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Cosmic Reality Weaving - Right Use Of Polarity

Types of Polarity

When you think of polarity in terms of human consciousness it’s common for your mind to immediately relate this term to conflict, divisiveness and emotionally charged situations. That is indeed one of the correct uses of the word in this context.

However, it has many other potential meanings as well, all of which are extremely important to understand because they lie at the heart of how the limited human reality we know so well AND the UNlimited Cosmic Reality each function and interconnect together. If you do not have a good grasp of this all of your attempts at finding adequate sustenance, deep fulfillment and a sense of connection to your life purpose on the material plane will fall short of your desired mark.

If we look at this term from a purely scientific perspective, we have dynamics like the electrical polarities of a battery in the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals. These indicate electrical potentials are present in the form of voltage.  We find these same types of electrical polarities present in the cells and molecules of all living matter. They are also present inside of atoms that make up molecules. Life cannot exist without these electrical polarity potentials because they are integral to the vital biochemical processes that create and sustain the biological life on our planet.

We can also see other types of polarities represented in day and night (light/dark), summer and winter (hot/cold), sky and earth (high/low), Heaven and Earth (infinite/finite), man and woman (male/female or yang/yin), adult and child (mature/immature) and so forth.

Then there are the workings of polarity taking place on much grander cosmic scales in the universe. We find them manifesting in terms of plasma flows between stars and planets, galaxies, supernovas, quasars, black holes and all other astronomical phenomenon which we have observed and studied. Even the massive sea of plasma in the universe which is said to be neutral in charge maintains its neutrality because of the balance of the polarities of the charged particles within that overall sea of plasma. In other words, the particles charged with a (+) polarity and the particles charged with a (-) polarity are equal in number. Thus, in the larger scheme of things their polarities cancel each other out. We could also say that they balance each other out.

We also have polarities existing between differing levels of our own beingness. Our higher dimensional aspects, which exist in planes of reality with much higher energy levels that operate at multiples of the speed of light, exist in a type of polarity connection with our physical aspect of being in the third dimensional reality and energy zone of the Earth. Each of these higher aspect levels of our being establishes a polarity relationship with all the other aspect levels of our being. This allows for energy to flow between them. This is how you are able to get downloads and transmissions from higher planes of reality. It is how your human beingness is made manifest by your higher level of pure plasma beingness.

This also works the same way with other beings of pure plasma energy in higher planes and dimensions of reality. Just as with your own higher aspects of being, these other beings can establish polarity relationships with the various aspects of your own being. This is how you are able to get downloads and transmissions of energy and awareness from these beings in higher dimensions of reality too.

Benefits Of ‘The Right Use Of Polarity’

Living a conscious life involves a process of learning how to become much more self-aware at subtle levels of your being. As this ability within you develops the enhanced subtle level self-awareness you attain progressively increases your abilities for directing and accessing subtle energy more efficiently and effectively. This empowers you with an age-old wisdom regards ‘The Right Use of Polarity.’ You’ll then have achieved a much greater harmonic accord with the expansive cosmic picture, instead of remaining bound-up within the little picture that’s home to divisive and turbulent polarity dynamics.

One of the more exciting potential outcomes of these enhanced energy directing processes would be pure-thought manifestation abilities. This is where you can manifest matter directly from the universal field of neutral plasma that permeates all space-time. This involves being able to “stir” this plasmatic field and create movement within it by introducing a highly qualified polarity imbalance. This imbalance then induces motion in the plasma which allows it to form a more coherent and bonded structure which conforms to your intent. Magnetic fields can produce this result, and our hearts have a powerful magnetic and electrical field. This is the scientific reason why your heart holds such a significant key to manifesting.

By developing these cosmic energy ‘accessing and gathering’ skills you can charge your physical body with higher supra-energy states that are moving faster than the speed of light. This increases the spin rate of the sub-atomic particles and the atoms of your body. Such higher energy spin states form the foundational basis for the powers of self-healing, healing of others, extra-sensory perception and other paranormal abilities, and ultimately the translation of your physical form into a subtler higher dimensional body of substance. The latter process is often called physical ascension or transfiguration.

Developing ‘Right Use of Polarity’ skills empowers you to reach new levels of mastery when dealing with the type of polarities that involve divisiveness, conflict and strong emotional charge. Once you’ve anchored a larger sense of cosmic polarity within your being, and you’ve thus come to understand how to direct and summon supra-energy states, these types of polarity will no longer pose much of a challenge. The reason why is that your awareness will then be operating at a much more expanded level. As such, you will see the plight of the others that are experiencing such dramatic polarities of limitation more naturally. This expanded state of higher vision empowers you to be there more solidly in your soul radiance for others. From this place of resonant harmony you are better able to reach out from a place of compassion to another being who is suffering from the pain of separation instead of reacting to their anguished projections. Succumbing to the latter means you become part of their polarized condition instead of being part of their solution.

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Developing Your ‘Right Use of Polarity’ Skills

In order to develop ‘Right Use of Polarity’ skills, you simply need to take advantage of what life offers you for this purpose. Each and every moment of your life you’re offered opportunities to develop these skills, or not. It’s always your choice. The following Keys have the ability to take you straight to this realization. It all depends on how willing you are to re-prioritize things so that you’re moving through life with a high degree of resonance with the following Keys.

  1. Others acting out towards you are in deep pain.
  2. Your emotional reactions are not your highest truth.
  3. Love and compassion are the only real success.
  4. Where your attention goes, energy flows.
  5. The only truth is love.
  6. Inner peace and harmony invites cosmic awareness.
  7. Cosmic awareness (SELF) infuses self with supra-energy.
  8. Supra-energy guided by cosmic awareness manifests heart intent.

1. Others acting out towards you are in deep pain: it’s easy to take things personally when someone lashes out at you in some way. When you take it personally, however, you will feel hurt and react. When I say react, this will always be an inner emotional reaction first and foremost. Many times that also leads to an outer emotional reaction of some sort. Either way, once any reaction occurs there are two of you in deep pain. By reacting you took something that really wasn’t about you, and made it about you.

Instead of reacting if you are able to maintain a higher awareness this can be avoided. The higher awareness needed here is that the other person is in deep inner pain and that’s why they’re acting poorly. They may not even be aware of their inner pain. If you’re able to stay centered, calm and aware you will not offer their reactions any hooks to grab onto. You can therefore be present and listening within for your inner voice regards how you might reach out to them. I’ve seen this produce amazing results, the kind of thing we might call a miracle.

2. Your emotional reactions are not your highest truth: when you do have an emotional reaction, or you are carrying around an emotional charge about something that keeps turning into an emotional reaction, this does not represent your highest truth. It’s easy to feel justified in such feelings. It’s also important that such emotions not be repressed or suppressed because that will only cause them to grow stronger whereby they gain even greater control over you. Your highest truth is always love. Your emotional reactions only represent a lesser truth of the moment. Therefore, in attempting to own and accept your turbulent emotions it is important to not declare them as “your truth” and then dump them in someone else’s lap. Doing so only ensures that you will have more of the same.

Instead, if you can become aware of what I am saying here and re-frame your thoughts about the situation you can transform the energy of your turbulent emotions into love far more easily than you may believe is possible. An example of how this works would be where something sets you off and you start to have a rant about it. Then you stop for a moment to reflect, and remember that what you’re ranting about is only a temporary truth of the moment. You can then, mid-rant, declare and affirm that your highest truth is love instead of what the rant was about. The simple act of doing that changes the energy immensely. Then, just keep on doing it and make that energy stronger!

3. Love and compassion are the only real success: our world has a myriad of ways to keep seducing us into seeking success through worldly achievements of some type. This is a large part of what drives us into experiencing highly polarized realities that are painful. To succeed according to the old paradigm worldview we must compete, and that has a tendency to breed animosity towards those you compete against. Many of the competitions that us human beings face in life are not even consciously thought of as such. They are often just a subtle form of jostling for attention, status, power, recognition and so forth. We are deeply programmed for this.

You can break out of this programmed unconscious behavior by consciously choosing to change how you think about and relate to life and it’s opportunities and challenges. Take the initiative to start practicing doing everything you do from the place of love and compassion. Do not be concerned if you seem to flop around like a fish out of water at first with this. That’s normal, and if you remain dedicated to this effort you will notice that you progressively become more adept at doing everything from the place of love and compassion. It will begin to feel far more natural and it will fill you with an amazing radiance that can improve not only your attitude and character, but your health too.

4. Where your attention goes, energy flows: this is a simple but powerfully profound metaphysical axiom. It offers a clear and concise understanding of the very common dynamic whereby someone sincerely dedicates many years to transforming their inner demons and shadows… yet, for all the time effort they may not have gotten very far. This happened to me many years ago. When I had the realization that this was the case I felt dejected, hopeless and even a bit worthless.

It was in that moment that one of the higher dimensional beings of supra-energy plasma that I call my friends came to me and asked if I would like to try something different. I agreed whole-heartedly. She then said whenever a shadow or inner demon made it’s existence known to me, I should just look away and ignore it instead of chasing it down to analyze it, or focusing on it to transform it. I immediately felt the truth of this resonating all through my being. I knew then that I just needed to focus intently on what I really wanted to be experiencing inside my being and let the rest go.

I started working with this and it seemed to be working rather well right off. However, I had a niggling voice that kept creeping in trying to tell me that it wasn’t real, that I was cheating or fooling myself. In one such moment my higher dimensional supra-energy plasma friend popped in and said something akin to, “well, you can go back to chasing your demons if you wish.” That caused my whole being to revolt against such an idea, then I began to laugh really hard.

She had tricked me in the perfect way. From that moment on I never had that niggling voice arise again. Within only a few months I had completely gone past some shadow dynamics I’d been working for decades to transform. Boom, they were over just like that. This is why I call this axiom the “Quantum Miracles” axiom. It indeed elicits quantum miracles when you apply it with due diligence and proper know-how!

5. The only truth is love: this key builds on and supports what I previously related in the 2nd key. For most people on a spiritual, metaphysical or holistic path this Key will be innately understood in it’s basic essence. Therefore, what needs to be developed in this regard is your STRENGTH in this knowing. To accomplish this it’s helpful to achieve a more expanded understanding about love. In it’s most fundamental form love is acceptance of everything simply because it exists. This does not mean you condone everything that happens. Rather, you accept that it has some type of purpose and this is why it exists.

In doing that you open the door to potentially receiving some higher awareness about what that purpose may be. In coming to some semblance of understanding about that purpose, you are able to accept and participate with it in a manner that is congruent with your own being. This could even be where you come to an understanding that such a purpose simply does not resonate for you, and thus you move off in another direction. You would be doing so, however, with a higher understanding and very little if any polarized energy (Right Use of Polarity). You’ve accepted it, and yourself, and all is well. I could go on for a very long time on this one. In brief that’s the main understanding needed about the real nature of love for this discussion.

6. Inner peace and harmony invites cosmic awareness: if you are effective with implementing the first 5 Keys, larger doors open for you into the cosmic plane of awareness. They can bring you into a deep state of inner peace and harmony within yourself, your life and your environment. Such a deep state of inner peace and harmony allows your higher levels of unlimited beingness to become more profoundly experienced by your more limited conscious mind and being. This leads to an ability to be able to access all your own answers to anything. This is possible because there is a part of you that knows exactly what you are doing and why at all times. This part of you has access to the entire field of universal awareness and knowledge. You just need to access that part of your own being, and it’s right there inside of YOU!

One of the truly beautiful things about this type of “knowing” is that you will not get a lot of details about things. It works in a very different way. You will just KNOW what is needed in an essential way. I find that after such essential knowing enters my being about something, then all manner of things start to show up in my life to further define the details. This type of details awareness comes from the finite plane of awareness on Earth. However, it’s magnetized to me by the more essential type of knowing that came to me from the cosmic plane of awareness. Everyone has this ability, it’s just waiting inside you to be more fully developed. Using these 8 Keys will help that process along nicely!

7. Cosmic awareness (SELF) infuses self with supra-energy: along with these experiences of cosmic awareness from your Pure-Love Soul-Self comes infusions of supra-energy that’s faster than the speed of light. This type of light is referred to as ‘Superliminal Light’ by my higher dimensional plasma being friends. This type of energy increases the speed of the energy and thus the spin rate of the sub-atomic particles in the atoms in your body. A strong enough infusion of this type of energy will cause the physical body to translate into a higher dimension. This is therefore the underlying fundamental principle for how an actual physical ascension can take place whereby your entire body becomes a finer more rarified substance of light and leaves the 3D plane of existence.

There will soon come a time when very powerful cosmic energies will pour into our solar system from space and will penetrate every atom of matter in it including our planet, our bodies and everything that we have built upon this planet. This will be part of the much prophesied “end times” occurrences. However, if you have opened your being to cosmic awareness and aligned to living by love and compassion sufficiently, this high powered cosmic radiation will serve to give the sub-atomic particles of your body the final boost of energy needed to spin their vortices up faster than the speed of light and you will then ascend into a higher dimension… the 4th or 5th depending.

8. Supra-energy guided by cosmic awareness manifests heart intent: until the time of ascension, the supra-energy you bring into your body and being by using these Keys will serve the purpose of empowering you on this plane more than you may have ever experienced before. The cosmic awareness component will provide a vast overview of the aspects of the Earth reality you find yourself engaging each day. You will be able to enjoy a truly solid feeling of KNOWING your place in the overall collective movement of consciousness and in whatever you have chosen to do to fulfill your human obligations in the society you are a part of. You will KNOW the answers to all your questions and will not need to seek them elsewhere.

Perhaps most importantly, your heart-centered intentions will manifest in profound ways that defy logic. This will seem to border on being magic, however… it’s just the way that the energy of the universe works when everything is resonant, in harmony and connected with intent.

Cosmic Reality Weaving

The fundamental essence of ‘Cosmic Reality Weaving’ is what I just described in Key 8 above. It also involves being able to weave a higher state of cosmic awareness into the collective consciousness on Earth. The ‘Right Use of Polarity’ is a critical factor that must be present in order to be effective at this. In order to be able to play with larger polarities of energy such as those found on the cosmic plane, and weave them into the consciousness on Earth, one has to have established a reasonable modicum of balance when handling their more mundane polarity expressions and potentials.

If you still have a lot of emotional reactions you will not be able to establish the type of resonance that’s required to truly access the cosmic plane of awareness and the supra-energy that flows from it into your being. This is not because someone or something is withholding it from you. It’s simply the nature of how this type of awareness and energy work. You therefore have to sufficiently master ‘Human Reality Weaving’ and then you’ll have the resonances needed to move on up into ‘Cosmic Reality Weaving.’ The 8 Keys I’ve elucidated above are your ticket to the ‘Right Use of Polarity’ that is required to achieve all of this.

If you follow these 8 Keys and work with them diligently, this whole process can unfold rather quickly. This is because you’re working with a quantum process, not a linear one.

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