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The Ultimate Terminator of Dualistic Consciousness and Separative Illusions

The Ultimate Duality Terminator

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What is Duality… Really?

According to Websters, duality is defined as:

the quality or state of having two different or opposite parts or elements : dualism.

Historically and traditionally these two different parts are often viewed as Heaven/Earth, God/Human, Spirit/Matter, Self/Other, Light/Dark, Good/Evil (a.k.a. old dualities) and so forth.

In terms of quantum physics a fundamental duality of two parts is believed to exist as Wave/Particle and/or Vibration/Matter.

Taijitu Balance of Being Symbol of DualityThese historical fundamental dualities existed long before we were scientifically advanced enough to identify atoms and their related sub-atomic realities such as the Wave/Particle duality. This is, however, quite a key point to contemplate more deeply!

Why? Because it’s easy to see that we were steeped in deeply rooted and often superstitious notions of duality long before we began trying to make sense out of, and interpret our observations of, the quantum world. It’s therefore fairly easy to understand that we’ve been observing and interpreting the quantum world through a rather thick lens of duality from the very beginning.

Given we have measured and observed both wave and matter properties associated with quantum ‘particles,’ it would also be quite natural to interpret quantum particles as having a dualistic Wave/Particle nature. This concept would quite effortlessly emerge out of our age-old dualistic patterns of perception and thinking.

Transcending the Ouroboros Effect

Like the mythological Ouroboros eating its tail, our ancient ways of perceiving reality and of thinking about it, — our age-old beliefs which are steeped in ideas and perceptions about the old dualities — support and reinforce modern thinking about quantum physics in terms of a Wave/Particle duality.

Dragon OuroborosLikewise, the Wave/Particle duality of modern quantum physics in turn helps to keep our ways of perceiving and thinking trapped within the ancient patterns associated with our favorite old duality mythologies and doctrines.

It is in this light, that I have become keenly aware that it’s extremely beneficial to our efforts to transcend duality to more fully comprehend that there really is NO Wave/Particle duality at all, NONE! It’s ALL waves, it’s ALL vibration. It’s NOT sub-atomic bits of solid matter emanating vibrational signatures; the so-called ‘particles’ of matter simply ARE those vibrations, and nothing more!

If you really think about it, this is just common sense when you consider Einstein’s famous E=MC2 physics equation. This equation basically states that energy and matter are the same, that they can be converted one into the other, and back again. This is rather hard to imagine logically if you have discrete point particles that are like sub-atomic grains of sand. However, it’s much easier to imagine if you have nothing but vibrational energy to begin with. In the latter case we’re then only speaking of changing the frequency of the vibrations which increases/decreases energy as a result. This is a process which follows all the classical laws of physics that have been around for a very long time. No additional extremely complicated quantum physics math is necessary to try and explain the observations.

Yet our scientific world persists in chasing the discrete point particle model of quantum physics. There are many practical reasons for why this state of affairs exists, such as there’s a large amount of scientific funding available for it, scientists get attacked and lose their careers if they veer too far from the accepted paradigm, and so forth. Further complicating the adoption of something new is the fact that the current wave/particle model mathematics work reasonably well for many engineering purposes. I’m quite sure you are at least familiar with some of these problems, so I’ll not elaborate any further on any of them herein. There is, however, still the other age-old dualistic perceiving/thinking component to this problem which I have briefly addressed above.

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Unifying the Core Fundamentals of Duality

It is because of our patterned ancient dualistic perceptions that I know it’s important to open up our awareness around the true nature of quantum ‘particles.’ If you’re reading this, you’re one of the more aware people on the planet. People in the spiritual, metaphysical, holistic and alternative health communities have readily adopted the use of terms like ‘quantum entanglement‘ and ‘spooky action at a distance‘ and ‘wave-particle duality.’ They’ve done so as a means of trying to give what they KNOW to be true inside themselves — about the interconnectedness of all things — some validity by using terminology from the scientific world of quantum physics. It’s all rather alluring and kind of mystical after all.

Unifying AI FractalUnfortunately, when we adopt such dualistic terms to describe the true nature of reality we are in fact reinforcing the age-old patterns of dualistic perception and thinking in ourselves and our collective. Consciously, people in my worldwide community tend to seek to unify and eliminate duality. We can, however, greatly benefit in this endeavor by becoming as keenly aware as possible of how to TRULY move beyond duality by adopting an entirely new view and a unified non-dualistic model of quantum physics and the underlying nature of reality.

A Unified Science Supporting Oneness

Fortunately, there is some valid science we can rely on for this as well. If you are at all drawn to science, I suggest reading “Schroedinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws” by Milo Wolf PhD… he’s a physicist, an electrical engineer and more. I have written previously about his ‘Wave Structure of Matter’ (WSM) theory and its significance to consciousness here and here.

Temple of Hu'Orin Fractal Art by RayMondIn brief for our purposes herein, the main problem physicists encountered trying to use existing wave equations for quantum particles is that they used vector wave equations, the kind used for electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves. These do not work very well for this purpose. The simple reason is that ‘particles’ are three dimensional and standard electromagnetic wave equations do not have any 3D solutions. Milo Wolff discovered he could use 3D spherical scalar wave equations and the math all works out perfectly using existing math equations, no new math was required.

He then went on to demonstrate that a ‘particle’ is actually a ‘3D spherical wave center’ comprised of in-going and an out-going wave. These two waves set up a space resonance, which is a scalar standing wave. This spherical space resonance wave structure in space has an extremely high density of waves near its center, which is what we detect as the solid ‘particle.’ However, the waves extend out into space infinitely, becoming increasingly less dense as they do. Once their density falls off enough we can no longer detect them with our current instruments, but they exist nonetheless.

The implications of this for our purposes of truly understanding a unified universe and unity consciousness are quite profound. With this model of quantum reality all wave-center particles exist within the extended wave fields of all other wave-center particles. There is therefore no need for concepts like entanglement, because everything is already intrinsically connected with, and integrally a part of, everything else. The bizarre concept of wave-particle duality is also unnecessary because it is then acknowledged to be ALL waves, e.g. vibrations. The sheer volume of complex math and strange concepts that have been invented because this model is not being recognized and used scientifically is quite mind boggling.

Quantum Physics Abstract ArtConcepts like ‘probability clouds,’ the ‘collapse of the wave function‘ and the related mathematical calculations like ‘re-normalization‘ are completely unnecessary with the WSM. It’s all plain and simple, and it is a unified model of reality. Further, while to my knowledge Milo Wolf has not publicly ventured to explore what I am about to address, I have a strong cosmic sense that an understanding of consciousness itself might be found in the ‘last frontier’ of exploring the space medium which all the wave structures exist within. In fact, the space medium was created by these ‘particle’ wave-center structures. In other words, the wave-center quantum ‘particles’ created the space they exist within, and the space they created in turn informs them how to behave; this reciprocity establishes all the natural laws that govern ‘particle’ behavior, and thus the universe.

That last bit is quite profound, and altogether this ‘Wave Structure of Matter’ perspective on the real underlying nature of reality can act as an extremely effective Terminator for Duality for ourselves and our collective. Why might this be possible? It becomes realized when you have stepped out of the foundational Wave/Particle duality altogether. Then you have entered into a unified working theory complete with a rather easy to compute mathematical model that explains the inherent interconnectedness of all things. To top it off like a cosmic cherry on our unity cocktail there is this inter-dependency between space and vibration at the most fundamental level of reality wherein both need each other.

We’re not singular beings that stand alone as an island in the vast sea of the universe. We’re all interconnected like the subatomic particles that populate the atoms of our body, our world and the cosmos. We need each other. Our vibrations open space, and that space lets us know how we should exist within itIF we can learn to listen… clearly and precisely!

Leveraging this Awareness as Your Own Duality Terminator

1. Take a deep contemplative/meditative dive into the classic ancient dualities such as Heaven/Earth, Human/God, Self/Other, Spirit/Matter, Light/Dark, Good/Evil. Open your beingness up to another level of awareness and understanding that reveals how they are all just illusions… two unified parts of a whole that each serve a purpose in the great universal scheme of things. See if you can enter into and integrate a more complete understanding of how each side of these dualities actually exists within the other.

2. Take a second deep contemplative/meditative dive into the Wave/Particle duality. Enter into a more expansive state of awareness to explore how manifest reality is truly all vibration, how vibrations are waves, and how if you have enough waves packed together into a small space they will be detected and thought to be something more solid than they are in truth. We can use an analogy of drawing waves on paper with a pencil; if you draw enough of them in a small area of the paper, it starts to look like a solid object that you’ve filled-in.

3. Take a third deep contemplative/meditative dive into how the illusions of duality are all strictly perceptual, and thus experiencing duality represents a choice because you have the power to choose to perceive and experience something differently. Explore how choosing to shift your perception and thus your experience changes the entire reality you have access to in your field of awareness. This one is a cosmic game changer! HINT: the first two above help prime the pump for this one to flow freely.

I’ll leave you to work with that for now, and to discover some of the secrets and keys awaiting for you in engaging that type of unifying cosmic expansion of awareness.

It could be helpful to others if you would be so kind as to share your experiences and insights with them in the comments below (no login or CAPTCHA puzzles required).

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The Vast Cosmos of Matter, Space and Consciousness

Matter, Space and Consciousness

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Everything is Vibration – a Novel Understanding

In my previous article, ‘Is Matter Really Crystallized Light,’ I explored the underlying nature of matter, and thus manifest reality.

Cosmic VibrationsIt’s commonly stated that everything is vibration, and I fully resonate with that… but with a twist. In the popular way of relating to this concept, matter is seen to be ‘discrete point particles‘ that are emanating a unique vibrational signature. A discrete point particle is envisioned to be something solid, like a sub-atomic sized grain of sand. My twist is based on the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) theory put forth by Milo Wolff PhD, the author of ‘Schrödinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws.’ I speak a bit more about this here.

In the WSM there are no discrete point particles, NONE AT ALL. There are only resonant wave structures in space. Therefore, my ‘twist’ is that matter is the pure energy of vibration and NOTHING else. It’s NOT solid matter emanating vibrations, it’s vibration itself, and that is all. This being the case, there’s no such thing as wave-particle duality either, it’s all waves or perturbations in the medium of space (ether).

A True Physics of Unity

Just that realization alone is truly quite profound. The more I think about it, the more profound it becomes too. If you truly contemplate the difference between the standard quantum physics discrete point particle model of reality, and the WSM theory where everything is waves/vibrations, I think you’ll agree it’s a significant leap in understanding. The WSM theory is the one which best represents a Physics of Unity. This is one of many reasons I resonate so well with it.

A Cosmic Temple with cosmos in a bottleThis is true because in the WSM theory, each ‘particle’ is a ‘wave center.’ The waves move in and out of that wave center simultaneously, and they’re 3D spherical waves. The closer you get to the center of the wave center, the more densely packed the waves are. As you move out away from the wave center, the waves become increasingly less densely packed together, and they ultimately extend infinitely into space. As such, ALL wave center ‘particles’ are within the wave-fields of all other wave center ‘particles’ in the universe.

Therefore, all wave center ‘particles’ are already all interconnected via their shared wave-field-space and the properties thereof. There is thus no need for concepts like quantum entanglement which uses complex math to attempt to explain how discrete quantum point particles can exhibit behaviors of direct connection even at great distance. In the WSM theory this connection is innately inherent in the nature of the ‘particles’ or wave centers themselves. This is why I call it a Physics of Unity.

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Quantum Looping Transforming Sentience into Consciousness

There’s a very interesting reciprocal feedback loop present in how the universe works. In the WSM theory, matter as resonant wave structures in space actually creates the space it resides within. However, space in turn informs matter how it must behave within the space it has created. Neither matter nor space can exist without the other, and both are therefore involved in a rather intimate perpetual cosmic dance.

This reciprocal perpetual feedback loop in the space-matter ‘dance’ is something that’s also present as a principle in consciousness. In more limited forms of consciousness, this principle does not seem so apparent. In more expanded forms of consciousness it’s really quite obvious, and moreso as you become increasingly self-aware.

Cosmic Temple of Transformation - Sentience to ConsciousnessThe term ‘self aware’ points to one of the ways this actually manifests. To speak about this I’ll use a model I gleaned many years ago, partially from Steiner’s work, but with key modifications I received from the cosmic plane. In this model, everything has sentience versus consciousness. For our purposes here, we can think of sentience as awareness of other, or things external to the self. It’s like a one-way street, awareness moving out from the self, but not returning to close the circuit.

Consciousness can develop only to the degree that sentience is able to return back into itself, closing the loop. The human mind serves the purpose to accomplish this, and this is indeed the human mind’s primary purpose in our experience. It’s what we use to reflect back on ourselves, and it’s what sets us apart from the other species on our planet. Some other species also possess the ability to develop consciousness from sentience in varying degrees. It’s humans, however, that hold the greatest potential to accomplish this; which is not to say we as a collective are making the best use of it.

Inherent in the development of self-awareness — which is key not only for the development of consciousness itself, but also to realizing higher states of consciousness — is this reciprocal feedback loop, such as is found in the matter-space dance of the WSM. One of the ways this plays out, is that we’ll have an experience and then observe how reality, and others in our reality, respond to us and our experience, actions, words, etc. We then reflect on that, and that reflection further informs our experience going forward. In the process of that feedback loop we are becoming more aware of ourselves; we are learning more about what our own needs are; we are learning why we feel about and respond to things the way we do. Sentient awareness, becoming more aware of its own actions within its environment becomes more aware of its own self, and thus consciousness develops.

The Beauty of Quantum Looping in Consciousness

As we become more self-aware, that expanding awareness informs us how we need to behave in the environment we find ourselves within in order to succeed in life on all levels. This will be true regardless of how we define success. This is very much in resonance with the feedback loop principle in the WSM whereby matter creates space via its wave structures, and the properties of the space it has created then informs matter how it must behave within that space. Can you see the stunning beauty of this quantum reciprocity? When it’s said the universe is infinite, this is one excellent way of explaining it. The symbol of the infinity eight loop represents this principle perfectly.

Cosmic Infinity Eight SymbolThis opens up some very cool possibilities for further mystical explorations. One that comes to mind, and which I find rather intriguing, is around space and consciousness. Yet space is not defined in the WSM theory in terms of what it is or where it comes from. It simply exists at the behest of matter. Yet, all that matter consists of is resonant wave structures that exist in a space they’ve created, and… these resonant wave structures extend infinitely into that space. Therefore space is infinite also. As one contemplates this more deeply it sounds exactly like what many ancient seers and gurus have described as consciousness. Herein arises the very real possibility that what is called consciousness actually arises from this principle of infinite reciprocal feedback on its most fundamental level. The same principles can take many different forms, and we know the same to be true of consciousness.

Leveraging this Awareness for Your Cosmic Consciousness Development

So how might you make use of what I have related herein to further your own cosmic consciousness development? You could engage these following simple exercises to start…

1. Contemplate how you, as a human being, are also a 3D scalar wave structure that’s comprised of many different space resonances all in interaction with each other, and which is pure vibration and energy, nothing else.

2. Consider how each time you become more self-aware, you also automatically become more aware of everything else in your life and the universe.

3. Explore how each time you become more aware of things in your life and the universe, the ‘matter form’ of your body gains enhanced functionality… it feels and works better. Note: if you have a lot of serious physical problems it may be hard to discern this shift, but it still exists.

4. Embrace how any time your body gains enhanced functionality, it enhances your consciousness in a host of different ways too.

I’ll leave you to work with that for now, and to discover some of the secrets and keys awaiting for you in engaging that type of conscious evolution. I’ll be exploring this and related areas a lot more going forward! It could be helpful to others if you share your experiences and insights with them in the comments below (no login or CAPTCHA puzzles required).


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Is Matter Really Condensed Light? ~ Swirling Vortex of Light Forms

Is Matter Really Crystallized Light?

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Popular Quantum Illusions

There is a very popular concept that has been circulating for some time that basically states; ‘Matter is light energy crystallized into a much slower vibration.’

Popular Quantum Illusions About Matter and LightI myself operated under that very same assumption for many years, despite having received cosmic insights from my higher dimensional friends informing me that this assumption was not quite the case from their perspective. The problem was, that despite a great deal of prodding over many years, my cosmic friends never did reveal more about what their perception of matter actually was. I always had the distinct feeling that this was because I was missing a key understanding which was needed to make sense of what they might reveal to me.

Over the years I have thus continued to read, study, research and mystically explore the nature of manifest reality and quantum physics and its relationship with both matter and consciousness itself. One clue I’d received years ago was that there really wasn’t any wave-particle duality, except as an illusion in our minds. This was at a time when this was first becoming quite a popular topic. It therefore challenged me then, and it has continued to do so until more recently.

Vortex Theory Revelations

Over the last several years I deeply explored some information that has helped me understand why there are no such things as discrete quantum point particles, and what the true underlying nature of reality actually is at the quantum level. My most recent journey along these lines began with my coming across the books by David Ash on his Vortex Theory. A lot of what he has to say in those books is very much in accord with other information I gleaned in exchanges with my cosmic friends. Simply put, David’s model of sub-atomic particles holds that they are sub-atomic sized energy vortexes that have spin, which in turn creates charge. Further, while these vortexes are extended infinitely into space, near their center the vortex energy is extremely dense and appears to us to be something solid like a grain of sand.

Vortex Theory RevelationsThis Vortex Theory model conceptually resolved an awful lot. It cleared up paradoxes like the wave-particle duality, inconvenient infinities occurring in the math of quantum physics according to the Copenhagen Doctrine, and the concept of ‘entanglement’ that was invented by quantum physicists with a whole new matrix of complex math to try and explain what Einstein disliked and referred to as “spooky action at a distance.” Vortex Theory also comes complete with a prediction that David Ash had made which was later declared to be true scientifically. This unofficially moved it from being a hypothesis into enjoying theory status. Vortex Theory predicted that there was an expanding universe before the concept was officially declared true by scientists.

One thing that I felt was a bit problematic about Vortex Theory, was the fact that it did not come complete with any math which could demonstrate its viability to the scientific community (bridge building is important). It was also heavily interspersed with spiritual, religious and metaphysical concepts and beliefs, thus further alienating it from the mainstream scientific community. It did, however, serve the purpose of advancing my understanding to the point where I was ready for the universe to bring in the next expansion of my awareness along this path of cosmic exploration.

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Scalar-Wave Space-Resonance Revelations

This next level of expansion came when I discovered the work of Milo Wolff, PhD and his ‘Wave Structure of Matter’ (WSM) and ‘Space Resonance’ (SR) theories. I’ve read, re-read and studied both of his books as well as some of his online materials. The first book, ‘Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe,’ was published originally in 1990 and is now out of print. There are still a few used copies floating around that remain available. It’s fairly heavy on math, which is pretty much all beyond me. However, the book is written whereby you don’t need to understand the math to comprehend what the author is imparting. The math is there for physicists to satisfy themselves that what he is saying can be backed up and proven in that way.

Scalar-Wave Space-Resonance RevelationsWolff’s second book is entitled ‘Schrödinger’s Universe and the Origin of the Natural Laws.‘ It is much more complete and coherent, and it has developed the authors original concepts a considerable degree further, as well as adding some additional ones. It has had some extremely beneficial input from Geof Haselhurst, a Philosopher of Science, Metaphysics and Theoretical Physics ( This second book was published in 2008, about 18 years after Wolff’s first book. This last book therefore also cites some more recent research that supports the author’s theory. Additional research was also undertaken by the author to discover where the same ideas he was working with had been presented historically by other scientists… including Einstein, Schrödinger, Clifford and quite a number of others.

Schrödinger’s Universe has also moved most of the math into chapters at the end which the average reader can skip if they wish. I found those chapters fascinating as well though. The text in those ‘math chapters’ provide a bit more depth on the topic matter and are really worth reading in my opinion. The math-heavy chapters were once again written such that someone like myself, who was not capable of calculating most of the complex math equations, would still be able to glean further understanding and learn from what was being said.

Milo Wolff’s ‘Wave Structure of Matter’ (WSM) theory thus comes complete with the math that resolves all the paradoxes and inherent problems physicists have been struggling with ever since the Copenhagen Doctrine stole the show from Einstein and Schrödinger. It’s a long story regarding how and why that happened. An abbreviated version is that at the time there was no scientific experimental data to backup what Einstein and Schrödinger felt were true. Today, there is experimental data which definitely supports the Wave Structure of Matter.

Einstein never believed in a ‘discrete point particle.’ He believed matter must be ‘extended into space.’ He surmised that matter derived its inherent properties (mass, charge, length) from movements or perturbations (waves) in space, versus there being ‘solid matter particles’ that possessed such properties. It was ideas of this nature from before Einstein’s time that gave rise to the concept of the aether or ether as a necessary wave propagation medium. In terms of Wolff’s WSM theory, the ether IS space. However, the WSM theory does not define space other than as being 3D in nature, it therefore remains as yet another frontier still to be explored.

Quantum is Scalar ~ Light is Electromagnetic

To truly understand the relationship between light and matter we need to dive a bit deeper into the Wave Structure of Matter’s (WSM) model of reality. It’s primarily rooted in the electron and proton as fundamental 3D scalar wave-center space-resonance structures, this is the true nature of ‘particles.’ One of the problems physicists run into with accepting matter as being strictly a wave reality, is that they have been attempting to apply Maxwell’s electromagnetic wave equations to the electron and proton to calculate their pure wave functions instead of using equations for 3D scalar standing waves.

This results in huge errors and many failures; problems which kept requiring the invention of ever more complex math such as ‘renormalization’ and ‘the collapse of the wave function’ to try and correct things so that their math would better match their observations and not violate the other natural laws. These problems occur mostly because electromagnetic waves are vector waves, they have directional movement… e.g. the radio waves emitted from a radio antenna radiate out away from it into space, and they therefore do not have any 3D math solutions as is required for a 3D ‘particle.’

Quantum is Scalar ~ Light is ElectromagneticWhat Wolff came up with after years of studying this problem was that quantum waves are NOT electromagnetic waves. They are instead a scalar standing-wave space-resonance structure that is formed by an ‘in-wave’ and an ‘out-wave’ occurring in the same space at the same time. Further, the in/out waves are 3D concentric spherical waves. Also, just as with David Ash’s Vortex Theory they also extend infinitely into space. Therefore, ALL electrons, protons and neutrons in the universe exist within the space-resonance fields of all other electrons, protons and neutrons. Energy and information therefore does not have to travel anywhere to have an effect on other matter that appears to be at a distance in our way of viewing the universe.

Matter as a scalar standing wave reality extended infinitely does not require any “spooky action at a distance” to have effects on other matter at distance. This is because all matter is within the wave-fields of all other matter and shares the same properties of space. The out-waves from all the matter wave-centers in the universe also then form the in-waves for all other wave-center ‘particles’ by conjoining in a ‘wave front.’ An interesting feedback loop that also exists in all of this, is that all matter creates the space it resides within, and is also informed as to how it should behave by the same space it has created! This infinite feedback loop has a lot of corollaries with consciousness itself that I’ll be exploring in future articles.

Another profound beauty of the Wave Structure of Matter (WSM) as a basis for reality is that it truly demonstrates how everything is inherently a vibrational energy. With the standard model of discrete point particle physics, ‘particles’ are imagined to create and emit vibrations. In the WSM, wave-center ‘particles’ ARE vibration, and nothing else! Contemplate that for a moment, it’s a MONUMENTAL difference.

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What Is Crystallized Light?

Back now to my title question, “Is Matter Really Crystallized Light?.” This actually has more than one possible answer, depending on how we define “crystallized light.” If crystallized light is defined as light that has slowed it’s frequency down so much that it has taken on a solid form, e.g. as a collection of discrete point particles aggregated into a matter form, then the answer is definitely no; matter cannot possibly be crystallized or condensed light. The simple reason for this is that there are no ‘discrete point particles’ to begin with. There are only wave-centers or space-resonances of energy and vibration.

Furthermore, slowing down the vibration of light waves simply converts them into microwaves, radio waves and so forth. There has never been any evidence produced that would suggest lowering the frequency of light waves converts them into particles of matter. They are pure energy and as such the frequency of that energy simply changes. The lower the frequency, the less energy there is, so if light is lowering its frequency this would indicate that the electromagnetic light waves are exchanging their energy with something else to achieve a decrease in frequency.

Is Matter Really Condensed Light?If crystallized light is defined to mean light that has changed into another form of energy that is much denser in nature, then possibly this could head more convincingly in the suggested direction. Not surprisingly though, the wave-center space-resonance ‘particles’ of Milo Wolff’s WSM theory are definitely not forms of light. A photon is not a particle either, but rather a quanta or quantized measure of electromagnetic wave energy that has been released or absorbed by various quantum wave-centers or space-resonances interacting with each other. Further discrediting this possibility is the fact that the space resonance frequency of an electron is far higher than the frequencies of anything we would consider to be light, not to mention the very important difference whereby light is electromagnetic energy and the electron is pure scalar space-resonance energy.

Matter is made up of areas in space that contain a very dense pattern of waves and space-resonances all overlapping, intersecting and creating various forms of resonance patterns together. Therefore, I really do not see any reasonable justification for matter to be considered to be crystallized light here either. Another simple reason for this is that photons of light are forms of the secondary electromagnetic energy released/absorbed during interactions between scalar quantum wave-centers, thus they cannot also be the ’cause/source’ of the matter formed by the wave-centers.

Matter being crystallized light is an enticing and seductive notion which explains why so many people, including myself in times gone by, have adopted it as their ‘truth’ about matter. Such a model as the WSM offers an easy way of understanding how matter is pure energy and vibration, and how everything is interconnected and interrelated without the need to erroneously involve light. As Cosmic Beings we do best when we are compelled to pursue the most expanded way of viewing and understanding reality to advance our consciousness evolution.

A Physics of Unity

The Wave Structure of Matter eliminates all the duality and hard to understand hocus pocus that quantum physics has become riddled with. It is always the simplest understanding that covers the largest territory and number of problems, and which in the end turns out to be the ultimate truth. The Wave Structure of Matter theory is, in fact, representative of a true Physics of Unity.

It is also interesting that the WSM defines a binary universe (in/out waves) and then goes on to produce what can rightly be called a Physics of Unity… definitely a mystery I’ll be exploring further. This opens the door wide for a truly scientific understanding of the role of consciousness itself in the cosmology and interconnectedness of the universe. It would also seem to me that space and consciousness are intimately inter-related, if not inherently the same thing.

To me that is an extremely exciting proposition that we’ll be exploring in the future!

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Prelude to Oneness, Enter the Ultimate Reality

O.N.E.ness ~ Cosmic Word Play

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Oneness Prelude

There’s an ever-increasing number of people using the term ‘Oneness‘ these days. I’m truly delighted about this development as it represents a positive movement in consciousness taking place on our beloved planet. It’s also quite clear to me that some further explorations into what this term really represents could be beneficial for everyone.

Prelude to Oneness, Enter the Ultimate RealityOneness is frequently being used as a synonym for ‘inter-connectedness.’ It’s indeed representative of that, but oh so much more as well. I perceive inter-connectedness as actually being an offshoot that springs forth from a state of Oneness.

Oneness is what exists prior to anything manifesting into a reality. Inter-connectedness is a fundamental property of consciousness and reality. It connects us back to the original state of Oneness which everything, including us, emerged from and therein maintains the cohesiveness of the whole universal continuum.

That’s a simplified macrocosmic perspective. It’s also a tad bit abstract. However, this is the nature of everything within the rarified subtler realms where we connect with our more expanded states of awareness and consciousness. It’s that realm which I often refer to as the Cosmic Plane of Awareness.

I was exploring all of this when I suddenly felt the desire to have some fun with it using a bit of word play too. I just LOVE cosmic word play! The first part of the outcome of my playful experiments was…

O.N.E. = Omnipresent Nascent Energy

I REALLY like this merging of cosmic concepts! As I’ve explored it more and more deeply, new possibilities keep revealing themselves to me, and I’m sure some will be likely to flow into your awareness as well. I’ll share some of the more salient ones I’ve gleaned with you here by looking at the main conceptual awareness patterns that can be found associated in the words which are being represented in my O.N.E. acronym.

OMNIPRESENT is a great word for so many reasons. It essentially means ‘being present everywhere and in everything all at the same time, here and now.’ That certainly covers inter-connectedness and every other concept related to Oneness that I’ve ever come across!

If an energy is omnipresent, then it exists in each and every one of us and everything else too, no exceptions. That means we’re all inter-connected by virtue of us all being part of the same omnipresent field of energy that is permeating everything.

NASCENT is a really cool cosmic word… and it’s even better as a conceptual cosmic awareness. It essentially means ‘just coming into existence and beginning to display signs of future potential; a budding potential; the start of a new evolutionary thrust.’

Rose Budding, Opening as a Symbol of Nascent EnergyThe word nascent hints at something that’s being birthed and which needs to be developed further into maturity. Placing this into a cosmic perspective relative to what is often termed Source, God or Divine energy, we come up with a very different construct than what religion has dogmatized, institutionalized and cast into stone around the notion of ‘God.’ That highly structured historical notion of Source, God or the Divine is based on something already complete and perfect that rules absolutely and controls things from the top down. That’s actually a rather oppressive concept if you really ponder it! There isn’t much room for the creative impulse of life to thrive and flourish in that type of reality construct is there?

On the other hand a nascent Source, God or Divine energy is by nature perpetually budding out, or birthing into something new; it’s continually seeking the next higher potential of expression which can take an almost infinite number of variant pathways, or even entirely new forms. We as beings are localized field-cells within this overall field of energy. As such, we are what creates the circumstances that allow for these Divine Buds to respond to us and unfurl themselves to reveal the beautiful flowers held within.

This is also a perpetual or eternal process. Perfection is therefore not to be found in what actually develops from the budding process. Rather, it’s to be found in the beauty of the budding process itself. This process always activates and emerges when a receptive opening in the fabric of life and reality is created. Remember, this energy is omnipresent, so it’s ALWAYS right there waiting to emerge or activate another budding process. What ultimately initiates this budding process is our state of receptivity to, or desire for, a change or something entirely new. This occurs even if that ‘change or something new’ is going to be an infinitesimally small innovation or adaptation to what already exists.

ENERGY is the fundamental basis of the entire universe… e-mc2 is a simple relativity equation that informs us that mass (matter), energy and the universal constant for the speed of light are intimately related to each other.  I will be writing soon about the true underlying nature of reality as it relates to matter, quantum energy and consciousness itself. For our purposes right now in this cosmic word play, all we really need to understand is that energy bridges the realms of the manifest and the unmanifest… between Unity Consciousness and Oneness respectively.

This now leads us to the full expression of…

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Cosmic Web of Interconnectedness, Oneness and UnityWith the addition of the ‘ness’ suffix to our O.N.E. acronym it now speaks to a ‘state, condition or quality‘ of what O.N.E. represents. This suffix is perhaps not entirely necessary in this case because what O.N.E. represents is in fact already a higher ‘state, condition AND quality’ of consciousness and reality. However, for the sake of cosmic word play, I’ll concisely string a meaning all together for you like this…

O.N.E.ness is that state or condition which exists in all of us, and everything in existence, as a medium of inter-connectedness. By nature, it’s perpetually birthing something new to seek the next higher love-potential of consciousness expression.

We, as an integral part of the realities of life and cosmos, create the circumstances that allow for these beautiful creative new love-potentials to develop through us within the universal continuum.

Please share whatever comes to YOU around this cosmic word play exploration in the comments below!

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Cosmic Reality Weaving A New Reality Truth or Illusion - Dreaming of a New Earth

Cosmic Reality Weaving ~ A New Reality, Truth or Illusion?

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If you’re like me you dream of a new reality of love and higher consciousness, and do all that you can to personally bring it about. In the 35 years or so that I’ve been doing this cosmic new reality dreaming, I’ve gone through quite a number of shifts, realizations and movements into new ways of approaching both the ‘dreaming’ and the ‘bring it about’ part.

The purpose of this article is to explore and share some of the more important things that I’ve learned and become aware of around the potential pitfalls which we all face as we engage this noble and important effort to manifest a new world. My end goal in this sharing is to make a meaningful contribution, one that can hopefully help more people like yourself become more effective at not only dreaming this new reality of love and higher consciousness, but in also bringing it about as a living reality on Earth. So first let’s talk about Read More

Activating Your UniAxis Connection - Your Mother Star Stargate

Activating Your UniAxis Connection – Article & Video

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Wondering what a UniAxis Connection is? Well, it’s somewhat like a stargate of passage between you and your Mother Star. However, to really understand this you’ll first need to know what a Vivaxis Point is. Your Vivaxis is your life axis, your energy ‘umbilical cord’ to the planet. It’s the place where you literally connect energetically into the Earth and its magnetic and electrical life forces. This concept was first discovered by the Canadian researcher Fran Nixon in the 1960’s. In this model your Vivaxis connection is considered to be fundamental to your human life and health on Earth.

Your Vivaxis is the geographical point where Earth’s magnetism was introduced into your being, the point on the Earth where her sacred magnetic patterns were imprinted within the internal resonances of your field and your cells.

Earths Magnetic Field Lines

Earth’s Magnetic Field Lines

The magnetic field emissions of the Earth form a significantly large network of magnetic field lines that exist and move within the horizontal and the vertical planes of existence. When a fetus is being birthed and moves outside of it’s mother’s womb to become a newborn child, it’s suddenly a separate entity that’s exposed to these subtle but powerful energy waves and their associated electrical currents and resonance patterns. These magnetic and electrical currents then spiral down into a common axis point forming a vortex around it within the newborn being. As a result, the newborn infant literally becomes magnetized to that point in the Earth at the time of it’s birth.

Thus, via the Earth’s magnetic and electrical energy emissions which were imprinted upon your biological system at the time of your birth, the electrical energies of your CNS (Central Nervous System) became keenly attuned to the Earth energies of your Vivaxis point. For the remainder of your life you then always have a quantum energy flow moving back and forth, in a circuit of sorts, between your body/being and your Vivaxis Point. Through this flow of energy and it’s exchange mechanisms, the magnetic and electrical balance in your body and being at all levels relevant to your current incarnation on Earth can be sustained and maintained.

Needless to say many things can disrupt this two way flow of energies and cause myriads of physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual problems. Under some circumstances you can even acquire a second Vivaxis point. This happened to me in 1999 at the sacred Royal Birthing Stones site on Oahu, Hawaii. However, such dynamics as this are rather involved and are best left as discussions for another day. What’s important to understand for this discussion here, is what the essence of your Vivaxis Point is because it forms a basis for understanding your UniAxis Connection.

Some UniAxis Connection Basics

Your UniAxis Connection has some similarities to your Vivaxis Point in principle. One major difference though, is that it’s Universal to your Soul throughout all time and space rather than being specific to the Earth for a single incarnation. It also accesses energy from the Cosmos and your Mother Star, versus a point on the Earth. It thus has a specific ‘location’ of sorts within your soul’s Mother Star. However, there are quite a few souls whose Mother Star has reached the end of her stellar life cycle and thus no longer exists as a star in the type of universe that we study with our telescopes. Further, there are many Mother Stars that have never even existed in the universe we know.

Supernova Remnant of Cassiopeia-A :: Courtesy of NASA

Supernova Remnant of Cassiopeia-A :: Courtesy of NASA

When a Mother Star ‘dies’ and her stellar body no longer exists, she still has a powerful multi-dimensional vortex associated with her being in the universe, and this is eternal in scope, you can think of it as her soul. That said, you do NOT need to have any knowledge of who your Mother Star is/was to establish your UniAxis Connection. In fact, it would be more appropriate to call this a ‘re-connection’ because it’s existed ever since your soul was birthed/hosted into the universe by your Mother Star.

So we’re actually speaking here of quickening your conscious being and mind into a much greater awareness of, and sensitivity to, your UniAxis Connection. In accomplishing this your resonance with universal consciousness, energies and fundamental principles will become MUCH stronger. It’s also important to realize that no matter where you are along the path of this unfoldment, there’s always more to go.

Therefore, what I offer from here on out in this discussion should be of great benefit to you and your efforts to more fully activate your UniAxis Connection. This will assist you in your efforts to realize and experience life on Earth as a living expression of Universal Consciousness and Love. To be clear, I’m not speaking of struggling to experience that state of being in a haphazard and unpredictable manner. I’m speaking of it becoming more like your natural moment to moment life experience in a way that makes it rather unshakable and quite dependable. In other words, it starts to become something that’s a rather autonomous state of being which you no longer need to think about much simply because you’ve become a living, breathing expression of it.

You may also be someone who is quite aware of what universal consciousness represents and what universal laws of energy and consciousness are. If such be the case this is quite good and it gives you many advantages. However, you can be highly aware of these things and yet not have your UniAxis Connection fully activated in your conscious being… in other words you might not be as conscious of the connection as you could be. Or perhaps you are one of the few that’s highly aware of this connection and it’s sacred essence. Either way, regardless of where you are in this process of transformation I’ve created this transmission of awareness to quicken you into the next level of activation and conscious unfoldment of this energy so that it’s cosmic essence can be accelerated to optimal levels within your being.

How Your UniAxis Cosmic Energy Connection Works

Whereas with your Vivaxis there’s an actual two-way flow of energies from your incarnate being and your Vivaxis point on the Earth at all times regardless of where you are on the planet, the UniAxis operates according to more expansive principles of energy and consciousness, and at much subtler levels of reality.

Mother Star Cosmic Vortex Mandala

Mother Star Cosmic Vortex Mandala

With your UniAxis Connection there isn’t so much of a ‘flow’ of energy as there is a ‘state’ of energy and Reality. It’s modus operandi is similar to that of psi energy where there’s no apparent space-time and ‘communication’ is instantaneous regardless of the perceived physical distance between any two components of a given ‘psi system.’ An example of this type of ‘communication’ is operating when out of the blue you may think of someone, then just a few moments later the phone rings and they’re on the other end. It matters not where they are on the planet either, this still happens rather frequently to a great many people.

Your Mother Star is the central vortexial point of your UniAxis. Yet her vortex of energy ultimately encompasses and contains the entire Cosmos within it. This means that all Mother Stars vortices encompass and embrace all other Mother Star’s vortices. This is why it’s not important whether you know who, what or where your Mother Star is. She contains all the others. Her vortex is ubiquitous in the universe. If it’s meant for you to know who, what or where your Mother Star is, this awareness will simply show up for you to access and understand.

Your eternal Soul being is thus continually connected within your Mother Star’s vortexial field. The very spark and pulse of cosmic life that your soul represents is being continually and perpetually energized and informed by the cosmic plane through her beingness. The instant anything changes regarding how universal consciousness and energy operates (it’s evolving all the time), your being receives the update… it’s automatic and instantaneous. So why are we even discussing this topic then?

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Your Journey ~ An Ever-Expanding and Infinite Cosmic Experience

As I’ve previously stated, we’re speaking here of quickening your conscious mind and being into a much greater awareness of, and sensitivity to, your UniAxis Connection. In accomplishing this your resonance with universal consciousness, energies and fundamental principles will become much, MUCH stronger. No matter where you are along the path of this unfoldment, there’s always more to go. This is after all an infinite process, there’s no endpoint or destination to it whatsoever.

Now, to understand this more fully I’ll offer an example. Consider the possibility that someone might be highly aware of universal consciousness and what it represents, they may be able to speak eloquently about all the metaphysics involved, and they may be be rather good at sensing subtle energy realities too. Yet, that same person could still be quite a long ways from being an actual living expression of all that they can so eloquently speak about in this regard. How can that even be possible?

Fractal Loop of Limited Consciousness Referring to More Limited Consciousness

Fractal Loop of Limited Consciousness Referring to Less Limited Consciousness

It’s possible because knowledge of consciousness is not the consciousness itself. Knowledge is a form of consciousness. However, it can be a limited form of consciousness that refers to another somewhat less limited form of consciousness. Sort of like the road sign that tells you there’s a town so many miles down the road. The sign informs you about the town, but it’s not the town itself, it’s simply information and knowledge being conveyed about the town that exists up the road a bit.

This has a lot of value though. Knowing that town is coming allows you to start thinking about whether you may need to stop there for fuel, a toilet break, food, etc. Or maybe that town was your destination, so now you can make a quick mental calculation as to how much longer your journey will take. You might also drive right on by the sign and completely miss seeing it. That doesn’t mean the sign or the town don’t exist. It simply means that they escaped your awareness in the brief window of time that was granted you to be able to see the sign and assimilate the awareness potential it held for you.

With your Vivaxis you can miss all these road signs, yet still the energy from the Earth flows to and from your being through it’s circuitry while you remain rather oblivious. You will experience these energies in your being as the vitality of life in myriads of ways regardless. On the other hand, with your UniAxis Connection, missing these signs will mean that you miss being able to experience the larger portion of your cosmic being in human form. You’re still a cosmic being, but you won’t enjoy a conscious experience of that aspect of your nature as fully as possible, if at all. If you do see some of these ‘road signs’ you’ll indeed be empowered to experience more of your cosmic nature than if you don’t see any of them. The point of this transmission is to help you spot as many of these ‘road signs’ as possible. This then leads you to an ever expanding state of cosmic awareness that will continue to inform and alter your human consciousness and brain/mind complex. You up for more of that? I thought so…

Removing the Cosmic Blinders

We now need to discuss the one of the main things that can completely blind you to seeing any of your upcoming UniAxis Connection ‘road signs.’ This would be any type of thought that tries to tell you that you’re already as cosmically aware as you need to be, and that you don’t have much more to do in this regard. BOOM! The door slams shut. Why? Well… I can tell you with certainty that it’s NOT because you’re somehow being punished. It’s simply because your inner sub-conscious beliefs that’re generating such thoughts can’t entertain the possibility that there’s any door to be opened to begin with.

A Doorway to Cosmic Self Must Be Opened

A Doorway to Cosmic Self Must Be Opened

So in a sense there isn’t really any BOOM either… there’s no open door to be slammed shut so there can’t be any BOOM. You’re instead faced with a ‘consciousness wall.’ It won’t appear to your consciousness that there’s anything beyond the wall to explore… you won’t even see the wall. So the reality of your larger Cosmic Self on the other side of the wall continues to elude you EXPERIENTIALLY even though it still exists as part of you.

As I’ve stated previously, you could be well aware of Cosmic Self in principle and conceptually understand what it’s nature is. Yet, you may still not have a real living breathing experience of it. So it remains in a distant separate state whereby it will be expressed primarily within the realm of your dreams and visions. To be clear, it will still be expressed in your dreams and visions after it becomes a more complete lived experience too. Mostly what changes is how you’ll relate to those dreams and visions. Once you’ve sufficiently consciously activated your UniAxis Connection, they’ll not seem so much like ‘messages from beyond’ or from the ‘other side’ any more. Rather, they’ll seem more like echoes, reverberations or even replays of things that’ve already been flitting about within your field of conscious awareness on an ongoing basis.

This may not sound like much, but I can assure you it’s an ENORMOUS shift. It’s just that it shows up in a rather subtle way. THAT’S the whole point though. You have to be able to sense such rarefied subtle shifts in energy and it’s functionalities. As you develop this ability you’ll progressively become more aware of subtler things… this includes your cosmic road signs! Stuff that once went unnoticed will suddenly appear on your radar screen evermore loud and clear. This can pose some challenges too.

You Are The Unlimited Cosmic Transformational Potential

The underlying dynamic in all the challenges you could possibly face involves any judgement that remains in your consciousness. The more you become aware of, the more you have to judge, and this can generate energetic turbulence that will cause problems. To say it another way, as you’re being opened up to your greater Cosmic Self through your UniAxis Connection, you’ll become far more sensitive to the extremely subtle but expansive cosmic energies involved. However, you’ll also begin consciously perceiving all the subtler aspects of the dysfunctional dynamics taking place around you in the world of form. This can result in a state of overwhelm, especially when you first break through into a new level of subtle awareness. The good news is that this experience only needs to persist for as long as you resist. These types of energies may feel uncomfortable, or worse… painful and even frightening. Yet, when we resist them we actually lock them energetically into our being, and then we’ll fight them all the harder trying to get free. The harder we fight them the more they get locked in… it’s a vicious cycle with only one way out.

The cosmic remedy to this paradox is to NOT resist anything. Simply allow it to flow through you and direct it into the Flame of Love, into the Light, into the Heart of God, into the Universal Heart Crystal… whatever to you represents the unlimited source of energy, being and pure love. Then, realize that YOU are that unlimited cosmic transformational potential, it does NOT exist anywhere outside of your being… THAT’S a major illusion which must eventually be dispensed with.

In this way you can steadily develop the ability to open up to ever more subtle and refined cosmic energies and not be adversely impacted by other dysfunctional and/or incoherent energies on any level around you. This ability is vitally important to being able to further open up into experiencing your UniAxis Connection. In this way you can then be the transformational force that beneficially affects everything around you, versus having it work the other way around whereby all that stuff adversely impacts you. Make the conscious choice NOW to turn that around and keep doing so until you succeed! Do not accept anything less!

You Are Unlimited Cosmic Potential

You Are Unlimited Cosmic Potential

As you get stronger in this, your power of resonance with universal love principles, consciousness and energy will grow exponentially. You will progressively become an autonomous living expression of all that you hold dear in your heart, of all that you dream of seeing in your world, of all that you admire in the Illumined Ones that have guided you. The whole point has always been for YOU to be a living expression of all of THAT, for YOU to be one of the Illumined Ones. Not as an ego trip or a marketing strategy… but as a living expression of what THAT represents… quietly moving amidst others in this world.

In order for this to happen, you must FULLY BELIEVE it’s possible for you to have such an experience. Then you must be willing to see all the places in yourself that are interfering with such a development. Further, you must never take any shadows or limitations that you become aware of within yourself personally. These limited things and aspects of your human beingness do NOT represent flaws in your being. Rather, they’re just energy patterns and dynamics that you came to the Earth to transform through love and acceptance, your own experience, and your inner spiritual power. They have no power to hold you back, unless you you give it to them… just say no to that!

To experience this requires consciousness expansion into an increasingly universal awareness… the activational cosmic transmission and meditation video that I’ve created for you below is designed especially for this purpose!

Your UniAxis Connection Activation Meditation

I’ve been inspired to offer this process to help you further experience your UniAxis Connection. It has a special cosmic energy transmission embedded in it for you to receive in your own way. It helped me open up further to mine as well while I was creating it, so I KNOW it most likely holds a great deal of potential for you too!

Feel free to pause the video as needed whenever you feel you need more time for what’s unfolding.

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Please share your experience of this awareness and video in the comments below!

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Infinite Awareness Expanding Part 2 - Illusions of Time & Space

Infinite Awareness Expanding – Part 2

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You may wish read/re-read Part I first… it appears below the video.


In Part I of this information I decribed a mechanism for how the universe was not infinite space, but rather an infinitely evolving manifestation traversing through a curvature in space that repeatedly circles back through it’s perpetually evolving fractality. I also related how awareness was integral with that exact same mechanism because if the manifestations in the universe are infinitely evolving and changing, then awareness will of course continue to expand in order to encompass them. However, awareness is infinitely expanding of it’s own accord in other ways as well. It’s these other dynamics that we’ll be exploring more deeply here in Part 2 of this cosmic treatise.

Cosmic & Mundane Awareness

Infinite Awareness Expanding - Cosmic & Mundane AwarenessI’ll also be primarily speaking here of what I refer to as cosmic or universal awareness rather than mundane awareness. An example of the latter would be that it’s a type of awareness which you expand when you do something like visit a new place; thereafter you have an awareness from your direct experience of that place which you did not have previously. Cosmic or universal awareness encompasses mundane awareness and a whole lot more.

The ‘whole lot more’ includes awareness of things like the nature of reality, universal principles regards energy laws or interactions, and so forth. It also encompasses awareness of the intricate web of inter-connectedness and of all the experiences that have taken place in the multi-dimensional universal web of life, past and present… as well as all the probablities and potentialities of the ‘future’ which are awaiting to be experienced by ‘experiencers.’

Once you dive into this cosmic rabbit hole deeply enough, the reference points of past, present and future sort of dissolve and vanish. However, my use of them as an entry point will also provide you with an opportunity to see if you can experience that vanishing point! Ready?

Liberated Pearls

These reference points we call past, present and future are of course related to our concepts of time. Time is normally related to as a progression or sequential flow of energy events, one after the other… each energy event setting the stage for the next. Of course there will be many energy events happening simultaneously in our collective world reality. However, for each individual being in the collective, there will be this sense of progression or sequential flow of past, to present and into future… the latter of which then soon enough becomes the past. We then also collectively experience the linear unfoldment of time reality as well.

I must also say that this linear time reality is indeed a very real experience and should not be discarded as being ‘too limited.’ What’s limited about it is that it doesn’t encompass the entire spectrum of relationships which exist between these energy-events that appear to be sequentially unfolding in a linear fashion like pearls on a string. It simply isn’t the whole picture. Not having the whole picture doesn’t mean the piece of it that you do have is not a valid experience though. Rather, it’s a somewhat illusory experience because it’s been mistaken as representing the whole picture, when in truth it’s but a small slice of the whole cosmic pie.

Infinite Awareness Expanding - Mermaid with a PearlWhat if your energy-event pearls were released from their string and then they re-arranged themselves and consolidated into a tight cluster whereby they were each touching many other pearls? One thing that would be different is that in order to connect with the pearl that was at the far end of the string you would no longer have to move progressively from one pearl to the next, one at a time. You could connect more directly to the end pearl. Furthermore, all the other pearls would be free to do the same with each other.

Now imagine that each of these ‘connections’ between your various energy-event pearls is equivalent to a perception. In our cluster of pearls we now have a vast number of perceptions being represented which together begin to form a holographic image that contains a vast array of information with differing perspectives embedded in it.

Perceptions are components of an awareness, but the awareness itself is greater than the sum of all of them. Awareness is both a creator and an observer/perceiver of reality. There must be an awareness of a thing/energy before it can manifest. Once it’s manifested it then falls under observation, which then generates perceptions, which then can re-manifest that thing/energy in a modified form. Are you beginning to see the infinity in this perpetually expanding dynamic yet?

Developing Holographic Perception

How many different ways can we observe and perceive the same energies? Is this holographic perceptual dynamic bounded and limited, or not? How often have you consciously attempted to observe and thus perceive the same exact person, event, place or thing in a myriad of different ways?

This is a very helpful practice for developing cosmic consciousness. There was a period in my life that lasted a good many years quite some time ago wherein I engaged this practice ad infinitum with nearly everything I encountered. I know that sounds rather tedious, but it was in fact quite enlightening and fun! It eventually entrained me to more autonomously seek many different perspectives on everything I observe, instead of being narrowly confined to just one or two. This felt very liberating and it still does.

Infinite Awareness Expanding Roman ColiseumSo how would you go about doing this? There are many ways, but what I used to do that was quite effective was to imagine myself in a great coliseum of the type the Romans and Greeks used. This type of coliseum is where the seating rose up around the show arena in concentric rings, and perched on top and behind the uppermost row of seating were the vertical fluted columns that were used so fluently in those times.

I would imagine a huge crystal sitting in the center of the arena. I’d imagine it so large that it rose up as high as the highest ring of seating. I would then place what I wished to explore into that crystal. Then I imagined I was slowly walking around that coliseum, moving higher and lower in the seating arrangement as I did. I would be viewing the crystal and all it’s myriads of facets as I slowly moved around it. My imagined crystals always had myriads of facets on them. As I gazed at the crysal while slowly moving around it, I would see various different ways of perceiving whatever I was exploring to expand my perceptions of it. It was always quite powerful and revealing. You may wish to give this a cosmic whirl!

This expansion of perceptions also can and does happen naturally, although very few people realize it’s occurring so that they can consciously participate with it. In fact, it’s rather common for people to actually resist or even fight this process in order to hang onto some of the favorite perception(s) that underpin their stories. The full gamut of reasons why people do this is much more complex, but if you’re reading this I’m sure you’ll be aware of at least some of it!

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Infinity, Inter-connectedness & Universal Love

What we’ve been exploring here is but one way in which awareness is continually expanding. There’s more though… consider how all beings and aspects of the manifest universe in all dimensions and levels of reality are inter-connected. When any being, anywhere in the universe, goes through an expansion of awareness whereby they encompass more perceptions of self, of other beings, of things and of realities; that new awareness is also then connected to all other beings in the universe too.

Infinite Awareness Expanding - Hand of Fatima (Hamsa)It’s not that the facts and details of the beings, things and realities that some other being gained new perceptions about are going to somehow be available to all beings in the universe. Rather, it’s the ESSENCE of the new perceptions, and the awareness that expanded to encompass them which becomes available to all other beings.

In that essence is a new awareness with holographic perceptual information that can be applied within any reality system and situation. If you’ve ever had an ‘aha’ come to you out of the blue, you know what I’m speaking of here. Suddenly you can see something differently. The ‘something’ hasn’t necessarily changed one bit, yet your way of perceiving it and relating to it suddenly shifted. When this occurs you will often feel quite differently inside of yourself about whatever it was.

In these types of aha moments, have you ever entertained the thought that maybe you’d made a connection to some other being in some other place and/or dimension in the universe? I’ve discovered over the years in working with numerous clients that this is much more common that I would have otherwise thought.

Why would people have such a far-out thought about the origin of their own aha? Have you ever pondered that? I have, and the answer that I’ve received back repeatedly is that it’s simply what the truth of the matter is!

Infinite Awareness Expanding - Universal Heart Love CrystalTo take this exploration another step further… my sources on the cosmic plane have also related to me that at some point in the journey of a soul in the universe, the soul will be fully absorbed back into the Absolute and no longer exist as a unique expression/pattern of energy in the manifest universe. However, that soul can still have what we humans here on Earth like to call an ‘eternal life.’ This is still possible after re-absorption because every time a soul expresses a pure enough form of love whereby it resonates with universal love, the exquisite beauty of that expression of love and it’s unique colors, textures and radiance gets ‘recorded’ within the Universal Heart Crystal… or if you prefer, the Heart of God.

All beings in the universe are of course also inter-connected to the Universal Heart Crystal. They can therefore immediately receive and express that exquisite ‘upgrade’ in the beauty of love within their own love expressions. In this way, all of your souls expressions of universally aware love will live on forever through all other beings in the universe.

As beings express the unique patterns of love recorded in the Universal Heart Crystal by other beings, even more beautiful and exquisite new forms of love-expression emerge. Love is complete unto itself and always has been. However, it’s beauty can be expanded infinitely, and that beauty is observed and encompassed by an infinite pure awareness that’s perpetually expanding to accommodate that enhanced beauty of love.

Exploring Some Voids

I mentioned the dynamic of souls being absorbed back into the Absolute at some point in their journey through the universe a few paragraphs back. The way I related this is still using the linear time reference points of present and future, did you catch that? Good, I thought you’d be able to! Now, let’s see if we can expand beyond such reference points regards this dynamic now.

Can you entertain that you’ve been already absorbed back into the Absolute, and at the same time, you’re still in manifestation as a soul energy expression within the manifest universe, and simultaneously your soul hasn’t even been birthed into existence yet?

Take a moment to dive deeply into that no-place of no-thing and all-thing…


Infinite Awareness Expanding - Exploring The VoidDoes that place feel vaguely familiar? It’s somewhat similar in feel to the void achieved in meditation. What’s referred to as the meditative void is a mental state of unclutteredness that occurs when the mind is freed from distracting thoughts etc. Yet… this place that you’re exploring here now is much more than that, or it can be. The meditation void state can be helpful in experiencing it as well. However, the meditative void can also be clearly differentiated from the Cosmic Void you were just initiated into. The difference is tangible, and it’s also very hard to describe, so I’ll do my best here.

In the meditation type of void state you feel unstressed, at peace, vibrant, alive and aware. Your awareness is by nature aware of your own linear thoughts, watching them float by without engaging them, and this is very liberating and beneficial indeed. This state can also lead to other more expansive states such as I’m about to describe.

In the Cosmic Void state, you also feel unstressed, at peace, vibrant, alive and aware. However, you have moved completely beyond the need to watch your linear thoughts drifting through so that you can remain detached from them. Your mind and your being are in direct communion with the infinite cosmic plane of awareness and Universal Mind. Within this plane there is no time contraints, no linearity. Many awarenesses and perceptions may float through your mind space that you have absolutely no context for. The moment your mind attempts to understand them at that level you return back to the meditation void state to then watch your thoughts wrestling with this dilemma.

Infinite Awareness Expanding - The Key to The VoidThe key to remaining in the Cosmic Void state, is that when you have streamings of awareness flowing through like this which make no sense to your conscious mind, just observe them and breathe them into your heart and then out into your body, with no attempted interpretations or understandings applied at all. Just trust that the awareness and perceptions in these cosmic streamings will become indelibly embedded within your cellular consciousness as you breathe them into your cells.

At a later time they will emerge into your conscious mind with the exact intrepretations, understandings, perceptions and awareness that are needed and perfect for you at that current time. They will also continue to emerge as you move through your life. Each time they emerge you may or may not recognize what’s emerging as being a more expanded version of what had previously emerged.

The Ultimate Liberation

It doesn’t matter if you recognize them as progressions of what has previously emerged, or not. What matters, is that you are in fact liberating your incarnate being from the linearity of the time reference points of past, present and future. In doing that you are free to fly through the cosmic plane of awareness where the underlying nature of things in the world and/or your life, things that seem to make no sense otherwise, are revealed as these tasty gems of expansive wisdom to be consumed by your light body.
Infinite Awareness Expanding - Pure Gem Light Body
Then you’re experiencing Infinite Awareness Expanding in a most exquisite way, and one which can even help you resolve practical plane issues without fighting or struggling with them. This can and will occur from a point within that very expansive cosmic plane of awareness. Indeed, you can suddenly and without any quest whatsoever, just know what something is about, why something is in your life, and what is the absolute best course of response to it.

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Infinite Awreness Expanding - The All-Seeing Eye of God Within

Infinite Awareness Expanding – Part 1

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Illumined Masters are AngelsThe paradox in the title of this video/article, ‘Infinite Awareness Expanding,’ is that if something is truly infinite, how can it also be expanding?

Many years ago I received a significant awareness transmission from one of the superluminal beings I consider my friends. I know him by the name of Master Menon although he indicates he is known by many other names. During this powerful holographic awareness transmission I came to know quite a bit more about the nature of Universal Reality and Consciousness.

Golden Keys of Cosmic ConsciousnessThe First Key

The first key to resolving this paradox is that the universe isn’t infinite by virtue of it being an infinite space, as many may believe. Space is curved… sooner or later it closes back upon itself forming an enclosed spheroidal shape. Thus, it’s space is ultimately finite even if it’s large enough to escape our imaginative faculties.

Golden Keys of Cosmic ConsciousnessThe Second Key

The second key to this paradox is to understand the underlying fractal nature of the Universal Reality and Consciounsess itself. In a computer generated fractal there’s a repeating pattern that keeps being generated as long as the computer is left running to compute that fractal’s math formula. There can be a great many variations in the pattern that unfolds. How much variation there is all depends on the complexity of the fractal’s math formula. However, at some point it will eventually return to computing the same exact pattern once again, and on it goes ad infinitum until the computer program is stopped.

In the Universal Reality, however, the fractal’s math formula is constantly changing due to Consciousness experiencing the fractal’s Reality and then feeding the data from that experience back into the formula to build and expand upon it. The fractal formula thus NEVER generates the same reality pattern twice. As an analogy… if you started out traveling around the perimeter of the universe through curved space, by the time you got back to the same point in space that you had started from the fractal formula would have changed enough that it would no longer be recognizable as the same reality you had previously been in and experienced. So on and on you’d go traveling through the curvature of finite space experiencing an infinite number of different realities and worlds unfolding before you. You’d never be able to determine that you had in fact started a new revolution around the universal spheroid.

Golden Keys of Cosmic ConsciousnessThe Third Key

The third key is that awareness and consciousness follows this same expansion and for the same reasons. Reality is infinitely expanding, and awareness must infinitely expand to encompass it.

This is a greatly simplified version of these principles. I’ll explore this topic in much greater depth in an article (or series thereof) dedicated to this topic fairly soon.

Fractals & Sacred Geometry as ConsciousnessFor now, I just want you to better understand what your journey watching the video above represents… before you actually watch it! In your meditative video journey you’ll begin with the all-seeing eye of awareness rapidly expanding into a bit of a cosmic journey meant to induce an expansive feeling in your being. You will then alternate between zooming into a fractal pattern and then back into various representations of the cosmos and back to the fractal yet again… all the while the fractal keeps changing and evolving everytime you return to it. In the end, you will be embraced by an infinity eight loop in a really powerful visual way… follow the tracer around the infinity eight loop with your eyes for maximum effect… then you’ll go through a spiraling wormhole vortex to explore your own infinite nature… open up to it! Infinite awareness expanding is what you are… I want to help you FEEL and EXPERIENCE this more profoundly and to be informed and transformed by that experience!

NOTE: I created the sound track of this video to help you to disengage your ego mind… to help it let go of everything that might limit or interfere with your experience of your own infinite awareness expansion. There’s what I refer to as a ‘disorientation pattern’ of rather cosmic proportions built into the sound matrix. This, combined with our (Karen & Simeon) vocal toning with intention, and the Universal Theta Gateway frequency binaural beats (headphones required) at 5.13 Hz which is in the lower range of Theta Waves, generated by 55Hz/60.13 Hz base tones (Gamma Waves), and some other cosmic type music that weaves in subtlely in the beginning and closing portions, makes for quite a cosmic journey indeed! That’s why we’re here, to help you experience more expansive states of the cosmic consciousness you aleady are!

Have a great cosmic journey, and because watching this video does NOT attempt to bring you back into normal reality at the end but rather turns you loose to free flow into infinite expansion of your awareness… PLEASE remember to allow ample time (at least 30 minutes) for returning to normal waking states before driving or operating any type of potentially dangerous machinery or appliances!

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Ang'La'Ja - Angel of Divine Joy - a Cosmic Meditation

Ang’La’Ja: Angel of Divine Joy – a Cosmic Meditation Video

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Universal Stellar Life-Streams Series – Quanta 2

The unusual esoteric names used herein are derived from a universal Star Tribe language used within the Nardee Network of all unified worlds. This transmission of energy was originally received in 2012. The meditation in this video represents the 2nd Octave or Quanta of the energy. It’s energy form is now more expanded, mature, grounded and integrated with our Earth’s collective soul.

  • Vibrational Signature: Ang’La’Ja (AHNG-la-JAH – w/ “j” sound)
  • Supernal Characteristics: Angel of Divine Joy
  • Earth Reality Devic Manifestation: the Hummingbird with its many variants.
  • Other-Realm Reality-Sourcing: the 9D Angelic Realm of Den’hir (DEN-hear)

New Earth Pure Consciousness Temple Resonances

Temple of Hu’Orin
All Embracing Love
Temple of Sha’Lem
Peace of Stillness Within
Learn More About These Temples

Within the Angelic Realm of Den’hir, Ang’La’Ja manifests as pure highly radiant multi-colored light patterns which shift and dance continually as expressions of Divine Joy. Ang’La’Ja is in a sense the heart of Den’hir, and Den’hir is the Angelic Heart of Orion.

Within our Solar System, our planet Earth also serves as a heart chakra. Therefore, Den’hir and Earth have a special heart-resonance connection. As beings of Pure Love that are engaged in the collective consciousness experiment of Earth, we too have a special heart-resonance connection with the Realm of Den’hir. The two New Earth Temples of Pure Consciousness shown above offer powerful portals, or launch pads if you will, to making a more profound heart resonance connection with the Realm of Den’hir.

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Cosmic & Human Transparency - Is there as Difference?

Cosmic & Human Transparency – Is There a Difference?

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Cosmic and Human Transparency… this interesting cosmic exploration is the focus of the question posed in this blog’s title. It seeks to expand awareness around the differences between these two types of transparency. The best way to answer that question is to whole heartedly dive into this exploration regards what each of these types of transparency actually is. Then… at the end of this post our question definitely gets answered, but with a twist! Read More

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