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Cradle of the Platinum Ray
Universal Goddess Mother
Cosmic Mother ~ Goddess of the Universe ~ Goddess of Divinity ~ Goddess Mother
an energy channeling video transmission
facilitated by Simeon Chiron
w/ guest Maia Alaula Kamala

Ishkea - Platinum Goddess of the Universe, Cosmic Mother, Goddess of Divnity, Goddess Mother of All Beings and Things.

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(02:10:59) - 108.5MB

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An Overview

Some energy-art samples from this energy transmission:

Cradle of the Platinum Goddess of the Universe Webinar Transmission Sample Energy-Art

This webinar offers you the opportunity to:

  • Expand your awareness into the universal field regarding God / Goddess energy beyond all of the mythological and humanized concepts floating around in our collective psyche.
  • Awaken more fully to the vibrational frequency and meaning of the Universal Goddess' name of "Ishkea" as a higher-dimensional thought-form used by Masters, Angelics, Celestial Beings, Galactic Councils and Star Tribes.
  • Expand your awareness on how the manifest universe is comprised of nesting energy patterns whereby the Universal Goddess energy moves through the various layers of these patterns to manifest within our human experience on Earth.
  • More completely understand and be quickened to the three-fold nature of Goddess energy in the Universe.
  • Learn about the Celestial Temple Portals used by the Universal Goddess energy to interact with our solar system and planet.
  • Receive a transmission regarding the Platinum Ray of Compassion and its hologram of energy, how it is mirrored into the Earth from the Great Central Sun, and the role of the Sirian system in the Platinum Ray on Earth and much more.
  • Expand your awareness regarding compassion and its different frequency rays, gemstone partners and various octaves, and how these play out in the human experience on the ascending spiral of consciousness.
  • Expand your awareness regarding the Universal Goddess and how she utilizes the Platinum Ray in interaction with our collective consciousness on Earth.
  • Receive a transmission about the Cosmic Cradle which we passed through between June 15th and June 21st and which represents a major intersection between short term and long term astrological cycles and alignments and the 16.4 billion year harmonic progression for evolution of consciousness defined by the Mayan Calendar.
  • Engage holographic insights on the Opah, the Phi Gate, the Maiden Grid, the Goddess Fold and the MA'STAR that helps to knit them together at the level of mind with all that is currently unfolding in the Ninth Wave on Earth - includes some new information from Maia and Thoth.
  • Experience a very special and powerful guided meditation in which Master Thoth reveals a passage from the undiscovered "White Book of Love" written by St. John the Beloved on Patmos.
  • Directly touch and be touched by the Universal Goddess Ishkea in a way never before fully possible on Earth until right now.
  • Receive a special message from Ishkea's "twin" Gaia as channeled by Maia Alaula Kamala Nartoomid.
  • Experience some stunning custom energy-art in the presentation slides (see samples above) that activates and facilitates the awareness, consciousness and energy being downloaded directly to you by the Metatronic Councils of Light and our Universal Goddess Ishkea.

Download Video
(02:10:59) - 108.5MB

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Full Original Info

Between June 15th and June 21st, 2011, we had an amazing series of celestial and universal dynamics present that together formed what Ascended Master Menon calls a "cosmic cradle" of oneness.

These cosmic cradles form every so often. Yet this one was in a very unique position within the planet's evolutionary "moment" and had some very powerful oneness energy channeling dynamics present.

This particular cosmic cradle formed to serve the Platinum Ray Universal Goddess, also known through the ages as the Cosmic Mother, Goddess of the Universe, Goddess of Divinity, Goddess Mother and many more titles of universal honor and distinction...

Ascended Master Menon indicates that the Platinum Ray Cosmic Mother's cradle was formed by an harmonic intersection occurring between the cycles of the Ninth Universal Wave in the Mayan Calendar's evolution of consciousness, galactic center alignments, the 2011 June Solstice, a full moon eclipse and some Mercury, Uranus and Pluto alignments.

Additionally, there are precursory harmonics involving the 2012 Fractal Line and the completion of the Venus Gate on 6/6/2012 that are part of the Platinum Ray Goddess of the Universe's "basket weave" for this particular cosmic cradle as well.

Here is a quick summary of the different celestial, universal and cosmic components involved in this weave:

June 15th, 2011: Full Moon Solar Eclipse (24 Sagittarius 23) at 8:31 pm near the fixed star Ras Alhague and Galactic Center.

...additional illumination and insight... engage the light codes being transmitted by the Sun and Moon from Ras Alhague and from Galactic Center, the Galactic Core, also known as Hunab Ku by the Mayans ~ courtesy of Cayelin Castell

June 15-16th, 2011: 6th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light mid-point crest.

June 15-16th, 2011: the entire 9th Universal Wave of Consciousness evolution's mid-point.

June 19th: 2011: "Cradle of the Platinum Goddess" webinar energy transmission (this one you are reading about)

Mercury (6 Cancer 25) reaches its greatest declination of 24.59 or nearly 25 degrees a full 2.5 degrees beyond where the Sun can reach. This suggests that Mercury, representing perception, communication and the mind, is outside the boundaries and confines of ordinary reality. Plus Mercury is still square Uranus and now also opposite Pluto (6 Capricorn 25) at 12:18 pm suggesting a radical perceptual shift is possible. ~ courtesy ofCayelin Castell

June 21st, 2011: Solstice, our Sun enters the sign of Cancer with an eclipse.

The Solstice is exact at 10:16 am when the Sun enters Cancer currently located in an area of the sky we can call the Galactic Cross at the exact intersection of the Milky Way (or plane of our Galaxy) and the Ecliptic (the plane of our Solar System) on the Galactic Edge... The Summer Solstice can only be located in this area of the sky every 26,000 years letting us know that we are in extraordinary times shifting from one Great Galactic Year to the next. ~ courtesy of Cayelin Castell

Cancer: Feminine, Cardinal Water Sign. The fourth sign of the zodiac... linked to the womb, birth, motherhood and the birth of all things... the tail (of the crab) is often overlaid with the halo of the archangel Gabriel, linking baptism with the spiritual world. Cancer is often called the 'house of the mother', linking it to the physical and spiritual experience of birth. ~ from the White Goddess Pagan Portal

On June 19th we climbed into the Goddess of Divinity's amazing Platinum Ray cosmic cradle to prepare for her as our Universal Goddess Mother Ishkea, who arrived on her Cancerian Wings upon the Platinum Ray of Compassion. For aeons at June Solstice, our Goddess of the Universe Ishkea has manifest in the form of her many various Goddess Mother emissaries, whom we have known by many names throughout our history.

In 2011, for the first time since our planet's inception, Ascended Master Menon indicates that she came to us directly in her full glory and manifestation upon the Platinum Ray at the June Solstice. She came to give birth to, and to nurture, our own Goddess of the Universe aspect on the Platinum Ray.

During the previous 2011 Wesak Crystal Moon of Compassion webinar transmission, our Goddess Mother on Earth, Quan Yin, opened us up to the Platinum Ray frequencies of compassion at a whole new level through Shambhala. This prepared us to be able to climb into this cosmic cradle to be nurtured by the Platinum Ray Universal Goddess of Divinity herself.

By climbing into this cosmic cradle we were held tightly against our Cosmic Mother Ishkea's bosom by her direct embrace. Her direct embrace embodies the full vibrational register of the Universal Platinum Ray of Compassion.

Our hearts and minds were offered an opportunity to significantly progress towards becoming one exquisite living organism, fused together forever within the Platinum Ray frequencies of universal love and compassion by Ishkea, Goddess of the Universe.

This video energy transmission from the 2011 June Solstice "cradle transmission" and guided meditation also represents an opening of the 2012 Fractal Line. It is energetically setting the stage for the primary node in the 2012 Fractal Line on 6/6/2012 when the second Venus Transit completes our current Venus Gate passage, which began on 6/8/2004.

Therefore, what our Platinum Ray Cosmic Mother Ishkea nurtured within us as a result of having climbed into her cosmic cradle of oneness at June Solstice, will become the vehicle for her own direct embodiment on Earth on 6/6/2012 when she embodies here through all of us. It's not too late to benefit from this very powerful transmission, download the video...

This is similar to all of us being the vehicle for the second coming of the Christ. The Universal Goddess of Divinity Ishkea is the feminine archetype of the Universal Christ energy. She nurtures us in our universal expansion in preparation for her incarnation of oneness within us.

This video transmission is an excellent opportunity to consciously participate with and experience these exquisite energies and to open to receive Ishkea's FULL universal embrace for the first time ever on Earth... you owe it to yourself to experience this exquisite energy and guided meditation, download the video below and you will see what I mean!

Download Video
(02:10:59) - 108.5MB

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