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The universe is comprised of various “domains” of energy. An apt analogy is the internet. Each website has its own “domain” of energy. All the websites on the internet together make up the internet.

Yet, there are other domains of energy larger than all the websites which are part of the internet too. All the technical infrastructure, cables, satellite transmission systems, servers etc are a domain of energy that all of the websites comprising the visible usable internet rely upon and are contained within.

Then there is the whole body of computer scientists and engineers who have devised and continue to evolve and maintain all of the technical aspects of the internet. These people have a very large influence upon how the internet works and what its future is. I could go on further with this analogy, but you get the idea.

Limited and Unlimited Laws of Energy & ConsciousnessWithin all those differing domains of energy that comprise the internet there are different laws that apply. Many different programming languages are used in these various levels and each has its own laws and rules to make it work. The larger the domain of energy is, the more powerful and influential are the laws that govern it.

This is how it is in the universe with laws that determine how energy and consciousness work as well. We each have laws which are specific to us individually that determine how our unique energy system works as part of the whole.

There are more expansive laws or parameters that determine how energy and consciousness is meant to work for our planetary collective consciousness, and again for our whole solar system and all the beings in all dimensional worlds within it. Then it expands to laws that govern the galactic level of energy, consciousness and reality.

The universal level is the most expanded of them all. It incorporates all other domains of energy and unifies them into a whole. It thus must provide a system of overall balance between all its constituent domains of energy and consciousness. A reality in one part of the universe may be balancing energy and consciousness for another reality in an entirely different part and dimension of the universe!

That bit of awareness opens you up just a bit doesn’t it? It is also a key to understanding how we, as human beings, can honor both our unlimited Core-Self and our limited self simultaneously so we have an integrated joyful experience of life on Earth! This has been the primary challenge throughout time for those who have awakened on this lovely planet!

Simply recognizing that there are limited and unlimited laws that you must live by is the first step. The second step is accepting both the limited and unlimited realms you reside within as a human being on Earth. This is where most people get hung up! They tend to toggle back and forth. It is not one or the other. It is both… and the larger domains of energy associated with the unlimited are a completion of the limited.

In other words, they are not separate universes! They co-exist in a unified harmony even when we do not allow ourselves to experience them that way! The moral of this story is, let go and let what is right now, enter your experience more fully. The universe is a loving benevolent reality which all other realities exist within. It is only our minds that cause us to experience reality otherwise. Our difficulties start when we are trying to create reality instead of just being and thereby opening to experience it!

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