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Prelude to Oneness, Enter the Ultimate Reality

O.N.E.ness ~ Cosmic Word Play

| Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Word Play, Food for thought, Simeon Chi'Ra | No Comments
Oneness Prelude There's an ever-increasing number of people using the term 'Oneness' these days. I'm truly delighted about this development as it represents a positive movement in consciousness taking place…
What is Cosmic Love? Symbol for the Temple of Hu'Orin, All-Embracing Love

What is Cosmic Love?

| Cosmic Consciousness, Keys & Tips, Simeon Chi'Ra, Videos | 2 Comments
All Embracing Cosmic Love The term 'Cosmic Love' is rather synonymous with 'Universal Love' or 'Divine Love,' and often times it is indeed used that way. I'm therefore aiming to offer…
Cosmic Transmutation - Lead to Gold Ascension Alchemy - Mystical Unicorn

Cosmic Transmutation – Lead to Gold Ascension Alchemy

| Cosmic Consciousness, Quantum Ascension, Simeon Chi'Ra | No Comments
If you have an emotional charge there’s something that needs be accepted just as it is. INTRODUCTION In the opening statement above, the 'emotional charge' represents the heavy element of…

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