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Shamanic Christ in the Earth
Energy Channeling Transmission Video

Facilitator: Simeon Chiron

In this energy transmission you expand your consciousness by understanding the movements of the Shamanic Christ in the Earth. You will learn about the cosmic cycles by which the Christ Consciousness moves in the Earth as a shamanic or "underworld" dynamic.

This is also a great opportunity to develop a more unified perspective which leads to a deepening experience of those elusive states of Pure Oneness.

This is therefore an opportunity to be able to access greater awareness of the shamanic Christ Consciousness cycles and how they work within the northern and southern hemispheres in opposite but harmonious and synergic movements. This expanded awareness is a teaching in and of itself in how our own human consciousness works in a similar manner when our minds are not interfering.

It is quite common for our conscious human minds to assign a "negative" value to anything that is in an opposite movement from where the conscious mind is operating. Understanding these very powerful cosmi-shamanic movements of Christ energy and consciousness in our planetary collective is thus extremely helpful to aligning ourselves to them and thus transcending the more limited movements of our minds.

Your will experience and become more aware of the following in this energy transmission video:

  • The Solar Christ cycle
  • The Shamanic Christ in Solstices and Equinoxes
  • Evolution of Christ Consciousness in the Solar Christ cycle
  • The Christic Sun-Spirit
  • The Adam Kadmon merges with the Shamanic Christ in Earth
  • Yeshua's in the Solar Christ cycle and Adama Kadmon
  • Activity of the Shamanic Christ in the Earth
  • Higher-dimensional interface with Earth's Nature Kingdom
  • Graceful transmutation of karmic forces and energies
  • Primary higher-dimensional mandates and directives
  • Working w/ the Shamanic Christ in the Earth
  • Vibrational parameters for effective work
  • Working with Unicorns and Dolphins
  • Guided by Merkabah of the Host
  • Christ-Crystalling planetary etheric/physical waters
  • Powerful meditation with the Unicorns, dolphins and Shamanic Christ in the Earth.
  • Custom energy-art images and diagrams created especially for this energy transmission.
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