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Xyx'Na ~ a Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling Global Link Transmission
click image for larger hi-res version ~ my gift

Xyx'Na ~ Opening the Seventh Seal
Special Global Link Video Transmission
A Family of Light Oneness Energy Channeling
with Simeon Chi'Ra

I watched the video... and was left motionless and transfixed... Divine love now poured from every fibre of my being while I listened to your voice. I felt nothing but pure love flowing to and from Gaia.

I'm left speechless... gratitude and love for what you have done for me this day, or rather for what you have done for all of God's children this day. ~ David Muldoon, Dubai, UAE

What a wonderful experience, I could not stop crying... I cant even think to express my experience. Much love ~ Merlen'na Rosenberry of Merlen'na and the Unicorns, Eagle Heights, AUSTRALIA

This process has opened a MEMORY for me... Deep love has been opening... Magnificent blossoming... I felt this ..automatically triggered by your words and I spontaneously sobbed as the fullness came back into me... It was a BURST OF LIGHT that hit me /opened me... I am so thankful... ~ Sheila Murphy, UK

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This Xyx'Na (pronounced Zye-Na) Transmission is a very special Global Link for working with and facilitating a powerful and momentous event just brought into my awareness by the Ascended Master Menon.

As we moved across the mid-point crest of the 10th Universal Heaven-Pulse of Light (10th Heaven / 5th Night in Mayan Calendar) the opening of the Seventh Seal on Earth occurred as a result of the crossing of several major Cosmic Energy Rays as follows:

1) The Blue 1st Ray of Divine Law from the Great Central Sun.
Truth | 1st Cause | Vibrational Parameters of Creation

2) The Gold Solarian Ray from Orion.
Wisdom | Guidance | Gathering | Direction | Shepherding of Souls

3) The Black Diamond Ray from Sirius.
Grace | Dissolution | Transmutation | Void | Abyss | Zero-Point

4) Helios (magenta) and Vesta (white). The two primary Celestial Rays/Beings which unite to form Earth's Sun.
Mutable Love | Illumination | Solar Logos

This is what Ascended Master Menon refers to as a "supra-quantum" moment!

The opening of the Seventh Seal prepares the way for our Sun and its Solar Logos to receive a new Solar Law. On 11:11:11, following the Opening of the Seventh Seal, the first of Seven Sacred Tones will then be sounded. These Seven Sacred Tones correlate to the sounding of the Seven Angel's Trumpets as described in the Book of Revelation.

This transmission is a Special Global Link, meaning that its primary vector is planetary service and facilitation. It is therefore about focusing together in the greater field of cosmic consciousness as a Family of Light in oneness and love for the benefit of our planet and her human collective as well as ourselves.

Our role as a Family of Light focusing together in unity consciousness and sacred purpose is to form a matrix to facilitate these powerful energies for humanity.

There is an incredible program I have worked hard to put together for this very Special Global Link. In it will learn about and/or experience the following:

  • The nature of the Xyx'Na, a galactic flash point.
  • The universal crystalline web of Creation.
  • Sacred Nuba and Ma-shin receptors which form the basis of soul collectives.
  • The 1st Blue Ray of Divine Law.
  • The Gold Solarian Ray from Orion.
  • The Black Diamond Ray of Sirius.
  • The White/Magenta Rays of Helios and Vesta.
  • The origin and transforming power of black diamond gemstones.
  • Solar Law at the level of Universal, Galactic Solar and Planetary Logoi.
  • The Planetary Seven Seals of Revelation.
  • The Seventh Seal and 11.11.11.
  • A powerful guided meditative experience complete with beautiful energy-art to facilitate these universal energies of love-based reality for our human collective.

Download Video Now
(01:44:29) - 90.5 MB

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