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Physical ascension involves the process of transfiguring the human body from within the density of the third dimension into a body of higher energy on the fourth (or higher) dimensional reality. A human body going through this process will appear to have completely vanished to any observers on Earth not going through the same process. Physical ascension is therefore a rather dramatic culmination to what is otherwise considered a plodding spiritual process. Is physical ascension actually possible?

Spiral of LightI firmly KNOW it is. My inner knowing or gnosis on this was strong from the very first time I read about this process back in the mid 80’s. After learning of it I immediately also knew this was what I came to do: i.e. to accomplish physical ascension myself and along the way to help others with being able to do the same. After that early awakening process had occurred all manner of very powerful spiritual and transformational processes began to unfold, including spontaneous and extreme kundalini energy experiences. This process went on for years, all the while making ordinary life as I had once known it entirely impossible. I emerged from that period of time with a depth, stability and awareness that I could only have dreamed of before it all began.

I thereafter continued pursuing an expansion of knowledge and awareness regards physical ascension. This included reading myriads of books and studying the sciences of subatomic reality known as quantum theory. I also studied the sciences underlying ORMUS/ORMES and experimented with it and other high energy agents that one could consume or interact with their body in some way.

My pursuit of knowledge and awareness was not limited to what was available from the third dimensional realm we call our world either. I have a gift of being able to interact directly with the cosmic plane of awareness and with supra-beings of pure energy often referred to as Guides, Angels, Archangels, Masters and other types of Illumined Beings. These beings never interfere, but generally offer assistance that meets one on their own ground. Sometimes this happens when they drop an awareness bomb into my mind that suddenly shifts the way I’ve been thinking about something because I can then see it very differently. This has lead to a great many revelations, aha’s and understandings of a much greater magnitude.

My interactions with these supra-beings consistently supported the concept of physical ascension, and from oh so many directions. Books would literally fall off of the shelves in bookstores as I walked down the aisles indicating what I should read next. Reading these books served the purpose of being able to better formulate questions that I could then pose to my supra-being friends. The answers to those questions would then lead to the need to seek other books to read, and on and on the process went in loops like this for about 15-20 years.

Supra-Energy Angel BeingThe process was much more than just obtaining knowledge though. It unfolded in such a way that I gained progressively more experience with things in my own life that represented the higher knowledge and more expanded awareness and consciousness that I was attaining. I had opportunities, in other words, to put many of the principles into practice in my life and prove to myself they worked and were thus true principles directly through my own experience of them.

My Rottweiler Enlightenment Experience

One example of this occurred when I was still living in the State of Washington circa 1993. I was renting space in a home on the east side of Lake Washington in a small town called Juanita. It was about a mile and a half walk down to the shore of Lake Washington from where I lived. The route went down through some beautiful woods growing on a very steep hillside facing the lake. To get to the trail I had to walk perhaps a quarter mile or so down the road before I could jump off into the woods on the small obscure trail.

There were homes along that road, and one of them had a large male Rottweiler dog that was kept on a small chain up by their house. Their front lawn was perhaps 200 feet long from the street back up to the house. The dogs chain would only allow him to get about 20 feet from the house before it stopped him.  Whenever I would walk down to the lake that dog was always out there growling, snapping and barking quite ferociously. He would charge at me and hit the end of the chain quite hard which would then jerk him back whereby he’d strain against it with his weight making his threatening sounds and gestures.

I often wondered how long that chain would last! Well this one day as I headed down to the lake that dog did his usual thing. As always I just focused straight ahead and ignored him the best I could. I went down through the woods to the lake shore. It was a fairly secluded little spot. I had a very powerful meditation that day with the ducks and geese that were always hanging out there. I came out of that meditation literally on cloud nine, truly high on love and light. I wandered back up the trail through the woods. I was stopping frequently because I was wide open energetically and I could see many faerie beings, so I was interacting and playing with them. Such ecstatic fun they are!

Rottweiler ChargingI popped back up on the road for the final stretch home. I was in such a gloriously expanded state of being I rather forgot about the Rottweiler dog I was about to pass, until… I was dead even with the corner of that lot and he sprang into action. Only this time his chain broke! A moment later he realized he was free and came charging for me barking, growling and snapping, kind of like a freight train with teeth traveling at high speed directly at me.

I had a split second flash where I knew I could respond out of fear and run or fight him, or I could remain in that amazing expanded space of love that I was in and use a different approach. The latter was my intuited choice and I immediately focused my heart ray so intently I could actually SEE the energy beam with my eyes. That beam struck the Rottweiler in the head area and the exact moment it did he broke off his hard charge, he stopped barking, he raised his head high and sort of just strode along on his tip toes right past me rather comically as if he was quite confused. He circled me a couple of times like this and I held my heart ray of love energy focused steady on him as he did. Then his owner came out and called him back whereupon he happily took off.

In those seconds that seemed like hours where I was faced with being under attack by a creature that few unarmed humans would stand a chance against, I was able to experience first hand how the realms of super-energy interacting with the reality we call our world can completely change outcome in ways that are hard for most people to believe until they’ve experienced it for themselves.

My Experience with Auric Conversion of Harsh Sound Into Pure Light

Another example occurred in my own home. I was at that time going into what  I learned later was a form of samadhi. My whole field would expand immensely. I would be able to stand there, out of body, looking at my body. My breath would slow way down to where it was either stopped or imperceptible both when I was still in the body, and after I came out and observed myself. This was at that time, however, a space of being that left me quite vulnerable should anything in the environment around me do something unexpected. My wife at the time had several very large dogs. We lived in Crestone, a remote high altitude region of south central Colorado. There were a lot of deer and coyotes and and other wildlife there. We lived in a converted A-frame type summer cabin that had all glass on the entire front of it. This afforded an incredible view of the 14,000 foot Sangre de Cristo mountains and the high altitude pinion pine and juniper woods we lived in.

I Felt Fractured Like GlassEvery time some deer or a coyote wandered past our front deck within sight the three largest dogs (one was a full-blooded Wolf) would bark like mad and charge the glass on the end of the cabin hitting it hard with their paws, which also made quite a harsh loud noise. On several occasions this  occurred when I was in samadhi and I literally felt like I was being fractured into a thousand bits. I was energetically and physically extremely disheveled for a couple days thereafter each time.

Having experienced that mishap several times I became resolved to find a solution. I had a deep mystical insight that it was indeed possible to become energetically immune to that type of thing. As I opened into that space further, more awareness came flowing in. I then came to understand that the sound of the dogs was just energy. There really is no good and bad energy, it’s all just energy. The good and bad energy perception is all due to our own judgement of the energy, but that’s all. This was a profound revelation at the time which opened doorways to energetic mastery.

I therefore began to work internally in my own consciousness quite diligently to transform my belief system regards good and bad energy. I knew that I would be able to autonomously (automatically without thinking about it) respond to all energy as being just energy. I also intuitively knew this would setup a condition within my auric field that would enable my aura to convert all energy that entered my field into something beneficial to me. I’d been working with this ardently for a couple of months when I started feeling that I needed to get back to going into samadhi again. I really had no idea where I was in that process nor what might happen if the dogs did their thing again. I was therefore a bit timid at first about energetically opening all the way up in samadhi again.

However, I entered into full trust and I did open up into that incredibly expanded state again. I did this a few different times without the dogs causing any issues. I began thinking maybe the process I had engaged was simply no longer going to manifest the potentially harmful situation. Then, it indeed happened again. However, when it did I felt that harsh sound energy enter through my field as a rush of higher ecstatic energy that literally catapulted my samadhi into a whole new level that I had never experienced before. I was in total bliss, like WOW! I then knew in every fiber and cell of my being that we humans truly could convert any energy entering our field into something that was beneficial to us. The implications of this were vast, and they still reverberate through my being today.

The higher principles I had practical experiences of in these two situations were:

  1. Love is the greatest power in the universe, a far greater power than fear.
  2. Energy is just energy, it’s neither good nor bad, we can choose how we wish to experience it.

More simple stated:

  1. Our love is the greatest power in the universe.
  2. Our power of choice has no limits.

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Meditation of LightThe Superliminalization of Matter for Ascension

This has everything to do with physical ascension. As my true life stories have demonstrated, there is a higher ordering of energy that can radically change how things unfold in our lives on Earth. We can call this energy supra-energy (or anything else you wish). This same energy can change the spin rate of the subatomic particles of matter in our bodies. In higher dimensions of reality the flow of energy is superluminal, meaning it is faster than the speed of light. In fact, it is many times the speed of light that we know in this world of 186,282 miles per second.

However, because everything is relative according to Einstein’s theory of relativity (e=mc2), energy moving at many times the speed of light in higher dimensions becomes that reality’s foundational reference point. That higher speed of light energy could rightly be considered to be the speed of light in that particular dimension, and our speed of light to be a fraction thereof.

This is a radically difference concept than what is commonly believed by people who believe in ascension. Most people believe it’s higher frequencies that are required for ascension. Yet, a full spectrum of frequencies is necessary in ALL dimensions of reality. What changes is the speed of the energy moving through the particles of that particular framework of reality. Our reality, the third dimension if you will,  is the foundation for all the others associated with Earth. Each higher dimensional level of reality therefore has a much higher energy potential due to the speed of its light energy being much faster.

There are very low frequencies that emanate from our galactic center that instead of being cycles per second (Hertz) are light years per cycle. Contemplate that for a moment. These extremely low frequencies embed very expansive awareness. It’s literally light years from one cycle of that energy’s wave form peak to the next. The trough space between the peaks is where the awareness embeds. In higher frequency energy wave forms the space between these energy peaks can be measured in cycles per second or Hertz. In these higher frequency waveforms you are able to embed information. The higher the frequency of the waveform the more information that can be embedded and transmitted with that energy. This is why all dimensional realities require a full spectrum of frequencies. However, the energy in those higher dimensional worlds is moving at many times the speed of light but at the same frequencies we know in our world. This is why we cannot ordinarily see these worlds with our physical eyes. They can, however, see us.

When sensitive people are identifying “higher frequency energies” they are actually identifying energies that travel at speeds far faster than the speed of light. They’ve simply used the term higher frequency to describe such energies because it truly feels that way, and, there’s not been any other way of really speaking about it before. The lingo itself is not really so important. It is extremely beneficial, however, to have a better understanding of the nature of these higher dimensional energies. This is because such an expanded understanding enables you to open up even further to the greater potentials of such energies.

Multi-Dimensional Neural Network of LightAs you go through the basic process of moving into progressively greater resonance with the two principles I’ve defined above, you’ll naturally be establishing a more comprehensive ‘neural network’ between the realm of your physical body and its counterpart in the supra-energy higher-dimensional worlds. This in turn makes it easier for ever smaller triggers to open up far more powerful flows of that supra-energy to cascade down into your physical body. When this happens the spin rate of the vortexial energy in the subatomic particles within all the atoms of your body can be increased.  When this occurs, suddenly through pure supra-energy resonance the entire atomic structure of your body will jump to another energy level. This is much like the electron in an atom jumping orbits when it’s excited by an external energy source like a photon.

The process I’m describing here is the superluminalization of the matter in your physical body. This process leads to physical ascension. Superluminal is a term that refers to energy that’s moving faster than the speed of light. According to Einstein’s relativity equation (e=mc2), mass (m) which is matter is pure energy (e), and it’s energy level is related to the speed of light (c). If the speed of the energy in the mass or matter of your body increases then it’s energy level goes up. There is, however, a critical threshold of energy required to cause matter to shift into the next ordering of energy in the universe and to be able to thereafter sustain that increased level of energy within a new higher dimensional reality structure.

Planetary Level Supra-Energy Resonance Triggers May Be ‘Extinction Level’ Events

There are many things that could serve as such supra-energy resonance triggers on a planetary scale for those that are ready. I have a keen intuitive sense regards these potential triggers. Some of the more likely possibilities include very powerful energies entering our Earth’s atmosphere in the form of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). It can also come in the form of some similar types of radiation from our Sun during it’s larger forms of solar activity such as Super-Flares, or even a Micro-Nova type event. This is where the Sun ejects it’s entire outer shell rather dramatically.

Further, it is highly possible that events emanating from the center of our galaxy could serve to trigger these events on our Sun and also from within the core of our Earth which is like a small sun of it’s own. Many of these types of scenarios would involve extinction level events on Earth. There is ample evidence to suggest these have happened many times on this planet and that we are due for another one here very soon based on the basic timing cycle which many different bodies of information place at roughly a 12,000 year cycle and it’s been about 12,000 years since the last time this occurred.

Powerful Cosmic Energy Hits EarthThese types of extinction level events also fit amazingly well with many of the prophecies and predictions made in ancient texts. They also match-up well with records left by ancient civilizations on the planet, some of which simply vanished without a trace. Some of these civilizations may well have mass-ascended with some of these types of high energy cosmic triggers. If they did, they very likely knew these events were coming and were able to prepare their light, energy and physical bodies properly ahead of time.

Therefore, my core message here is that we need to be prepping our light body, energy fields and our physical body so that should/when these powerful cosmic energies inundate our planet, our body and its associated fields will be in the right resonance with it’s supra-energy counterpart. When this condition exists sufficiently the otherwise lethal galactic cosmic rays and solar radiation energies will then serve as a catalyst that starts these powerful flows of supra-energy down the gradient from your body’s supra-energy counterpart into your physical body much the same as when my field converted harsh sound into pure blissful light.

This cascade of supra-energy will in turn increase the subatomic/atomic vortexial spin rate in your body. The combination of these energies will cause the matter of your body to then go ‘critical’ and shift into a fourth dimensional reality, or even above as the speed of it’s light reaches one or more multiples of the speed of light. Your body will then no longer be visible within the third dimensional reality of the Earth.

I will be working with a group of individuals in a private setting who sincerely wish to prepare for this. Drop me line using our contact page if you’re interested.

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