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Shifting into JoyEveryone who has been into metaphysics and spiritual development for awhile knows joy is considered to be one of the higher frequency states of being. It is true too! Being able to make the shift into joy when that is not what you are experiencing is what everyone would like to be able to do consistently.

Even better would be to just be in a state of joy all the time and not have to be concerned with how to shift into it! Being able to make the shift though is the first step. Once we become reasonably successful at making the shift into joy we begin to enter into the state of joy more naturally and continually.

The question is, how to make the necessary shift? THAT is the big kahuna question! I just so happen to know quite a bit about this! I learned it the hard way some years ago when I was in a very deep dark night of the soul type experience that persisted for nearly 5 years! In that experience one by one everything failed on me… things I once took for granted. My health, my money flow, my sense of personal power and mastery, even what I thought had been the basis for my spirituality… all vanished into thin air!

However, as all these things vanished one by one I began to see that HOW I had approached each of them had kept me from really experiencing true joy. Each of these aspects of my life and self had been adding things into the equation which kept me so preoccupied that I never really could look in the right direction to find true joy.

When I finally let go and surrendered to whatever was going to happen to me moment by moment without any preconceived notions about what that would be, I suddenly starting feeling joy despite all these problems. It was not my intent at the time to try and experience joy, I was just trying to survive what seemed like a very horrendous experience. However, it led to finding true joy!

At first I was rather stunned and even a bit amused. My mind doubted everything about it in the beginning. Yet there it was, it could not be denied. My mind could not understand how I could really be experiencing joy while also experiencing all the serious problems I was faced with. I thought it was some sort of illusion. Yet, there it was inside of me as a feeling that kept growing.

Finally I stopped doubting and questioning it and just let it be there. It was after all comforting and felt good. I came to realize that we could feel good and experience joy even when faced with severe difficulties. It is simply a matter of how we relate to what is going on.

When I was experiencing trauma, frustration and disillusionment while experiencing these extreme problems… I was taking it all personally. I felt I had done something wrong, that I was paying the price for my bad karma, learning hard lessons, all of that type of thinking and focus.

Well, there was only one possible outcome of that type of focus, which was feeling terrible about myself and my situation. At some point without me fully realizing it the situation had become so bad that even feeling bad about myself and my circumstances was no longer even possible. I did not have the energy to do that any more… yes, it takes a LOT of energy to feel bad about yourself!

Therefore, everything I had been doing inside of myself that was preventing me from experiencing a natural state of joy all along had finally been dashed on the rocks of despair and rinsed away by the sea of spirit. Oila, joy emerged!

The moral of this story is that joy is our natural state of being. If we wish to be able to make a shift into joy, we simply need to become aware of what it is we are doing that interferes with this natural state of our being. Then… we must cease doing that!

Lao’Tzu once said that, “on the path of knowledge we add something every day, on the path of wisdom we remove something every day” (paraphrased). Joy and wisdom therefore go hand in hand!

If you wish to experience more of your natural state of joy, simply ask your True-Self / God-Self or Source Intelligence (terms do not matter) to provide you with all the awareness you need to understand what it is you’re doing that is interfering with your own natural state of joy.

This might come to you immediately, or maybe you will need to keep asking for it repeatedly over time. Keep asking until it indeed comes to you. Then, act on that awareness and stop doing whatever was revealed as interfering with your experience of joy.

If you act on the awareness you receive, and integrate it into your being and life, you will open the door to even more awareness flowing in. If you do not act on new awareness that comes flowing in, then the door closes and any further flow stops until you implement what was already given.

This is not a punishment… one awareness simply builds upon another, so you need to have a proper foundation built for the next awareness to present itself. Doing this alone helps shift you into your natural state of joy! This is because when you are expanding your awareness and living accordingly you are much closer to your True-Self… which is pure love and joy!

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