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With your STELLAR Supporting Subscription you’ll make a monthly goodwill contribution to support all the cosmic goodies that we produce and offer you. You’ll also support the higher cosmic energies that we join up with you to strengthen within the Earth’s collective consciousness and subtle energetic fields. Out of gratitude for your support we offer you a 10% discount on most of the products in our store (many more coming soon). In due time there’ll also be a few STELLAR subscriber-only cosmic goodies too. We’re just getting started with this so we don’t have all that sorted out yet.

The cosmic energies we work with, and which you support, are part of a ‘QUALITATIVE’ approach to planetary transformation and ascension. In other words, our work is about the refinement and quality of the cosmic consciousness and energies, that’s what’s most important. Highly refined, high quality, deeply flowing Core Consciousness energies can trigger a quantum effect. This subsequently creates a consciousness-expanding type of energy wave, one which is similar to the hundredth monkey effect.

We do not, however, work directly with trying to awaken or make large numbers of people more aware. We instead work with refining the subtle and refined consciousness energies ever further through expanding and deepening our own states of consciousness. These consciousness energies can then work through the quantum field at zero point gracefully. In this, we recognize and honor the true power within each being. Nothing else is needed but to realize this power at ever-expanding levels of cosmic consciousness. If you resonate, signup and join our efforts to make it a reality!

When you sign-up as a STELLAR Supporting Subscriber you get to CHOOSE YOUR OWN MONTHLY RECURRING CONTRIBUTION AMOUNT. This way it’ll be a contribution you can afford with a $3.33/mo. minimum,  $11.11/mo. suggested. We also request that you please consider contributing more if you can… this helps balance the lower amounts contributed by those who don’t have very much. We’re all ONE!

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