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The Universal Laws
of Energy and Consciousness
48 pgs 8.5" x 11" - 299 KB
by Simeon Chi'Ra Nartoomid


Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness eBook
 "The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciouenss" is more of a universal consciousness reference manual than a book.

It is teaching in and of its own right. It offers a precision alignment to the Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness, in other words, the way the universe works.

The term "laws" is rather a misnomer of sorts. There is nobody, no being, no intelligence "enforcing" these "laws."

Rather there is only the way in which energy and consciousness operate, and we are either in alignment and in the flow or not. If we are not in the flow with how the universe works, then we experience a lot of difficulties.

The more we consciously understand exactly how the universe works, the better empowered we are to make an effort to start re-aligning our consciousness to be in the flow with that unlimited power. As we do, everything else self-corrects.

This work took me several years to complete despite its small size. This was because I had to keep re-aligning myself and expanding my awareness in various ways wherein Master Menon could then properly impart what was needed.

Master Menon would not bring forth the information I sought until such time as I had the awareness and alignment necessary to properly understand it. What is offered through this eBook to the reader who is willing to engage it deeply enough are the same re-alignments and expansions in awareness. These will meet you on your own ground and take you to the next level, whatever that may be for you.

This eBook also will not limit you in any way. As I revisit it every so often, I notice that my awareness keeps expanding around how these various aspects of the universe work, even though the words on the page have not changed! This type of thing is indicative of written works that truly tap into multi-dimensional fields of awarness that can inform the reader from levels far beyond the words on the page.

I know that you will want to keep referring back to this eBook over and again once you have initially taken its matrix into your heart, mind and being consciously. It keeps providing very solid universal reference points for understanding how to navigate the labyrinth of life on Earth in a way that truly grows along with you!

This eBook 48 pages in 8.5" x 11" format as a PDF file (zipped) and is 299KB in file size.

Sample: Basic Universal Laws Outline and Overview


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Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness eBook
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