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A Little Bit About Me

As a Cosmic Consciousness specialist, mentor and healer with over 28 years experience I strive to help you experience your Core State, which is who you really are. Simple, yet profound!

Once you’ve solidly experienced your Core State I help you entrain to it so you can sustain it and/or return to it whenever needed or desired.

My goal is help you anchor into your Core State as quickly and efficiently as possible. Once that’s accomplished your Core State takes over and guides you through the rest all the way home.

As the owner and operator of this business I endeavor to be a living, breathing, example of what expanded states of consciousness look like in the new paradigm business world.

As the main technical officer and technician for this business, I blend expanded states of awareness with the world of computer code and internet/computer technologies to bring about a deeper integration of these seemingly very different worlds.

I’m deeply and continually motivated to make this business and the way it’s run truly represent Cosmic Consciousness in form in ever more expansive and deeply integrated ways.

Why I love what I do

Experiencing who and what you REALLY are is the most fulfilling thing one can ever experience as a human being on Earth. The more that I myself achieve in this regard, the more I experience a state of freedom and joy absolutely vibrant with love.

This Core State of being is so deliciously sublime that the only thing that seems to make it even better is sharing it with others; helping them to experience it so that we can experience it together.

Experiencing this Core State is also indeed possible even when so-called difficult or adverse circumstances are upon us to deal with. When we can deal with them from our Core State we sail right through them and uplift others as we do!

Experiencing this myself and helping others to do the same is what I love to do most, and that is why I love what I’m doing!

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