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There’s been one hoot of a lot said, written and taught over the millennia regards fear. Nearly all of it has fear put down to being a self-limiting bad guy/girl which must be mastered, sublimated and eradicated in order to walk free of said limitations. I once believed this nonsense myself, then I got enlightened.

Fear is a Natural Biological ResponseFear is in fact a natural biological response to a perceived danger. As such, fear is there to try and protect you! Indeed as you likely are aware already, we do have a lot of irrational fear responses to things in modern life.

Fear was once a mechanism that existed in our experience to help us deal with saber toothed tigers and other ominous and very real threats to our survival, including harsh realities in our environment.

Today the tax man, bill collectors, your boss, your own children and all sorts of problems related to technology failing us or other hazards of modern civilized life elicit the same exact biological responses as the appearance of a saber toothed tiger in our camp.

Most of the techniques taught today for dealing with our fears try to subdue it, make it go away, pretend it doesn’t exist and a host of other tricks that can at least temporarily provide some relief from our inner terrorist of fear.

The problem with these techniques is that they never really get rid of the fear. Instead they provide us with but a fleeting illusory moment of freedom from fear. Then, the fear returns again and often times it is stronger the next time around. So this becomes a rather vicious cycle to get caught up in after awhile.

There is, however, a much simpler and more effective approach. This is an approach that works directly with the universal principles that underlie all of Reality. This approach begins with the acknowledgement that fear is a natural mechanism that is there to protect you. Without it, we as a species would never have survived this long. Therefore, fear is your friend, not some foe to be vanquished.

The next point of realization in this approach is that your fear is only a messenger. It is a part of your being that perceives something which it believes to be a danger to you. It wants to alert you to the danger, that’s all! You can thus change the way you relate to your fear so as to treat it as part of your beneficial inner community.

Fear is My FriendWhen fear arrives, simply address it with something like; “fear my friend, what is it that you have to tell me?” Then listen! After you’ve done so, fear will feel it has done it’s job and leave! This generally will hold true unless you are in imminent danger and not taking action to remove yourself from that danger. If you don’t listen and receive fear’s message, it will keep on knocking, and then finally it will summons some help to break your door down! If, however, you just listen to your fear and hear it’s message, this will be unnecessary.

Once you’ve listened to what your fear had to warn you about, the next step is to take that message into your higher awareness. This is related to the higher cortical functions of your brain. You will be doing this in order to determine if there’s anything in that message that you should heed. Or conversely, you may also come to the conclusion that it was just a limited part of yourself that did not see the bigger picture and can thus be safely discarded. Many times it will be a bit of both. In other words, it may be something you need to pay attention to, but which is really not serious or life threatening, just something to be aware of.

When you use this approach you’ll start to feel more whole within yourself. This is because you will be operating from a more holistic place in your being. Holistic in that you are acknowledging the value that even your intrinsic fear nature has in your experience, and thereby you’re unifying your inner being. This has the potential to heal vast portions of the condition of inner separation that can cause so much pain and difficulty.

One of the really wonderful things about this approach is that the shift from being limited by fear to being empowered by it’s message can take place rather quickly. It does not have to be a long, knock down, drag it out type of struggle as often is the case with other techniques. One thing to keep in mind, is that whenever dealing with fear becomes a struggle it’s because we’re fearing fear itself. I call that fear squared, e.g. fear to the second power.

Gratitude for Fear as ProtectionSo next time fear comes a calling, turn and face that fear, thank it for coming to try and protect you. Ask it what it has to alert you to. Thank it again. Contemplate the message and act according to your reflections, if at all. In doing this you are healing separation by accepting fear as a valuable member of your inner community. In doing this you advance in your efforts towards becoming a more unified essence embodied as Pure Love on Earth!

From there, you will start to understand what life can be like without any need for courage. Courage is a great virtue and has it’s place, but it’s only necessary for as long as fear reigns over you because it’s about going forth despite your fear. If fear has transformed into a cooperative member of your inner community, then courage is no longer necessary. Another way of viewing this is that you will have become the living essence of courage beyond all fear!

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