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If you’re like me you dream of a new reality of love and higher consciousness, and do all that you can to personally bring it about. In the 35 years or so that I’ve been doing this cosmic new reality dreaming, I’ve gone through quite a number of shifts, realizations and movements into new ways of approaching both the ‘dreaming’ and the ‘bring it about’ part.

The purpose of this article is to explore and share some of the more important things that I’ve learned and become aware of around the potential pitfalls which we all face as we engage this noble and important effort to manifest a new world. My end goal in this sharing is to make a meaningful contribution, one that can hopefully help more people like yourself become more effective at not only dreaming this new reality of love and higher consciousness, but in also bringing it about as a living reality on Earth. So first let’s talk about the prerequisite dreaming part.

The Cosmic Dream

Most aware people like yourself know that your new reality dream is a seed; it vibrates the underlying tone, it sets an overarching intention, and it activates the power of your heart to project the focus of the beautiful vision created within your dream out onto the screen or fabric of the ‘outer’ reality which we call life on Earth. So far so good, well done!

New Earth Reality Dream CatcherIn order for the dream to assume it’s proper role in the overall manifestation dynamic, it must also incorporate a higher awareness that the dream in fact has a specific role, and is therefore not the whole enchilada or the endwithall. In other words, fully embedded in the dream there needs to be an awareness that it will require actionable, resonant and aligned responses to the opportunities that it magnetizes into your experience within the cauldron of life. This is the first point on the journey where many beautiful dreams come to die.

As you pass through this space, be sure to pay your respects to all the deceased dreams which are such beautiful potentials for creating a new reality waiting for a new incarnation. In doing this you can actually draw a lot of new beauty and vitality into your own new reality dream. This is possible because all of those other dreams that never got any further will eagerly jump onboard with your dream if you invite them to do so! These unfulfilled dreams don’t carry the problems that caused them to die there. Those problems are with the soul being that couldn’t sort it out. They are thus still vibrantly alive with new potentials!

So now you’ve moved on through that first potential pitfall. The next one arises when you’re increasingly faced with the many challenges that can arise with manifesting your dream as you begin to see and respond to the opportunities it’s attracting into your experience on the physical plane. How you respond to these challenges INTERNALLY is of utmost importance. Your emotional experience and external actions will follow in the footsteps of your initial subtle energetic internal responses.

Discerning Subtle Feelings from EmotionsIn order to suss this out you’ll need to be able to sense the difference between emotions and subtler feelings. If you’ve not mastered that skill yet it’s a good place to start working, although this article isn’t geared towards helping you develop that skill. For now I’ll simply relate that emotions are like their name sounds; e-motions or energy-motions. Even positive ones have a lot of internal movement or turbulence to them. Subtle feeling states don’t have this strong energy movement. They’re much more refined and carry the encoded information that’s the reality seed which your dream represents. If you’re stressed out or charged up emotionally you’ll usually miss out on noticing these subtler feeling states where your new reality seeds reside. This is because they get masked over by the stronger energy of your emotions. Meditation is a great way to get in touch with these subtler feelings, as are quiet times in nature.

I’ll assume you’ve achieved a reasonable degree of proficiency in this skill for now. These inner subtle feeling responses that you have whenever opportunities are attracted into your life experience are your keys to unlocking the matrix of your new reality dreaming. That’s rather abstract, so let me provide some examples to help explain this a bit better.

Let’s say you’re a chef, and you’ve had a new reality dream for bringing love and higher consciousness to people through your creative healthy food preparations in a truly unique and enlightened type of restaurant. You’re currently slaving away as a chef in a normal restaurant to make ends barely meet. You’ve been really feeling and focusing on your new reality dream of late in your meditations.

Creative Chef at WorkThen one day a patron at the restaurant where you work tells the waiter that they would like to personally thank the chef (you) for the excellent meal they just had. The waiter comes on back to you and requests permission to bring the patron into the kitchen to express their gratitude. It’s a busy lunchtime at the restaurant and you’re a bit stressed and pressed for time. You tell the waiter to simply thank the patron for his compliment and you send him a complimentary dessert because you don’t feel you have time to interact. So that’s the last you hear about that patron.

What you didn’t know is that the patron was an angel investor who was looking for unusual opportunities to invest in that could be part of creating a new type of world. Your new reality dream had attracted him to you vibrationally, but your inner response to the opportunity was a more turbulent emotional one that resulted in your not accepting it. In effect you missed the opportunity completely because you didn’t pick up on the subtler signal that this was an important interaction that was offering itself up and which related to your new reality dream. This type of thing happens all the time!

There’s another type of subtle inner response that can result in the same missed opportunity too. Let’s use the same example to keep it simple. Only this time much to your credit you do pickup on the subtle signal and agree to let the patron come on back to the kitchen. As a result he lets you know he thinks your culinary skills have great potential and lets you know he’s an angel investor looking for interesting and unusual projects. He invites you to dinner as his treat at another fancy restaurant so you can get to know one another and discuss possibilities.

Deep in Reflective ContemplationYou take his number and say you’ll have to check your schedule when you get home and get back to him. When you get home and start thinking about this you feel some fears come up about what may be happening. The fact that it could mean you’d be leaving your secure job for something unknown sort of looms rather large in your mind. With your finances on the edge that seems rather risky. So you delay calling him back. About 3 months later you’ve finally sorted out that you should really should have taken this risk. So you finally call him back to set a time to meet, but he now indicates that he’s just gotten involved in two other large projects and he no longer has any funding for, or interest in other projects for the foreseeable future.

In this version of our example you did sense the subtle energetic seed presenting itself and made the initial contact. Way to go! Then your further inner response became emotionally turbulent and the whole thing waffled for awhile as a result. Much to your credit you finally got past the waffling, but your initial turbulent inner emotional response caused a delay and the opportunity passed you by.

Egyptian TombsWhether your new reality dream dies right here or not depends on how you proceed. Again, it’s your subtle inner responses to the circumstances you now find yourself in that will determine where this energy flows. Take some time to contemplate what YOU would do in this circumstance right at this point. Write it down. Be with it for awhile. Then revisit what you’ve written. Has anything else appeared in your awareness about what options are available to you now?

It might be a bit more difficult to do this with an example than with a similar dynamic related to your own new reality dream. Do you have such a dynamic whereby an opportunity was lost this way that you’re aware of (there could be many which were lost that you’re not aware of as per the first version of the example)?

We’ve been exploring the new reality dream aspect of this whole dynamic. You’ve been looking into some of the possibilities that can happen to kill the dream seed as it is trying to find fertile soil. Now I’d like to explore with you some of the more common things that can take place after the dream seed gets planted in fertile soil. Things that can malnourish and even kill that beautiful new little plant.

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Ego Hobbies Can Kill Your Dream Seed

Ego hobbies are those things that the ego takes up as it’s favorite pastimes to keep itself occupied and feel creative, engaged, useful, needed and masterful. The ego is not a bad thing mind you, we cannot get along in this world without it. The only problem with it arises when it endeavors to create a reality construct separate from what our Core Self is working to create. This is really the crux of the whole problem of consciousness on Earth and is commonly referred to as separation. However, this whole realm of ego activity does have a unique role in this new reality dreaming dynamic too.

The territory of ego hobbies is so vast we can’t begin to cover the whole scope of it here. So I want to focus in on just one of the most problematic types of ego hobbies. This ego hobby can kill your new reality dream seed and it’s new sprouting shoots as they start to grow. It can also seriously interfere with your own graceful higher consciousness evolution as well.

Ego Can Shatter Dreams Visions and Subtle FeelingsThis ego hobby is a dynamic where your deep soul desire to create a whole new reality of love and higher consciousness results in your becoming polarized in various ways to the old existing reality. If you become polarized to anything you are then glued to it and you therefore cannot create anything different from it. The more polarized you become, the more glued to that thing you are, and the harder you want to fight it to get free. It becomes a vicious cycle that can eventually take you down a very deep dark rabbit hole with no bottom.

Such polarizations represent ego hobbies. The ego gets very creative in attempting to elevate itself above and beyond the undesirable components of the existing reality. This can generate a lot of emotional charge (judgement) around the undesirable elements in the existing reality. Your emotional charge is the glue that then binds you to those undesirable things. This causes you to try and fight all the harder to get free of them because you have in effect sucked their energy into your being and it will feel like that energy is attacking you at times. Not to worry, it’s truthfully all your own doing. As such, you alone have the power to call off the affront. THAT is the good news, and it really is the MOST self-empowering news anyone can give you.

Liberate Yourself and Your DreamsAt this point you may be wondering how you can liberate yourself from this ego hobby AFTER you’ve already set yourself up to be hijacked and/or attacked by your own projections and emotionally charged judgments? These emotionally charged projections are amplifying a lot of stuff that you DON’T want. With all of that having been drawn inside of you so it’s filling your space like a roving tribe of hostile squatters on your land, how can you get free? The solution to this dilemma is a MAJOR KEY to not only successful new reality dreaming, but also to mastering the process of human life on Earth itself.

The Master Key is that you must dissolve the polarization through acceptance of what you’ve become polarized with. This is not forgiveness in the sense that it’s usually understood. However, what I am about to describe is in fact my definition of forgiveness. I prefer to call it acceptance though because this word is more on point to what’s really involved, and it carries less baggage throughout time.

I need to start by explaining what I truly mean by acceptance. This does NOT involve condoning anything that’s harmful to anything or anyone else. It does involve moving into a higher awareness wherein you KNOW that everything that exists has a right to exist and a purpose for it’s existence, or it simply would not exist… period. We may not understand why it exists, and that’s OK and it’s not even necessary to succeed in using this Master Key. All that’s required is that we can entertain that there’s an overarching universal intelligence that is greater than the sum of all of us put together, and which has brought everything that exists into existence for a purpose. By not accepting something that exists because we desire for that thing or expression of energy to not be a part of our world, we are actually pitting ourselves against the entire power of the universe and we’ll not have much luck accomplishing anything from that place.

Instead, if you can come into a place of higher consciousness whereby you accept that things right to exist, while still maintaining your preference for a world without it, then you will no longer have an emotional charge about that thing because you’ve accepted it’s existence. The thing that’s really cool about this is that it’s quite common to start out by not understanding the purpose for something’s existence. Then after accepting it has a right to exist anyway a door opens and some awareness about the purpose of that thing flows through to you. Then with that understanding you’re even more empowered to dissolve the polarization. It’s like the universe gives you that gift for trusting it has imbued everything in existence with a purpose. VERY powerful stuff this is, and it is VERY liberating!

Dissolve Your Ego Shadows DemonsUsing this Master Key as a tool will dissolve all ego hobbies in time. You don’t even have to identify each ego hobby and work with them all individually. All you need to do is use this Master Key on everything you have any emotional charge around and just stay persistent with doing this. If you do, you’ll soon see that your polarizations or ego hobbies have become few and far between more quickly than you may have thought possible! Your new reality dream seeds can then find fertile soil to grow in and remain healthy as they do. If enough of us are empowered in this way we will quickly transform the world into the world of love and higher consciousness that we all commonly dream about coming to fruition. Meanwhile, you will start experiencing that new world in your day to day life while you’re waiting for the rest of the world to catch up!

I’ve created a quick reference or summary of this Master Key for you below. This way you can copy/paste and print it to keep it handy as a reference when needed!

Please share your own helpful keys and any other thoughts and feedback you may have in the comments below!

Master Key Summary

The Master Key is that you must dissolve the polarization/ego hobby through acceptance of what you’ve become polarized with using the following 3 simple steps.

  1. Be self-aware enough to recognize when you have an emotional charge (polarization) around something or someone… in context of this article, particularly as it may relate to the old world paradigm.
  2. Accept that whatever you have this emotional charge around indeed has a right to exist and a purpose for existence… or it simply wouldn’t exist. You don’t need to know what it’s purpose is, but be open to the universe bringing that awareness to you.
  3. Explore the space wherein you have accepted this thing which you had the emotional charge around, but where you still have a desire to see a new world without this expression of energy being a part of it. Be especially aware here of whether you still have any emotional charge left around it. If you do, go back through #2 until it’s gone. This could take a few days, or a few weeks or even months depending on how strong your emotional charge is. Don’t give up, it will dissolve and liberate you, if you can persist.
  4. When you’ve succeeded in Steps 1-3 above with your major emotional charge polarization / ego hobbies, then make some time on a regular basis to tune into where you may have other smaller emotional charges that represent lesser ego hobbies and use this Master Key on all of those too.

The clearer you are in this regard, the more liberated and empowered you will feel and experience life. Your new reality dream seeds can then start to take form in ways you may not have imagined as being possible before! Our world and our collective truly need YOUR dream to manifest a new reality!

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Please share your own helpful keys, thoughts and feedback in the comments below!

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  • Amanda Baró Roca says:

    From the point of view of the observation of my own experiences, I share wholeheartly what YOU ARE signalling above, dear Simeon. And this awareness seems to be gaining even a greater presence these last weeks. THANK YOU so much for bringing forward this theme, crucial at the present time.

    I also appreciate the underlining and bold letters.

    • Simeon says:

      Thanks for your comments and feedback Amanda, it’s always so good to hear from you! Stay strong in your dreams of a New Reality! BTW the next time you comment there won’t be any delay in your comments posting here, that’s only on the first time as a spam prevention measure.

  • June says:

    This is a wonderful new way of seeing things we wish were not in our lives and I will follow the 3 steps and be aware of what changes.
    The new format of bold/ underlining is very worthwhile and does help with comprehension.
    Thank you so much.

  • Katherina Koller says:

    Hello Beloved, your email and your conscious gifts always welcoming and brings new liberation and expansions to my heart. I find it helpful and easy to use to explore even more on your beautiful website. Sincerely, Katherina
    PS: I am making a change on my Email sender soon which is now (*address removed*), so please use the new address for future mailings.
    *address removed*

    • Simeon says:

      Hi Katherina, thanks a lot for your comments and feedback. I’m glad you found this information helpful and that you like our new website! Your email addresses were removed from this comment to help prevent them from being harvested by spam bots. You had them both on our email list so I removed the one you’re letting go for you!

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