELUJAH!

LOGOS for Nardee Network of Unified Worlds

This is a further development of the Nardee Network (original and recent info) of all unified worlds. This vast network of unified worlds is expanding more profoundly than ever before to incorporate non-unified worlds and their sub-realities within it. This process will be ongoing for some time.

In truth we are always interconnected, but many life forms in many worlds and sub-realities have limitations present in their existing reality constructs which determines how well they are able to experience this ultimate reality.

You are invited to consciously participate in this unity-weaving and to open our hearts and beings to the grandest series of oneness energy bliss waves that this universe has ever known!

We will do so for our beloved planet Earth and her beautiful and diverse collective of beings and consciousness. The best part... we get to experience it ourselves first! Ooo... can ya feel it?

It is time to enter into and embody this new level of Oneness and Bliss as human beings on Earth... to embody who we really ARE!

It is time to just WALK AWAY from the old patterns that have limited us from experiencing this more fully or sustainably in the past. It's time to make this FUN too!

Together --- with the Metatronic Councils of Light, the EL'Ohim and the myriads of beings from star systems such as Orion, Sirius, the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda and many, many, MANY others, as well as the Elementals and Angelics --- we can bring ourselves into SUPREME RESONANCE with this massive mother of all oneness bliss waves - WOOTA!

We can learn to experience it as humans on Earth... over and over and OVER again until it IS our ONLY sustaining experiential reality!

THAT is our intention and we WILL prevail... and when we engage such an intention together with each other, and with this many Celestial Beings, Cosmic Beings, Star Beings, and Elemental Beings... WOW do we ever have much greater power than we do individually on our own!

Humans on Earth are in the process of learning to sustainably experience this energy. It is the CORE of who we are! Doing so will mean that the dream and vision of our New Earth can and will become the prevailing reality on this planet!

It is already gaining momentum, it's happening in oh so many ways on the world stage... yet, oh so much more is possible, needed and desired! The hearts of the many are speaking out and finally being heard. It is a time of assuming our POWER IN ONENESS and LOVE! That is BLISS!

These Oneness Bliss Waves are cresting upon our human shores in multi-dimensional quanta energy packets or waves. This is the next level of the Trinary Logica work which is now complete as of Quanta 4!

This video is a higher-dimensional oneness energy transmission that will fill your being with expansive patterns of energy that resonate with Pure Love, Unity, Oneness and Heavenly Bliss!

Sliding Scale Love-Offering

The actual value of this video transmission is $44.44. Attune to your inner guidance and choose amount accordingly. Those who pay higher amounts help support those who pay less. We are all ONE, THANK YOU for living by Spirit!

Oneness Bliss Wave ~ Quanta 1
2 HD Video Set (45:40/42:20)
Compatible w/ most mobile devices!
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