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Einstein’s theory of relativity (e=mc2) establishes the relativity of energy, mass and the speed of light. Speed of light is the constant in this equation. Does consciousness fit into this, and if so how?

E=MC2 Einsteins Theory of RelativityIn the model I’m using consciousness is what underlies energy, and energy underlies matter. I’ve used this model a long time, however, more recently I’ve discovered the work of David A. Ash. His book “The Vortex Theory” (available at Amazon) is brilliant and has helped me flesh in a great deal more around what I’ve gleaned from the cosmic plane of awareness and from my supra-energy friends in higher dimensions of reality. David Ash also proposes in his book that consciousness underlies energy in the vortexes of subatomic particles. Energy is action or motion.

Therefore, as the author states, it’s not possible to ‘get behind’ consciousness. In other words, consciousness is the very foundation from which everything else originates. I know many people say the same thing. However, what sets Mr. Ash apart from the crowd is that he has developed a solid and scientifically valid theory for how all of this works and fits together. Further, his theory resolves most of the unsolvable mysteries in modern physics.

Is consciousness and the energy it controls limited by the speed of light? Is there anything that has been observed in science that would indicate it isn’t? Well… yes, there is! There have been scientific research papers such as, Bounding the speed of spooky action at a distance1, that have determined that quantum entanglement interactions occur magnitudes faster than the speed of light. As this research paper suggests, these are the type of quantum interactions that Einstein called ‘spooky action at a distance.’

If you’re using a reality model that accepts consciousness as the foundation of the universe as I do, and you know there are things that have been measured at speeds faster than the speed of light, then consciousness itself cannot be limited by the speed of light either. As David Ash explains with his vortex theory, the speed of the vortex energy that makes up the sub-atomic particles of the atoms in our dimension of reality is moving at what we consider to be the normal speed of light.

What would happen if the speed of the energy in those atom’s subatomic particle vortexes increased to say twice the speed of light that our reality is based upon? This would cause the matter that’s comprised of those atoms to jump orbit and move up into another dimension of reality that’s based on a higher speed of light! THAT is the basis of physical ascension. The consciousness underlying the mass that’s involved is a primary element here because that is what gives rise to the vortex energy and its speed/motion.

The speeding up of the energy in the vortexes of subatomic matter can also be shown to be the science which both validates and explains transubstantiation. This has largely been considered a religious belief and concept without any scientific basis. However, the vortex theory shows how matter can change form through an acceleration of energy. This then allows transubstantiation to be treated as more of a scientific concept.

Vortex of EnergyIt’s not consciousness itself that has any ‘speed’ or motion. Instead it’s an ability of consciousness to be able to stimulate the vortex energy within subatomic particles at will so as to achieve rates of motion beyond the speed of light, or to slow it down back to the normal speed of light and appear on the physical plane once again like Masters and Avatars have demonstrated throughout the ages. To remain within a higher dimensional reality, consciousness would need to be able to sustain the vortex energy’s rate of motion at speeds faster than the speed of light. However, I suspect the additional momentum involved in the vortex energy moving at such higher rates of speed would greatly facilitate this, if not manage it altogether.

I have come to understand that as we continue to achieve higher states of consciousness, many of the mystical and spiritual experiences we have are due to our consciousness increasing the speed of the subatomic vortex energy in the atoms of our bodies, and to some degree any matter in our field of attention. In most cases our consciousness is not yet achieving vortex energy speeds that are a full multiple or more of the speed of light. So for example, we may be able to spin our subatomic vortexes of energy up to 1.5 times the speed light, but not 2 times the speed light or higher.

Bell X-1 Rocket PlaneIn ‘Vortex Theory’ David Ash also speaks of the ‘light barrier’ which is similar to the sound barrier in principle. There was a time when nobody thought it would be possible to break the sound barrier… until someone did! I can pretty well guarantee you, that despite the mass disbelief, Chuck Yeager and all the people who designed and built the Bell X-1 rocket plane that he flew to achieve this believed whole-heartedly that breaking the sound barrier was indeed possible or it would never have happened.

Likewise, in order for us to break through the light barrier and then remain on the other wide of it we will need to believe it’s possible. We also need to believe we can exist in a reality that operates at two or more times the speed of light in a dimension that represents a much higher energy state. This is not about higher frequencies, it’s about a higher speed of light. That’s a very significant difference, take some time to contemplate that!

It’s also helpful to understand that there’s already a part of your being operating in dimensions of reality that operate at multiples of the speed of light. By connecting into these aspects of your being you’ll be better able to allow some of that supra-energy to begin flowing down into your third dimensional being and body. This helps your consciousness at this level of reality to achieve what it must to transubstantiate the matter form of your body into pure energy.

The mechanism for this to occur is resonance. The supra-energy in your higher-dimensional counterpart body and Self, flowing down into your physical body and self, bonds through resonance thereby increasing the speed of the vortex energy in the subatomic particles of your body! This is also the basis for how healing and all paranormal phenomenon work as well.

These abilities are innate to all human beings. Your consciousness operates beyond the speed of light all the time in ways you’re only infrequently aware of. Increase your awareness of how and when your consciousness is operating beyond the speed of light and this will empower you to experience states of reality being that are beyond the speed of light. This will also better prepare you for the mass ascension event which is almost assuredly a mass extinction event that is going to unfold. If your adequately prepared, the very powerful galactic cosmic ray and solar energies will be beneficial to you instead of destructive. Your body and being will use these energies to cross the light barrier and ascend into the next higher dimension of energy that operates at two times or more the speed of light.

1. Bounding the speed of `spooky action at a distance’ / Cornell University / Juan Yin, Yuan Cao, Hai-Lin Yong, Ji-Gang Ren, Hao Liang, Sheng-Kai Liao, Fei Zhou, Chang Liu, Yu-Ping Wu, Ge-Sheng Pan, Qiang Zhang, Cheng-Zhi Peng, Jian-Wei Pan (Submitted on 4 Mar 2013 (v1), last revised 18 Jun 2013 (this version, v2))))

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