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Cosmic Energy is the seemingly infinite supply of energy flowing within the universe. It’s akin to the universe’s life blood. The cosmic filaments of dust connecting galaxies and other celestial bodies as seen with our most advanced modern telescopes are it’s arteries and veins. Everything in the universe owes it’s existence to this perpetual flow of cosmic energy. Every thought you have, every emotion you feel, every action you take, are all animated and made possible by this flow of cosmic energy. The movements of the planets, stars and galaxies are all an integral part of this all-encompassing universal web of cosmic energy flow.

Inter Galactic Filaments - Universal Cosmic Energy's Life Blood VesselsEnergy is motion and action. Einstein’s relativity equation e=mc2 clearly delineates the relative relationship between matter, energy and the speed of light as we have measured it within our plane of existence.

Money is a medium of exchange. Quantum ‘Money’ would thus also be a medium of exchange that is comprised of quanta of energy. In this case it’s an exchange of pure energy for something else of value. Now this is where we diverge from the money analogy just a bit. We don’t exactly reach into a wallet or purse and pull out quantum money to exchange it for something else that we want. Our wallet is rightfully  the entire universe which is infinitely ‘large’ and eternally available. The concept of a wallet or purse places a limiting field of containment on the medium of exchange it holds. The universe doesn’t actually do that.

However, we do that with our self-limiting beliefs! So in a sense, for the purposes of this cosmic exploration, we can think of our limiting beliefs as our cosmic wallet or purse. Everything that flows into your life wave is cosmic energy. The money and financial resources you have available are all quanta of cosmic energy that have taken this form on the third dimensional plane of existence in the world that you are familiar with. These are not the only forms of cosmic energy available to you, despite what your mind and the self-limiting beliefs it operates under might perceive.

Cosmic Energy AbundanceFrom that basic understanding you can now further explore the concept that’s popularly termed Abundance. This term is often used to represent your ability to manifest and/or accumulate money which can then be used to liberate yourself from the constraints of a life that doesn’t have access to enough of that type of worldly resource. There’s no question that in the world we all live in, money is a necessary and useful thing to have. However, it isn’t the only form of energy that you have access to that can resolve the problems you are confronted with in life.

Abundance as a concept can be expanded to include all forms of energy that support your life beneficially on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of your being. The love you experience in your life is a great example of this because love energy underlies all other forms of energy. As you expand love energy in your life you further develop your community network of support. The more you open yourself to love without fear the more you transform the limiting beliefs that have handed you a very small wallet/purse to store your precious quanta of cosmic energy within. Eventually you can dispense with this containment field of limiting beliefs altogether. This occurs as the vastness of the universe and it’s infinite supply of energy becomes the familiar place that you intrinsically reach into to draw energy from when you have needs to be met.

Once this happens you will have an infinite supply of quantum money at your disposal! As this occurs YOU become the living radiant substance of the abundance you once sought. YOU are the means by which all your needs are adequately met according to your soul’s purpose for existence in your incarnation. With quantum money there are no overdrafts or debts to be re-paid. YOU establish a flow of cosmic energy, accept it into your being and life, and trust that it will show you the way. Your little job? Stay as resonant with and aligned to the principle of universal love as humanly possible at all times. The universe does not expect anything more of you!

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