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We strive to help you achieve balance in all polarities to harmonize and diffuse differences and conflicts. This leads to experiences of inter-connectedness and the unification of your heart with all human hearts for the greater good of humanity, our planet and her flora and fauna.


We facilitate consciousness in highly expanded states. The differences and polarities you balanced and harmonized to experience unity open a cosmic door into to a perceptual awareness that witnesses ONLY our universality and commonalities while honoring our uniqueness.


We reveal you and all beings as manifestations of Pure Love seeking to experience it’s own nature. Pure Love is a rarified state of being beyond all feeling and doing. Love’s most natural action is to accept and embrace everything just as it is because it all has a purpose or it would not exist.


We envision and anchor peace in the world. We pursue this through supporting you in your efforts to experience sustainable inner and outer states of balance and harmony which are necessary to your experience of an enduring inner peace.


We facilitate global communities of the future. Leaders of such communities  naturally serve as guides. They are deeply motivated, inspired and fulfilled by the good deeds, achievement and success of others in their community.


Compassion is part of who you are. We assist you in allowing it to emerge naturally, easily and gracefully. In this way you’ll be able to more fully embrace others in their place of pain and suffering from an empowered and liberated place.

Cosmic Consciousness

Cosmic Consciousness is your inherent birthright. We’re dedicated to facilitating the re-emergence of Cosmic Consciousness within you.

This naturally occurs as you progressively release your self-limiting conditioned patterns and habitual behaviors which bind you within a limited experience of self, life and reality.

Cosmic Consciousness is therefore an UN-doing of anything and everything that interferes with your ability to more fully experience your natural UN-limited Self of PURE and UNBOUNDED Love, Consciousness, Awareness and Beingness.

Universal Awareness

You are universal awareness with an array of limited patterns woven all around and through your field. We’re dedicated to helping you easily release these woven patterns so your awareness can naturally return to it’s inherent universal state.

Your universal state of awareness by nature sees and knows the interconnectedness of everything. It perpetually witnesses the true Pure Love nature of all beings that emerge from the great ‘All That Is.’

Universal awareness does all of this autonomously without any effort once it’s been set free within you.

True Authenticity

You’re already a being of Pure Love, Awareness, Consciousness and Compassion. We’re here to assist you in being authentic to THAT part of yourself, and to make THAT your highest truth at ALL times.

This is a radical departure from many other authenticity practices that can bind you to your turbulent emotions and reactions as if these limited energy expressions you experience are the real truth of who you are. They’re not!

Our approach is to show you how to honor any human feelings and experiences of the moment while allowing them to pass through into a greater place of love and acceptance. Doing this requires that you always strive to maintain a moment to moment awareness about who you really are in truth.

Who’s Behind This Cosmic Awesomeness?

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Simeon Nartoomid

Simeon Nartoomid

Founder / Owner

Cosmic Consciousness Specialist, Business & Tech Ops

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Karen Nartoomid

Karen Nartoomid

Co-Owner / Resident New Earth Goddess

Enlightened Mothering, Master of Caring, Natural Healer

Experience Is Everything

We are incarnated in a limited realm to experience our Totality as Pure Love, Awareness and Beingness despite the limitations! To be within limited form, fully accept that form, and simultaneously be able to experience your UNlimited nature is the most profoundly exhilarating thing one can ever experience on this Earth. ~ Simeon Nartoomid

Balance Makes Beautiful Music

Sometimes we can feel down like a flat musical note, other times we can feel tight like an overly sharp note! When we can feel or have a sense of inspiration from the Cosmos while being balanced enough to also to tap our feet to the beat of Mother Earth we are then whole. By accepting ourselves and others fully we are then One with All That Is.   ~ Karen Nartoomid

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