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Love is a word in the English language which is used in many vastly different ways. Just how it’s used depends upon the overall context and level of awareness present. Whenever I or illumined beings in higher dimensions speak of love, we are referring to a pure state of being.

From this state of being we can then give birth to thoughts, feelings, actions, words and deeds that are in resonance with it. The state of being I am calling love is actually beyond the realms of manifestation, yet it can be experienced by manifest forms in the Creation. That alone is an amazing thing in and of itself!

In this pure state of being love is a noun for all intents and purposes. When it begins to take movement, the energy which initiates this movement is what is called ‘First Cause.’ The First Cause movement that the state of being of pure love takes is probably best represented by the word ‘acceptance.’

Love is a State of BeingThis First Cause movement of love as acceptance, is an acceptance of all things that exist, simply because they do exist! If there was not a purpose for them to exist in the greater Intelligence of the Creator of All That Is, then they would not have been been brought into manifestation in the first place.

That seems simple enough, and I know most people who are drawn to this blog will resonate. Yet, how often do we simultaneously have thoughts, feelings and the underlying beliefs that generate them which perceive various things as being ‘wrong.’

This is the very root of duality. If we take it any further then we water that dualistic root and it begins to grow into a healthy plant that then self-justifies its own existence ad infinitum. As you can see, all perceptions, thoughts and feelings that make anything in existence to be somehow wrong lead us further away from experiencing the higher truth of who we are as pure love.

What to do? Each time these perceptions, thoughts and feelings arise, remind yourself that there is some purpose for that thing to exist, or it simply would not exist. This opens the door to a more expanded state of awareness. As this awareness begins to come to you the purpose for the existence of whatever it is will begin to dawn on you in due time.

Ask for whatever awareness you need directly too in your prayers and meditations. Ask and you shall receive applies to a lot more than material things! If we have the awareness we need to see something clearly, then whatever  problems it posed can be resolved.

This brings us back to the state of being called love. As we see things more clearly as a result of greater awareness we also accept them more easily and understand how we offer them love from this state of being. THAT is powerful transformation that is graceful, soft and rewarding to be a part of.

It is from this state of being of pure love that what we call Divine Grace flows. The Metatronic Councils of Light have related to me that we must learn to open to far greater awareness of the part of ourselves that exists in that pure state of being called love.

This state of being is our Core-Self. To achieve it requires clearing your field of limiting beliefs and strengthening your inner consciousness spectrum so that greater success in achieving an ongoing experience of the pure state of being called love can enter your lifewave at a whole new level.

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