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Laws of Energy and Consciousness

Superluminalization of Matter and Ascension

Superluminalization of Matter & Physical Ascension

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Physical ascension involves the process of transfiguring the human body from within the density of the third dimension into a body of higher energy on the fourth (or higher) dimensional reality. A human body going through this process will appear to have completely vanished to any observers on Earth not going through the same process. Physical ascension is therefore a rather dramatic culmination to what is otherwise considered a plodding spiritual process. Is physical ascension actually possible? Read More

Shifting Into Joy, You Can Do It At Will

Shifting into Joy

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Shifting into JoyEveryone who has been into metaphysics and spiritual development for awhile knows joy is considered to be one of the higher frequency states of being. It is true too! Being able to make the shift into joy when that is not what you are experiencing is what everyone would like to be able to do consistently.

Even better would be to just be in a state of joy all the time and not have to be concerned with how to shift into it! Being able to make the shift though is the first step. Once we become reasonably successful at making the shift into joy we begin to enter into the state of joy more naturally and continually.

The question is, Read More

Limited and Unlimited Laws, They ALL Matter!

Limited & Unlimited Laws

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The universe is comprised of various “domains” of energy. An apt analogy is the internet. Each website has its own “domain” of energy. All the websites on the internet together make up the internet.

Yet, there are other domains of energy larger than all the websites which are part of the internet too. All the technical infrastructure, cables, satellite transmission systems, servers etc are a domain of Read More

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