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True Self Empowerment
Divine Chi Activation
Spiritual Workshop
GODS Chi = Golden Orb of Divine Solar Chi
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Golden Orb of Divine Chi formed through Divine Chi Activation and True Self EmpowermentTrue Self Empowerment is the result of connecting with and living from the most expanded aspect of your being, the True Self. It's already there inside of you. Some self empowerment teachings help you find empowerment in the limited self which can be very helpful.

This spiritual workshop helps you realize Self Empowerment at the level of your True Self... ALL of who you are at the most expanded level of your being. Once you can experience this state your hard-earned Self Empowerment does not get kicked out from under you any more. You simply continue to grow more deeply into it.

This can be accomplished through the Divine Chi Activation process. When you activate Divine Chi, you are bringing the Heavenly Fire of Divine Love into integration and union with the Earthly Fire of Life Vitality.

We need both of these fire energies working together as a team within us to be healthy, abundant, loving, caring and compassionate beings!

True Self Empowerment through Divine Chi Activation is therefore not a quest for another elusive temporary identity nor a limited form of self empowerment on the material plane.

True Self Empowerment through Divine Chi Activation instead works with direct Divine Energy transmissions and activations within you. These are accomplished with the assistance of higher dimensional spiritual beings like the Christic Solar Archangel Arhaiel and the Orion Blue Fire Command, as well as your own Higher Self.

In this spiritual workshop video you will experience and learn how to accomplish this using some simple techniques. You will also be guided through an activational meditation process that uses very powerful and beautiful energy-art (see examples below) and special background music that greatly enhances your experience and activation.

GODS Divine Chi True Self Empowerment Spiritual Workshop Video Energy-Art Examples
Watch a 4.5 minute Sample of Part Two of this Video

You will receive download access to some printed PDF materials as well as the video files to help you with your Divine Chi Activation process so you can learn to experience True Self Empowerment.

As your True Self Empowerment and Divine Chi Activation process unfold, your life can change in ways you may not believe are possible right now.

A Divine Chi Activation which led to a state of True Self Empowerment happened spontaneously for me at the end of 2010 after many, many years of working with various different techniques.

This spiritual workshop video is the result of my desire and efforts to help YOU experience what I do now, but in a much more efficient manner than I utilized to arrive at this state of being.

You will also work with Illumined Beings in order to accelerate your Divine Chi Activation and True Self Empowerment process in this spiritual workshop.

Many people have already reported significant results using these techniques with the assistance of these Illumined Beings.

Here are some unsolicited shared experiences from those who have experienced the GODS Divine Chi Activation spiritual workshop.


Thank you Simeon, we were having a major ice storm, and as you were asking Arhiel to complete the attunement (True Self Empowerment Divine Chi Activation), the sun came out, and the ice vanished from the trees and the sidewalks as if by magic! I was crying, because I knew that was a special sign for me that a new day, and a new dawn is right around the corner! ALOHA! ~ William Hilton - Ephrata, PA, USA


This was an amazing experience and thank you... The experience of the activation (True Self Empowerment Divine Chi Activation) was very intense and tangible... Juanita McKenzie of Butterfly Heart, Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA


Dear Simeon... at one point it felt like long awaited reunion with my Core Being... today felt like I am finally on my path to restoration... I want to live my life -- mine but not separated from Oneness (True Self Empowerment)... ~ Adelaida Ravinsky, NJ, USA


Dear Simeon, THANK YOU... I'm still whirling/swirling/pulsing from it all... the material certainly bears being listened to again and again... I think I'm in overwhelm (which I rarely am). Looking forward to the next installment... ~ Connie Poggiani, Winnetka, CA, USA


Greetings Simeon, that was fantastic... This activation (True Self Empowerment Divine Chi Activation) made so much sense to me, to deepen my connection... When I accepted being a child of the sun, I first saw a flash of light, I heated up in body temperature... this felt like the next step I was meant to take... ~ Merlen'na Rosenberry of Merlen'na and the Unicorns - Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA


I loved the webinar in its entirety... The energy of the moment was powerful. I felt the enormous potential ahead for me, as one of the New Sun Born, working with the Golden Orb of GODS Chi (True Self Empowerment Divine Chi Activation) and with Archangel Arhaiel to expand and evolve in union and wholeness and heart-centered wisdom in my personal life and in service to the Archangel to attain the critical mass necessary for the evolution of the entire planet. I was exhilarated and resonating fully with you then and I remain so today. I am very grateful... ~ Susan R, CA, USA


Your webinars are so powerful and inspiring and like none that I've ever attended... I have placed the image of "GODS Chi" on my desk top as a constant reminder of the power that I carry within (True Self Empowerment)... ~ Mildred J, Albuquerque, NM, USA


In this activational spiritual workshop you will additionally learn about and/or directly experience the following:

  • Clarion Call for Children of the 'New Earth Sun' from Arhaiel
  • Completing ancient Aton Solar Disk Initiations
  • Harmonic attunement with our Higher Solar Logos from Orion
  • Stepping into Universal Solar Power
  • Solar Rebirth into the New Earth
  • The New Earth Pure Gem Light Body
  • Developing stronger Core Energy Resonance (CER)
  • Divine Solar re-calibration of your chakras and energy bodies
  • Higher-dimensional infusions by Archangel Arhaiel
  • Initiation as one of the 'New Sun Born' on Earth.

One of the most powerful things you can do to step more fully into your True Self Empowerment in order to live and experience the ascended life on Earth prior to the full planetary ascension, is to become consciously aware of, further develop, and learn to stay focused within, your Golden Orb of Divine Chi.

After purchase you will be given an option to download the workshop in any or all of the various HD resolutions listed below:

1280 x 720 | 960x540 | 640x360

PLUS, you will also get ALL of the following BONUS download materials as my gift with your GODS Chi video workshop:

  • PDF copy of the GODS Chi Activation Process (long)
  • PDF copy of the GODS Chi Activation Process (short)
  • Widescreen GODS Chi desktop wallpaper image
  • Standard screen GODS Chi desktop wallpaper image
  • 1200 x 1200 hi-res GODS Chi printable image (like above)
  • 3000 x 3000 hi-res GODS Chi printable image (like above)

GODS Divine Chi Activation Video RUNTIMES
Downloadable - Part One: 01:06:47 (WMV)
Downloadable - Part Two: 00:50:26 (WMV)

After checkout you will directed to the download page for your GODS Divine Chi Activation video files AND your BONUS gifts.
If this does not occur please contact me for assistance.

GODS Divine Chi Activation
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