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The Vast Cosmos of Matter, Space and Consciousness

Matter, Space and Consciousness

| Cosmic Consciousness, Food for thought, Quantum Cosmos, Simeon Chi'Ra | No Comments
Everything is Vibration - a Novel Understanding In my previous article, 'Is Matter Really Crystallized Light,' I explored the underlying nature of matter, and thus manifest reality. It's commonly stated…
Is Matter Really Condensed Light? ~ Swirling Vortex of Light Forms

Is Matter Really Crystallized Light?

| Cosmic Consciousness, Quantum Cosmos, Simeon Chi'Ra | No Comments
Popular Quantum Illusions There is a very popular concept that has been circulating for some time that basically states; 'Matter is light energy crystallized into a much slower vibration.' I…
Prelude to Oneness, Enter the Ultimate Reality

O.N.E.ness ~ Cosmic Word Play

| Cosmic Consciousness, Cosmic Word Play, Food for thought, Simeon Chi'Ra | No Comments
Oneness Prelude There's an ever-increasing number of people using the term 'Oneness' these days. I'm truly delighted about this development as it represents a positive movement in consciousness taking place…

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