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Cosmic and Human Transparency… this interesting cosmic exploration is the focus of the question posed in this blog’s title. It seeks to expand awareness around the differences between these two types of transparency. The best way to answer that question is to whole heartedly dive into this exploration regards what each of these types of transparency actually is. Then… at the end of this post our question definitely gets answered, but with a twist!

Human Transparency

Cosmic & Human Transparency - Looking Into the Mirror of SelfTransparency has become a buzz word of late, particularly in politics and regards governments. However, this concept has been used for a very long time in spiritual, metaphysical, psychological and consciousness evolution related schools of thought and activity.

At the level of politics and government, the term ‘transparency’ means that whatever the politician or the government is doing should not be hidden in any way from the people they govern. Simple enough in principle. However, as we all know, the best efforts at transparency in these realms fall considerably short of what constitutes true transparency. We therefore should not use what occurs in those realms as a model for the type of transparency we need to develop in order to evolve our consciousness and grow within our being into a mature spirit inhabiting a human body on Earth.

The first Human Transparency is the one we need to develop with ourselves. It can at times be difficult to have a good deep look at yourself and acknowledge what’s really going on there. There may be some deep pain or trauma that is affecting your ability to see yourself clearly.

When this condition is present it’s not because you are doing something wrong. It’s a natural defense mechanism that your sub/unconscious self will employ to prevent you from having to re-experience that pain again. In other words, sub/unconsciously you may be masking that pain, or diverting anything that approaches it into another direction, or denying it and so forth.

Some people have a better natural ability to self-examine and break through such barriers than others. If you find trying to look at yourself is uncomfortable at times, and you really don’t know why, I would recommend you find a qualified professional healer or therapist to help you break through.

Once you are able to look deeply at yourself and acknowledge your own limitations, shortcomings and dysfunctions, you will be in a much better position to heal and transform all of that. Doing that brings greater clarity inside your being. As you gain more clarity inside yourself you will be more open to others, and you will feel increasingly willing to let them see more of you too.

Cosmic & Human Transparency - Looking Into the Mirror of OthersThe second Human Transparency is found in your relationships and interactions with others. It’s important to also know when it’s appropriate to be transparent, and to what degree, and conversely when it’s wise to be opaque (non-transparent). There needs to be trust in your relationship with the other before you open yourself up into full transparency with them. If there is some trust, but not full trust, it may be appropriate to be partially transparent but not fully so. Relationships need to be built upon trust. If you are with a significant other and you do not have the type of trust present that allows for full transparency, then problems will most likely ensue in that relationship.

In close intimate relationships it is best to achieve full transparency as early on in the relationship as possible. So what can you do if you’re in a longer standing relationship and this did not occur early on?  If you value the relationship and do not wish to see it end, you can speak to your partner and discuss developing this level of trust and transparency with each other. If your partner is not open to this, then you will have to decide if just developing transparency with yourself and others will be enough to make you feel happy and fulfilled. It is indeed all that is required for your own consciousness evolution.

When it comes to non-intimate types of relationships you should seek to be transparent to the moment, and transparent to anything pertinent to the overall situation. Being transparent to the moment means that you have nothing to hide in how you are showing up for that moment in time, and any of the interactions it may encompass. Being transparent to anything pertinent to an overall situation that revolves around a moment is similar, but it encompasses a bit more. This is because a situation will spread out across time, and involve various elements and possibly other people than those you are with in the moment.

Cosmic & Human Transparency - Unmasking Subconscious Patterns of SelfAllowing yourself to be seen by others involves being clear in yourself around your goals and motivations. In other words, you need to eliminate having any hidden agendas which are always going to be manipulative in nature. You will not be able to develop the degree of trust with another person that’s necessary for real transparency if you’re holding out on revealing what you really want from them. They will sense it and this will limit what’s possible in your connection with that other person.

Sometimes you may have sub/unconscious agendas too. Those can be the real hard ones to root out because you may not be aware that they’re there. These types of sub/unconscious hidden agendas will always result in problems with your relationships and interactions with other people. These types of problems will tend to occur moreso with some people than others, but they will form themes.

A simple technique for trying to unmask these sub/unconscious agendas inside yourself is to get a pen and paper. Now write down all the types of problems you tend to have in your interactions with other people. Try to do this going back for about 3-6 months. Now review what you’ve written down and see if there’s any patterns that you can spot. Just the simple act of becoming more aware of these patterns will start to change and transform them. It’s always an increased self-awareness that’s the primary pre-requisite to any real and lasting transformation of your consciousness and being. Maintaining that self-awareness and continuing to expand it is about all that’s needed in most cases to completely eliminate such patterns.

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Cosmic & Human Transparency - Standing Naked Before GodProbably the best known phrase that describes cosmic transparency is ‘standing naked before God.’ In other words, it’s foolish to think we can hide anything from the Omniscient Totality of Awareness we call God, Source, the Cosmos, or the Universe. These days I doubt there are that many people in the main stream masses who even consider the possibility that there may be an Omniscient Awareness that sees completely through them.

The first type of Cosmic Transparency involves whether you would you feel shame, guilt, or a desire to run and hide should you be faced with a Cosmic Being, a God if you will, that had this ability? This is something worth considering. If you take it deeply into consideration you may be a bit surprised as to what you discover. I had many surprises when I first did it many years ago. Remember, this is not going to be a one time process either. Rather, it’s a process that should be carefully cultivated and then re-visited regularly in order to maintain your state of transparent clarity once you’ve achieved it.

The second type of Cosmic Transparency is where you are open to the Cosmic Plane of Awareness revealing things to you regards just about anything that you may feel quite uncomfortable with.  I’m not speaking here about psychic snooping either. That type of thing is not at all coming from a place of transparency. When you have a enough clarity in your being to truly have Cosmic Transparency, you will enjoy a higher awareness about people, situations and events.

This awareness will flow into your being to help you better serve or interact with people and situations. It may be difficult to know and accept some of the things that come to you. This type of awareness coming to you can bring up challenges regards how you feel about someone or something for example. However, this then offers you yet another opportunity to achieve even more Cosmic Transparency.

Cosmic & Human Transparency - Pure Cosmic LoveYou would do this by clearing and/or transforming the parts of yourself that might feel anything less than Pure Love for all beings and situations, regardless of what you know about them. Yes, that’s indeed a tall order! However, if we do not open to it as a goal while accepting ourselves right where we are in the process, then it will never come about.

As you can now see, there is indeed a distinct difference between Cosmic and Human Transparency. HOWEVER, they are very closely related too. Being open and transparent is of course their commonality. This is a state of being inside of us that we must learn to access and experience (HINT: it’s already there). Should you focus on one or the other first? Human transparency is the one you are continually going to be confronted with via the need to be transparent so your relationships and interactions with others can flourish.

Cosmic Transparency is something you can practice in your own space and time – i.e. in meditation, prayer, relaxation time. These two forms of transparency will cooperatively support each other. Both are needed. Therefore you can work on Human Transparency as you go through the normal day to day flow of life, and then also make time to explore Cosmic Transparency in your innermost being. You may be surprised at how powerful this combination can be for being able to experience a LOT more of who YOU truly are as Pure Love & Awareness, with nothing to hide, ever.

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