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On your ascension healing journey you will come face to face with yourself in some rather profound ways. In many cases this happens quite unexpectedly whereby something may happen in your life that causes you to react. This inner reactive response often happens in a way that does not reflect the state of consciousness that you aspire to be a living breathing embodiment thereof. This is a frequent daily occurrence in the life of human beings on Earth. Yet, when you’re dedicated to the process of consciousness evolution with a goal of ascension in mind, this process takes on a whole new meaning.

Without such a dedication it’s unlikely that one would even have a higher consciousness aspiration to begin with. Without such a goal the way you would come face to face with yourself will be quite different, if it even occurs at all. This article is written for those who do have such an aspiration. Anyone else would need to first be quickened into developing an aspiration towards a higher consciousness evolution.

So there you are, staring at the mirror of self after a rather ignominious reaction was triggered in you by something unexpected. HOW you handle this situation from this point forward is everything! Underlying your reaction is some type of personal story. This will be one which has an element of victimhood woven into it. Victimhood is a highly complicated psychological and emotional complex. The simple understanding that’s needed for this discussion is that it’s a dynamic which continually informs the afflicted individual that someone or something other than themselves is to blame for what they’re feeling inside of themselves.

It’s through this underlying mechanism that your personal story so very easily gets amplified internally by your reaction, and then gets projected outwardly onto the person or thing which triggered your reaction. Further amplification often occurs after it’s been projected too. This dynamic underlies a significant portion of dysfunctional human relationships, behaviors and characteristics. Fortunately the solution is a relatively simple one in concept. It can, however, take some due diligence and dogged persistence to spring yourself free from your limited personal story so you can experience your far more expansive Cosmic Truth. Here are a few tips to being able to navigate these waters more gracefully.

  1. Develop more self-awareness: You must become aware that you’re caught in a limited personal story before you can step out of it into something far more expansive.
  2. Recognize the trigger was not about you: UNTIL… you made it about you through your reaction to it.
  3. Engage radical self-forgiveness: You must be able to fully accept that you had an undesirable and unnecessary reaction without beating yourself up for it.
  4. Focus on your Cosmic Truth: your reaction represents your limited truth of the moment which is deeply embedded in your personal story. Your Cosmic Truth puts it all into a much larger perspective.
  5. Sustain your Cosmic Truth: declare your Cosmic Truth as your enduring highest truth while simultaneously owning, accepting and honoring what you must from your reaction. Rinse and repeat.

Each one of those five tips could easily be a book unto themselves. The following brief explanations should be helpful to you though nonetheless.

1. DEVELOP MORE SELF-AWARENESS: to do this you’ll need some effective exercises that you’re dedicated to doing frequently, and which simultaneously allow you to move into position as an objective observer of yourself and everything that you say and do. Some tools that can be effective for this purpose are journaling, self-reflective contemplation and meditation, self-dialogue and self-examination. The basic idea here is that you need to regularly be able to see/observe yourself as clearly as possible as if through the eyes of another being of extraordinary wisdom, understanding and compassion; that is who YOU are in truth!

2. RECOGNIZE THE TRIGGER WAS NOT ABOUT YOU: whenever people and circumstances seem to trigger you, move into your higher Cosmic Truth where you can KNOW the truth that whatever happened was in fact NOT actually about you despite appearances. Rather, it’s about something that’s going on inside of the other person(s) being projected onto you. If your response is a reaction, then you’ve accepted that projection into your being. You’ve also returned it to the sender and paid them a very high rate of interest on their unwanted deposit of energy in your space! Escalation is often the result until somebody moves up to higher ground.

3. ENGAGE RADICAL SELF-FORGIVENESS: one of the problems that arises for many people regards self-forgiveness is that they don’t feel worthy of their own light. This leads to hiding your light under guilt, shame and self-blame and it often takes the form of false humility. To correct this underlying self-limiting belief try looking into your own eyes in a mirror. Tell yourself that you are released from all of the pain and illusions that have caused you to denigrate yourself in favor of others, and that you LOVE YOU. Do this incessantly until you actually feel deep love for yourself AND others in your body and being. Be persistent, this can sometimes take awhile.

4. FOCUS ON YOUR COSMIC TRUTH: everyone has a lot of limited truths of the moment that are part of their personal story. It’s these limited truths that arise when you get triggered and then react. Unfortunately, the way these truths are often dealt with is that they inadvertently get declared as “your truth.” This then sets a low ceiling on your consciousness without you fully realizing it. Giving voice to these limited temporary truths feels good at the time and herein lies the seduction of this trap.

The REAL solution is dependent upon Tip #1, which is having enough requisite self-awareness to be able to see that your reaction represents a limited truth of the moment. From this point of awareness you will then have a much solider sense of your higher Cosmic Truth anchored in love, compassion, all-knowing, forgiveness, gentleness and ‘do no harm.’ You can then declare THAT as your highest eternal truth.

This will lift you up and out of the limited truth of the moment that was part of your reaction needing to be expressed. This in turn dissipates the reaction and allows your higher Cosmic Truth to prevail and it heals your personal story of pain and fear. To succeed with this you must also be accepting yourself and the feelings you had arise in your reaction. You just don’t wish to be declaring those feelings as your highest truth, or they will become just that. They are just a limited truth of the moment, voices within your inner community that are seeking to be connected and integrated back into your whole Self.

5. SUSTAIN YOUR COSMIC TRUTH: this is where you can build up the power of what you accomplished in Tip #4 and keep it ongoing as a way of life. At first this will be hit and miss. However, if you diligently persist in bringing this new state of being and experience about in your life it will produce very sweet fruit in short order. The best tool you have to succeed with this ascension endeavor is your cognition of just how damn good it feels when you are experiencing your Cosmic Truth. It’s a different feel good than you get from speaking your limited truth of the moment. It’s subtler, but far more refined. It’s also far more powerful in the end, and it’s of the higher frequencies that will transport your being through the ascension gate when the time arrives.

You have my permission to copy/paste and print those 5 tips and stick them around your house, office, car or whatever. If you wish to share them with others, please be so kind as to send them here to read them directly in my blog whereby they can partake of the other benefits I offer on this site as well!

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