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Thine Eye be Single in Love
Cosmic Energy Channeling Transmission Video

Facilitator: Simeon Chiron

Resonance harmonics transmitted in this video:

  • 12/12 Energy Dynamics
  • Oneness and Duality ~ the Enigma
  • Our Biology of Oneness
  • The Mind, Dualism or Oneness - a Choice?
  • Tools to Expand Our Awareness into Unity and Oneness
  • Unity Awareness - How it is When Our Eye be Single in Love
  • Commanding the Quantum Field
  • Metatron Assisted Process to Command the Quantum Field
  • Regensis H2Oau Divine Oneness Alchemy
  • The M-STRA molecule and the Theramid
  • M-state (monoatomic) and N-state (non-atomic) materials
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Download Video
WMV Format - 02:13:46 - 188MB

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