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Quantum Miracles... for YOU!
Expanding Love, Healing, Transformation,
Consciousness, Abundance & Joy

with Simeon Chi'Ra

Quantum Miracles - Believe!

If you could change one thing in your life right now, what would it be?

Do you believe that one thing can actually be changed very quickly so you can experience a Quantum Miracle?

If not, that right there is a self-limiting belief and I can help you eliminate it and a whole lot of others too! Doing THAT brings about Quantum Miracles!

Beliefs are just energy patterns which can be eliminated and/or changed. If you believed the Earth was flat and someone blasted you into space your pattern of belief would change instantly as you gazed down upon a round Earth—a Quantum Miracle would have occurred!

What actually caused that instant shift in belief, that Quantum Miracle? This is a one word answer—awareness. Your awareness changed and your beliefs followed. This awareness shift would be integral with changes that occured in the energy patterns within your body and consciousness.

The good news is that we do not have to be blasted physically into space to quickly change our patterns of belief. I just used that as a dramatic example to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to rapidly change deeply ingrained patterns of belief and experience Quantum Miracles as a result of expanding our awareness and perspectives.

These sessions are the equivalent of being blasted into space to get a bigger picture in my analogy!

How it Flows

We identify what it is you wish to change in your life and consciousness (usually done pre-session by email).

We'll usually begin your session with you sharing a bit about your experience of the situations associated with what you wish to change. This brings those energy patterns up so they can be felt and thus changed.

I use a quantum field multi-dimensional process that accesses and works with the White Flame of Infinite Love to transmute the patterns which you bring forth in the session to be eliminated.

I will also facilitate you in expanding your awareness and understanding of these limiting patterns so that their purpose has been served.

All limiting patterns are simply meant to expand our awareness. Once we attain the necessary awareness the pattern has then served its purpose and can be transmuted and eliminated using our unlimited God-Source Power.

It is truly amazing how simply and effectively this works, and you will experience the shifts yourself as we work together!

I offer discounted multi-session packages for people who are truly serious about experiencing Quantum Miracles in their life!

Sessions are by phone/Skype. As a bonus at no extra charge they are also recorded so you will usually get an MP3 to download afterward!

Quantum Miracles
1.0 hr Session
Quantum Miracles
1.5 hr Session
Quantum Miracles
3.0 hr Session Package
Quantum Miracles
6.0 hr Session Package
Quantum Miracles
10.0 hr Session Package

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