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Awakening True-Self
Awakening Oneness Love
Spiritual Mentoring and Facilitation
w/ Simeon Chi'Ra

Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid and Karen Ani'Ra

I AM a Spiritual Mentor and Ascension Facilitator with over 25 years experience in helping others successfully achieve their Ascension and higher consciousness goals.

  • Cosmic Ascension
  • Cosmic Consciousness
  • Cosmic Awareness
  • Cosmic Oneness
  • Christ Consciousness
  • Unity Consciousness
  • Oneness Love

The last Ascension goal item on that list, "Oneness Love," is the key to all the others! If you can feel Oneness Love, the most expanded form of love, resonating in your body and being, then you are able to operate from and/or achieve all of the others simply as a result of the Oneness Love state of being that you are in.

So this is the crux of what we must accomplish. We must learn to be able to make the shift whereby we feel Oneness Love resonating in our body and being at will and regardless of what is happening in our life. It is a beautiful, simple and profoundly powerful approach!

If you can do this consistently, then read no further because you are there my dear soul friend and you do not need my assistance!

Otherwise, read on...

What is the primary obstacle we face in achieving the ultimate goal of being able to make the shift into Oneness Love resonating in our body and being, consistently, and at will?

The answer is projection... projection of our power outside of ourselves. This occurs every single time we have even the subtlest thought/feeling that assigns a cause for what we are feeling/experiencing within ourselves, to something "out there."

The moment this occurs, our true power is dispersed into the "out there" and we are then trying to figure out how to "get it back." This then leads to beliefs that tell us "something out there took our power away" which is the beginning of what we call vicitimhood.

In truth, we have simply dispersed our power. We do not have benefit of it for the moment so it seems like something else must have it. It gets very complex from here and ALL of the dis-empowering and limiting dynamics that we experience as human beings spin out of this one basic condition. It is at the very root of our duality and its resultant pain and suffering.

The good news about this is that it means we have only ONE thing to correct in order to resolve all the other problems in consciousness we experience as human beings on Earth.

To correct this is fairly simple, but it takes true dedication and perserverance for a sustained period of time. NOBODY can do it for you regardless of what dimension of reality they are in. Anyone who tells you otherwise is dis-illusioned at best.

I have at this point acheived a fairly high degree of mastery in being able to stop my projections and make this shift into feeling Oneness Love in my body and being at will regardless of what is happening in my life. I face my fair share of difficult challenges in life just as everyone else does too.

As you become increasingly proficient at making this shift into Oneness Love at will, the need to make "the shift" starts to diminish as well! A part of you "entrains" to where it needs to be in the first place!

Achieving this ability does NOT mean all your challenges in life will suddenly be gone either. It does mean that you will experience whatever of them remains entirely differently, and from a place of your true power in Oneness Love.

I am a channel, so often times higher-dimensional beings like Shi'Ra EL'Fa'Na will become present in the work I do with you to provide even further insights and assistance as needed.

However, the sustained power that both I and they wish for you to experience is your own TRUE SELF of ONENESS LOVE. Once you can experience THAT, everything else that you need simply unfolds from within you perfectly.

Therefore, your time with me as a spiritual mentor need not be a long one. My objective is to teach you to make the shift into Oneness Love consistently and at will on your own, then you are home free!

I truly look forward to facilitating your Ascension and serving as a Spiritual Mentor, facilitator and guide for you my beloved soul friend!

I offer discounted packages for people who are serious about experiencing their True-Self of Oneness Love to make it more affordable!

I can also offer you an installment payment plan (packages only) at no additional cost, please contact me for this option.

Sessions are generally by phone/Skype. As a bonus at no extra charge they are also recorded so you will usually get an MP3 to download afterward. In some cases I can do them by email as written sessions or MP3 sessions.

True-Self Oneness Love
1.0 hr Session
True-Self Oneness Love
1.5 hr Session
True-Self Oneness Love
3.0 hr Session Package
True-Self Oneness Love
6.0 hr Session Package
True-Self Oneness Love
10.0 hr Session Package

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