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Cosmic Universe-ity
Cosmic Energy Channeling
Oneness Webinar Transmissions

I offer cosmic energy transmissions that feature a lot of beautiful custom energy-art and exclusive channeled information. These are very unusual higher-dimensional experiences of oneness and cosmic consciousness.

My oneness energy channeling webinars are thus NOT the same as most of the other webinars being offered! I put enormous amounts of time and energy into each and every one of them.

My oneness energy channeling transmissions serve as a global vehicle for universal and cosmic awareness, higher consciousness and spiritual energies for the attendees and our beloved planet.

I offer these oneness energy channeling transmissions a sliding-scale love-offering basis. If the lowest love-offerings are still too much for your budget there is an online honorary registration form available also. Therefore even honorary registrations can be accomplished by the registrant themself without prior approval from anyone else.

With my energy channeling oneness transmission webinars you can either call-in using a phone or login using your computer (recommended). If you access the webinar with a phone you will of course not be able to see the on-screen visuals. You will need speakers or headphones to hear the presentation on a computer but you do NOT need a mic.

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