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Self Muscle-Testing
A Unique Technique
by Simeon Nartoomid


Self-Muscle Testing eBook

This short eBook on Self Muscle-Testing teaches you a very simple single-hand technique that I personally developed.

I have not found this technique anywhere else online, nor has anyone I have shown it to seen it previously. It is therefore a unique technique!

What I love about this self muscle-testing technique is that once you learn it and become confident with its use it goes very fast and can be done quite discretely.

If you wish to spontaneously test something while you are standing in a store for example, it is very easy to do without anyone knowing what you are doing.

It is also great for situations where you need one hand free for any reason. This comes up in some of the transformation processes I offer where it is handy to have one hand free for writing down notes and marking testing statements as strong or weak.

I also include some links at the end of this Self Muscle-Testing eBook which are the result of some research I conducted to locate other self muscle-testing techniques that were good techniques being taught in a competent, intelligent and easy to understand way.

There is some information also included that helps dispel some of the myths around muscle-testing which are the reason why it often is not trusted by people.

Once you understand how to relate to it properly, and you know what it is and what is isn't, it becomes a very powerful and helpful tool which has its rightful place in our transformational toolbox!

PDF in a ZIP - 4 pgs 8.5 x 11 w/color photos


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Self Muscle-Testing eBook
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