Core State Entrainment Coaching


Core State Entrainment Coaching Sessions can help you either get started, or to master the Core State Entrainment process whereby you can sustainably experience the Best/Cosmic You. See the full description below for more details and a link to our free resources which form the basis of these coaching sessions.


Your Core State is analogous to the ‘Best You,’ which is a simple but profound idea. Your ‘Best You’ is also your Cosmic You! It’s about YOU experiencing the best you have inside of yourself in a sustainable way. When you can experience your ‘Best/Cosmic You’ your life is enriched. Your relationships with others flourish. Your abilities to engage the demands of your life expand and everything just flows. Your levels of creativity, intuition, inspiration and productivity soar too.

Core State Entrainment coaching sessions can help you get started experiencing your ‘Best/Cosmic You‘ if you are the type of person that needs someone to initially walk you through a process.

Core State Entrainment coaching sessions are also excellent to help you master the 4 Steps of our Core State Entrainment process after you’ve been working with it on your own for awhile:

1. DISCOVER: Learn to Experience your Core State
2. IMPRINT: Remember your Core State Feelings
3. ENTRAIN: Return to your Core State at Will
4. SUSTAIN: Remain in your Core State Continually

This is the quickest and easiest path to experiencing your innate cosmic consciousness that I’ve found. It does not require a lot of esoteric practice or study. It does require a diligent and dedicated intention and effort to put this entrainment system to beneficial use and to stay focused on the cosmic state of being you wish to be experiencing more of.

Progress can come much more quickly than you may believe. There is a bit of a secret that’s taught in this program which makes it all possible. You can get started on your own with our free Core State Entrainment Resources. The secret I mentioned is revealed in those free resources.

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