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Everything is Vibration – a Novel Understanding

In my previous article, ‘Is Matter Really Crystallized Light,’ I explored the underlying nature of matter, and thus manifest reality.

Cosmic VibrationsIt’s commonly stated that everything is vibration, and I fully resonate with that… but with a twist. In the popular way of relating to this concept, matter is seen to be ‘discrete point particles‘ that are emanating a unique vibrational signature. A discrete point particle is envisioned to be something solid, like a sub-atomic sized grain of sand. My twist is based on the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) theory put forth by Milo Wolff PhD, the author of ‘Schrödinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws.’ I speak a bit more about this here.

In the WSM there are no discrete point particles, NONE AT ALL. There are only resonant wave structures in space. Therefore, my ‘twist’ is that matter is the pure energy of vibration and NOTHING else. It’s NOT solid matter emanating vibrations, it’s vibration itself, and that is all. This being the case, there’s no such thing as wave-particle duality either, it’s all waves or perturbations in the medium of space (ether).

A True Physics of Unity

Just that realization alone is truly quite profound. The more I think about it, the more profound it becomes too. If you truly contemplate the difference between the standard quantum physics discrete point particle model of reality, and the WSM theory where everything is waves/vibrations, I think you’ll agree it’s a significant leap in understanding. The WSM theory is the one which best represents a Physics of Unity. This is one of many reasons I resonate so well with it.

A Cosmic Temple with cosmos in a bottleThis is true because in the WSM theory, each ‘particle’ is a ‘wave center.’ The waves move in and out of that wave center simultaneously, and they’re 3D spherical waves. The closer you get to the center of the wave center, the more densely packed the waves are. As you move out away from the wave center, the waves become increasingly less densely packed together, and they ultimately extend infinitely into space. As such, ALL wave center ‘particles’ are within the wave-fields of all other wave center ‘particles’ in the universe.

Therefore, all wave center ‘particles’ are already all interconnected via their shared wave-field-space and the properties thereof. There is thus no need for concepts like quantum entanglement which uses complex math to attempt to explain how discrete quantum point particles can exhibit behaviors of direct connection even at great distance. In the WSM theory this connection is innately inherent in the nature of the ‘particles’ or wave centers themselves. This is why I call it a Physics of Unity.

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Quantum Looping Transforming Sentience into Consciousness

There’s a very interesting reciprocal feedback loop present in how the universe works. In the WSM theory, matter as resonant wave structures in space actually creates the space it resides within. However, space in turn informs matter how it must behave within the space it has created. Neither matter nor space can exist without the other, and both are therefore involved in a rather intimate perpetual cosmic dance.

This reciprocal perpetual feedback loop in the space-matter ‘dance’ is something that’s also present as a principle in consciousness. In more limited forms of consciousness, this principle does not seem so apparent. In more expanded forms of consciousness it’s really quite obvious, and moreso as you become increasingly self-aware.

Cosmic Temple of Transformation - Sentience to ConsciousnessThe term ‘self aware’ points to one of the ways this actually manifests. To speak about this I’ll use a model I gleaned many years ago, partially from Steiner’s work, but with key modifications I received from the cosmic plane. In this model, everything has sentience versus consciousness. For our purposes here, we can think of sentience as awareness of other, or things external to the self. It’s like a one-way street, awareness moving out from the self, but not returning to close the circuit.

Consciousness can develop only to the degree that sentience is able to return back into itself, closing the loop. The human mind serves the purpose to accomplish this, and this is indeed the human mind’s primary purpose in our experience. It’s what we use to reflect back on ourselves, and it’s what sets us apart from the other species on our planet. Some other species also possess the ability to develop consciousness from sentience in varying degrees. It’s humans, however, that hold the greatest potential to accomplish this; which is not to say we as a collective are making the best use of it.

Inherent in the development of self-awareness — which is key not only for the development of consciousness itself, but also to realizing higher states of consciousness — is this reciprocal feedback loop, such as is found in the matter-space dance of the WSM. One of the ways this plays out, is that we’ll have an experience and then observe how reality, and others in our reality, respond to us and our experience, actions, words, etc. We then reflect on that, and that reflection further informs our experience going forward. In the process of that feedback loop we are becoming more aware of ourselves; we are learning more about what our own needs are; we are learning why we feel about and respond to things the way we do. Sentient awareness, becoming more aware of its own actions within its environment becomes more aware of its own self, and thus consciousness develops.

The Beauty of Quantum Looping in Consciousness

As we become more self-aware, that expanding awareness informs us how we need to behave in the environment we find ourselves within in order to succeed in life on all levels. This will be true regardless of how we define success. This is very much in resonance with the feedback loop principle in the WSM whereby matter creates space via its wave structures, and the properties of the space it has created then informs matter how it must behave within that space. Can you see the stunning beauty of this quantum reciprocity? When it’s said the universe is infinite, this is one excellent way of explaining it. The symbol of the infinity eight loop represents this principle perfectly.

Cosmic Infinity Eight SymbolThis opens up some very cool possibilities for further mystical explorations. One that comes to mind, and which I find rather intriguing, is around space and consciousness. Yet space is not defined in the WSM theory in terms of what it is or where it comes from. It simply exists at the behest of matter. Yet, all that matter consists of is resonant wave structures that exist in a space they’ve created, and… these resonant wave structures extend infinitely into that space. Therefore space is infinite also. As one contemplates this more deeply it sounds exactly like what many ancient seers and gurus have described as consciousness. Herein arises the very real possibility that what is called consciousness actually arises from this principle of infinite reciprocal feedback on its most fundamental level. The same principles can take many different forms, and we know the same to be true of consciousness.

Leveraging this Awareness for Your Cosmic Consciousness Development

So how might you make use of what I have related herein to further your own cosmic consciousness development? You could engage these following simple exercises to start…

1. Contemplate how you, as a human being, are also a 3D scalar wave structure that’s comprised of many different space resonances all in interaction with each other, and which is pure vibration and energy, nothing else.

2. Consider how each time you become more self-aware, you also automatically become more aware of everything else in your life and the universe.

3. Explore how each time you become more aware of things in your life and the universe, the ‘matter form’ of your body gains enhanced functionality… it feels and works better. Note: if you have a lot of serious physical problems it may be hard to discern this shift, but it still exists.

4. Embrace how any time your body gains enhanced functionality, it enhances your consciousness in a host of different ways too.

I’ll leave you to work with that for now, and to discover some of the secrets and keys awaiting for you in engaging that type of conscious evolution. I’ll be exploring this and related areas a lot more going forward! It could be helpful to others if you share your experiences and insights with them in the comments below (no login or CAPTCHA puzzles required).


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