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What is Duality… Really?

According to Websters, duality is defined as:

the quality or state of having two different or opposite parts or elements : dualism.

Historically and traditionally these two different parts are often viewed as Heaven/Earth, God/Human, Spirit/Matter, Self/Other, Light/Dark, Good/Evil (a.k.a. old dualities) and so forth.

In terms of quantum physics a fundamental duality of two parts is believed to exist as Wave/Particle and/or Vibration/Matter.

Taijitu Balance of Being Symbol of DualityThese historical fundamental dualities existed long before we were scientifically advanced enough to identify atoms and their related sub-atomic realities such as the Wave/Particle duality. This is, however, quite a key point to contemplate more deeply!

Why? Because it’s easy to see that we were steeped in deeply rooted and often superstitious notions of duality long before we began trying to make sense out of, and interpret our observations of, the quantum world. It’s therefore fairly easy to understand that we’ve been observing and interpreting the quantum world through a rather thick lens of duality from the very beginning.

Given we have measured and observed both wave and matter properties associated with quantum ‘particles,’ it would also be quite natural to interpret quantum particles as having a dualistic Wave/Particle nature. This concept would quite effortlessly emerge out of our age-old dualistic patterns of perception and thinking.

Transcending the Ouroboros Effect

Like the mythological Ouroboros eating its tail, our ancient ways of perceiving reality and of thinking about it, — our age-old beliefs which are steeped in ideas and perceptions about the old dualities — support and reinforce modern thinking about quantum physics in terms of a Wave/Particle duality.

Dragon OuroborosLikewise, the Wave/Particle duality of modern quantum physics in turn helps to keep our ways of perceiving and thinking trapped within the ancient patterns associated with our favorite old duality mythologies and doctrines.

It is in this light, that I have become keenly aware that it’s extremely beneficial to our efforts to transcend duality to more fully comprehend that there really is NO Wave/Particle duality at all, NONE! It’s ALL waves, it’s ALL vibration. It’s NOT sub-atomic bits of solid matter emanating vibrational signatures; the so-called ‘particles’ of matter simply ARE those vibrations, and nothing more!

If you really think about it, this is just common sense when you consider Einstein’s famous E=MC2 physics equation. This equation basically states that energy and matter are the same, that they can be converted one into the other, and back again. This is rather hard to imagine logically if you have discrete point particles that are like sub-atomic grains of sand. However, it’s much easier to imagine if you have nothing but vibrational energy to begin with. In the latter case we’re then only speaking of changing the frequency of the vibrations which increases/decreases energy as a result. This is a process which follows all the classical laws of physics that have been around for a very long time. No additional extremely complicated quantum physics math is necessary to try and explain the observations.

Yet our scientific world persists in chasing the discrete point particle model of quantum physics. There are many practical reasons for why this state of affairs exists, such as there’s a large amount of scientific funding available for it, scientists get attacked and lose their careers if they veer too far from the accepted paradigm, and so forth. Further complicating the adoption of something new is the fact that the current wave/particle model mathematics work reasonably well for many engineering purposes. I’m quite sure you are at least familiar with some of these problems, so I’ll not elaborate any further on any of them herein. There is, however, still the other age-old dualistic perceiving/thinking component to this problem which I have briefly addressed above.

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Unifying the Core Fundamentals of Duality

It is because of our patterned ancient dualistic perceptions that I know it’s important to open up our awareness around the true nature of quantum ‘particles.’ If you’re reading this, you’re one of the more aware people on the planet. People in the spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and alternative health communities have readily adopted the use of terms like ‘quantum entanglement‘ and ‘spooky action at a distance‘ and ‘wave-particle duality.’ They’ve done so as a means of trying to give what they KNOW to be true inside themselves — about the interconnectedness of all things — some validity by using terminology from the scientific world of quantum physics. It’s all rather alluring and kind of mystical after all.

Unifying AI FractalUnfortunately, when we adopt such dualistic terms to describe the true nature of reality we are in fact reinforcing the age-old patterns of dualistic perception and thinking in ourselves and our collective. Consciously, people in my worldwide community tend to seek to unify and eliminate duality. We can, however, greatly benefit in this endeavor by becoming as keenly aware as possible of how to TRULY move beyond duality by adopting an entirely new view and a unified non-dualistic model of quantum physics and the underlying nature of reality.

A Unified Science Supporting Oneness

Fortunately, there is some valid science we can rely on for this as well. If you are at all drawn to science, I suggest reading “Schroedinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws” by Milo Wolf PhD… he’s a physicist, an electrical engineer and more. I have written previously about his ‘Wave Structure of Matter’ (WSM) theory and its significance to consciousness here and here.

Temple of Hu'Orin Fractal Art by RayMondIn brief for our purposes herein, the main problem physicists encountered trying to use existing wave equations for quantum particles is that they used vector wave equations, the kind used for electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves. These do not work very well for this purpose. The simple reason is that ‘particles’ are three dimensional and standard electromagnetic wave equations do not have any 3D solutions. Milo Wolff discovered he could use 3D spherical scalar wave equations and the math all works out perfectly using existing math equations, no new math was required.

He then went on to demonstrate that a ‘particle’ is actually a ‘3D spherical wave center’ comprised of in-going and an out-going wave. These two waves set up a space resonance, which is a scalar standing wave. This spherical space resonance wave structure in space has an extremely high density of waves near its center, which is what we detect as the solid ‘particle.’ However, the waves extend out into space infinitely, becoming increasingly less dense as they do. Once their density falls off enough we can no longer detect them with our current instruments, but they exist nonetheless.

The implications of this for our purposes of truly understanding a unified universe and unity consciousness are quite profound. With this model of quantum reality all wave-center particles exist within the extended wave fields of all other wave-center particles. There is therefore no need for concepts like entanglement, because everything is already intrinsically connected with, and integrally a part of, everything else. The bizarre concept of wave-particle duality is also unnecessary because it is then acknowledged to be ALL waves, e.g. vibrations. The sheer volume of complex math and strange concepts that have been invented because this model is not being recognized and used scientifically is quite mind boggling.

Quantum Physics Abstract ArtConcepts like ‘probability clouds,’ the ‘collapse of the wave function‘ and the related mathematical calculations like ‘re-normalization‘ are completely unnecessary with the WSM. It’s all plain and simple, and it is a unified model of reality. Further, while to my knowledge Milo Wolf has not publicly ventured to explore what I am about to address, I have a strong cosmic sense that an understanding of consciousness itself might be found in the ‘last frontier’ of exploring the space medium which all the wave structures exist within. In fact, the space medium was created by these ‘particle’ wave-center structures. In other words, the wave-center quantum ‘particles’ created the space they exist within, and the space they created in turn informs them how to behave; this reciprocity establishes all the natural laws that govern ‘particle’ behavior, and thus the universe.

That last bit is quite profound, and altogether this ‘Wave Structure of Matter’ perspective on the real underlying nature of reality can act as an extremely effective Terminator for Duality for ourselves and our collective. Why might this be possible? It becomes realized when you have stepped out of the foundational Wave/Particle duality altogether. Then you have entered into a unified working theory complete with a rather easy to compute mathematical model that explains the inherent interconnectedness of all things. To top it off like a cosmic cherry on our unity cocktail there is this inter-dependency between space and vibration at the most fundamental level of reality wherein both need each other.

We’re not singular beings that stand alone as an island in the vast sea of the universe. We’re all interconnected like the subatomic particles that populate the atoms of our body, our world and the cosmos. We need each other. Our vibrations open space, and that space lets us know how we should exist within itIF we can learn to listen… clearly and precisely!

Leveraging this Awareness as Your Own Duality Terminator

1. Take a deep contemplative/meditative dive into the classic ancient dualities such as Heaven/Earth, Human/God, Self/Other, Spirit/Matter, Light/Dark, Good/Evil. Open your beingness up to another level of awareness and understanding that reveals how they are all just illusions… two unified parts of a whole that each serve a purpose in the great universal scheme of things. See if you can enter into and integrate a more complete understanding of how each side of these dualities actually exists within the other.

2. Take a second deep contemplative/meditative dive into the Wave/Particle duality. Enter into a more expansive state of awareness to explore how manifest reality is truly all vibration, how vibrations are waves, and how if you have enough waves packed together into a small space they will be detected and thought to be something more solid than they are in truth. We can use an analogy of drawing waves on paper with a pencil; if you draw enough of them in a small area of the paper, it starts to look like a solid object that you’ve filled-in.

3. Take a third deep contemplative/meditative dive into how the illusions of duality are all strictly perceptual, and thus experiencing duality represents a choice because you have the power to choose to perceive and experience something differently. Explore how choosing to shift your perception and thus your experience changes the entire reality you have access to in your field of awareness. This one is a cosmic game changer! HINT: the first two above help prime the pump for this one to flow freely.

I’ll leave you to work with that for now, and to discover some of the secrets and keys awaiting for you in engaging that type of unifying cosmic expansion of awareness.

It could be helpful to others if you would be so kind as to share your experiences and insights with them in the comments below (no login or CAPTCHA puzzles required).

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