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Breathing for Balance, Higher Awareness,
Higher Consciousness and Ascension
by Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid


Heart Breathing~ Breathing for Balance, Higher Awareness, Higher Consciousness and Ascension

"Heart Breathing" teaches you a foundational technique with a number of different applications to assist you in your efforts to find a greater balance in your life, improve your health and well-being and expand your awareness and consciousness to augment your ascension process.

There is a very solid scientific basis which underlies the foundational technique taught in "Heart Breathing" and some basics of the science involved are related. I was trained and certified by the Institute of HeartMath in 2002. They are one of the leading edge scientific research facilities in this regard.

It has been scientifically well-documented that the use of this foundational Heart Breathing technique causes a entire cascade of changes to take place in our physiology which then results in the higher awareness centers in the cortical areas of our head-brain to be facilitated towards optimal performance.

There are two higher level techniques outlined in "Heart Breathing" as well which further build upon the foundational technique.

These two higher level multi-dimensional techniques are specifically designed to help you access the Cosmic Plane of Awareness and achieve a greater degree of Unity Consciousness and Oneness.

These two higher level multi-dimensional techniques are called the  "Oneness Breath" and the "Infinite Breath." The latter builds upon the former. They both work with your Infinity Point or Atoma.

Pages are numbered alternating sides so you can have this eBook printed double-sided and spiral bound.

26 pgs. at 8.5" x 11" in color PDF (zipped) with internal chapter bookmarks for easier navigation, front cover exactly as shown above.

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