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A little bit about me

I’ve been a lifetime career nurse for over 38 years. In that time I’ve seen and experienced a great deal of human suffering. It’s always been my desire since childhood to help people feel better.

As I evolved and grew in myself I came to realize that this ‘feel better’ was much more than just helping relieve my patient’s physical conditions. It required a much deeper healing that can only be brought about by deep expressions of love and compassion. I seem to have this ability as my natural gift. I have seen so many small miracles unfold when I can reach out and touch a person in a special heartfelt way like this.

I began metaphysical, spiritual and alternative healing studies about 17 years ago. When I met my current husband, Simeon, my understanding of everything I had studied was given a new home to live in. I really felt like something deep inside me had been given permission to emerge and grow at a whole new level.

It is my deepest honour and privilege to serve the purpose of expanding Cosmic Consciousness alongside Simeon… helping to expand and develop it in myself and others. I truly believe that the inter-connectedness, oneness and love which Cosmic Consciousness represents holds the key to the healing and uplifting of our world.

Why I love what I do

Everything that makes me happiest in life is motivated by making people feel  really good inside of themselves and by helping them in any other way that I can.

I have therefore loved being a nurse all of my life. I also really love that I’m now stepping into a new role by helping others heal mentally, emotionally and spiritually so they can experience more of who they really are and to not feel so limited in themselves.

Life is love, we are love, and being and experiencing that love together with others is what I love to do!


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