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Quantum Miracles
Part I ~ Clarity & Frequency
Quantum Healing of Limiting Beliefs
Quantum Transformation
Healing Consciousness Frequencies
Theta Brain Waves Facilitation

Package w/ (3) PDF and (1) MP3

Quantum Miracles Part I - quantum healing limiting beliefs, quantum transformation, theta brain waves facilitating healing belief.


The Quantum Miracles Part I program helps you easily learn a set of powerful skills and principles which can bring about quantum healing and quantum transformation of limiting beliefs in your life.

Healing belief that largely originates with our ancestors and still exists within our DNA affecting us today is a very important and core skill set to have.

This also includes healing consciousness itself wherever it may be incomplete, missing frequencies etc. With such skills we can truly be empowered as a human being on the physical plane of the Earth.

Having clarity within your sub/unconscious belief system is a prerequisite to just about everything else you may wish to accomplish in life. To change your beliefs on the subconscious level, below the threshold of conscious awareness, is what we must accomplish.

In Quantum Miracles Part I you will learn how to use various techniques, tools and processes facilitated by being in theta brain waves states of consciousness to be able to do this. This package comes with a theta binaural beat brainwaves entrainment MP3 so you can be sure that you are indeed in a theta-dominant state to change your beliefs and for healing consciousness..

Theta brain waves states can facilitate quantum healing of  limiting beliefs.Being in a theta-dominant brainwave state gives us clear access to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind also gives us access into the unconscious mind.

The unconscious part of ourselves is where these limiting beliefs and patterns of energy are held. The subconscious mind is where they become active principles in our reality.

The unconscious is therefore like an energy template for what the subconscious mind can create reality with.

Our conscious mind then has its creative role within the underlying framework that the subconscious mind has created as the basis of our reality from the template of the unconscious.

This is why we can be consciously very aware of all the necessary metaphysical principles of reality and how we create it, and be working very diligently to accomplish something using these principles and all that we have learned... yet we still may not achieve the success we desire and know is possible.

In this type of very common experience we may be attempting to consciously create a skyscraper of freedom inside of a subconscious breadbox of limiting beliefs.

To actually be able to consciously create our skyscraper reality requires that we first trade our sub/unconscious breadbox reality in for something that is large enough to allow us to create a skyscraper reality within it.

The breadbox is comprised of the limiting beliefs and patterns of energy in our unconscious which are then turned into the active principles of our underlying reality by our subconscious. We can collectively refer to these as our sub/unconscious limiting beliefs.

To change your beliefs on this level of your being requires a quantum healing of those limiting beliefs which then results in quantum transformation of your entire life reality.

When we are in a theta-dominant brain waves state we have direct access to our sub/unconscious—the breadbox and the limiting patterns of energy that were used to create it. With proper access we can then change these sub/unconscious limiting beliefs. After we do, then what we have been attempting to accomplish on the conscious level really begins to work for us a whole lot better! THAT is how quantum healing which results in healing belief on all levels occurs most easily and gracefully!

Healing consciousness through quantum transformation and healing belief.Having the necessary consciousness frequencies to accomplish what you wish is also another prerequisite to being able to change your life and reality.

This is because we can be completely clear in our sub/unconscious beliefs, yet still not have all of the frequencies of consciousness present within our subtle energy field to actually accomplish what we are endeavoring to create in our lives.

This would be somewhat like having your computer system completely debugged of any corrupted files, malware, viruses etc, but still not having all the software you need to create what you wish to by using your computer. All the wishing and intending in the world is not going to help you create what you want until you have the right software installed.

If we persist in trying to accomplish something for a long enough period of time we can often times develop the consciousness frequencies we need but it is not guaranteed that we will be healing consciousness in this way.

In our computer analogy this would be akin to learning how to develop your own computer programs over time instead of just downloading them all up-front. You could spend years doing that only to find out that you developed faulty computer programs that do not work very well if at all.

Healing consciousness with frequencies from our Pure Source.Instead, we can just identify what consciousness frequency programs we are missing, then we can command our God-Self, Source etc to just download them into our being. That level of our being does not have faulty code, we are downloading from our Pure Source!

There is also NOTHING at that most expanded level of our being that wants us to struggle along the hard way. The struggles we encounter are our own creations born of these limiting beliefs. All that is required is for us to become self-aware enough to know what we need, then we can simply command that it be downloaded into our being from our Pure Source. This brings quantum healing of our underlying beliefs and quantum transformation of our consciousness.

With these elements of Clarity and Frequency in place there are other expansions of consciousness that then become possible in an easy and graceful manner.

In this program you will learn some very powerful skills and tools that will empower you to clear limiting beliefs (Clarity) and to download consciousness frequencies (Frequency) that you may be missing or weak within.

Both Clarity and Frequency are extremely important to your ability to successfully create the life you desire and deserve. They form the very foundation of your evolution into higher states of consciousness!

This Healing Belief and Quantum Transformation Package Includes the Following (all in ZIP):

  • Quantum Miracles Part I ~ Clarity & Frequency (PDF - 23 pgs 8.5 x 11)
  • Self Muscle-Testing (PDF - 4 pgs 8.5 x 11 w/ color photos)
  • Theta Brainwave Entrainment (MP3 - 30 min. w/ nature sounds mix)
  • Theta MP3 User Guide (PDF - 6 pgs 8.5 x 11)


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Quantum Miracles Part I
Clarity & Frequency

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