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I’m sure you have heard the term “shift happens”? Shift is change, and change is continual. As I like to say, “the only thing we can know for certain is that nothing is for certain”!!!

However, this is all relative to the temporal realms, that which comes into manifestation and goes through a evolutionary process until its energy has left the temporal realms.

We are so focused on the process of evolution (rightfully so) that many times we are not even aware that evolution itself exists only within the temporal realms. In the essential realms—that which we give labels to like infinite, absolute, eternal and so forth—there is only the unchanging essence of All That Is. This is the ultimate in steady state energy!

Steady State Energy, Stabilizing Rapid Consciousness ChangesWe can equate the essential realms with our Divine Self and the temporal realms with our Human Self.  It is easy to operate with a dualistic perception when we think of Human/Divine Self. Thoughts like “we can go to heaven” or “will God have mercy on me” reflect this type of dualism.

Truth is that both of these domains of Self co-exist. It is only our minds which make them out to be separate. I have found it helpful for myself and my clients to relate to these two aspects of our being as being associated with qualities. The steadfastness of the Divine Self in the midst of the rapidly changing and shifting Human Self is something that most people can relate to.

It is this steadfast or unchanging Self that we want to become more aware of and experience more continually. Yet, we are here in the temporal realms in a time of rapid change. How to bring these two together?

There is a key in the statement I shared earlier, “the only thing we can know for certain is that nothing is for certain”! Most people relate to that statement as meaning you have to just surrender to all the change and try and be at peace with it as it tosses you about. This is a good idea, and effort in this direction produces good fruit to be sure.

Yet, there is a hidden gem that seems to go unnoticed by many in that simple little statement as well! The hidden gem is that there is a reference point imparted for accessing a steady state field of energy even while you are going through rapid change!

The reference point is this: surrendering to the absoluteness within the constancy of change itself leads to a much greater potential unfolding. On the other hand, if you surrender to the uncertainty which change brings you are surrendering to the limitations of the circumstance and not the potential!

If we wish to experience less ups and downs—where we are always feeling like that which made us feel secure and safe suddenly is threatened or gone—then we need to align ourselves with the part of our being that resides in this steady state energy.

The New Earth is based on steady state energy. Even our celestial cycles are beginning to reflect this steady state energy. They still exist, but we are starting to relate to them differently. The energy the planets and stars make available to us will also change in response.

Instead of feeling like we are caught in the stream of astrological energies and influences for example, we can move to a new level of interaction with these celestial bodies and beings. In the New Earth we will be able to navigate these streams of energy with great precision and power to bring them into our expression in whatever way that we consciously choose.

As a result the older ideas about being able to predict the future through astrology or any form of divination will rapidly fade away… they are doing so right now! When we are anchored to the central pillar of our Inner Temple of steady state energy strongly enough, all energies that we are exposed to will be perceived as Divine Opportunities. From this place, we act according to our love and joy, or we do not act at all!

This is a place of True Power. It is rooted in the steady state energy which is the New Earth of our dreams. Look no further for the New Earth, it is right there inside of YOU! Can you feel it?

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  • Lyndy Starflower says:

    These blogs simply increase in their power of answering the hidden questions. I especially appreciated the distinction made between surrendering into absoluteness and surrendering into uncertainty. The absolute FEELING behind those states is unmistakeable.

    I sometimes think of myself as standing in the center of infinity, right where the loops project in opposing directions, and these days, I see more pairs of loops projected forward and back, up and down, sideways and the other version of sideways than my eyes can follow.

    And standing there in the zero zone of potential I realize that energy is flowing through me. While I can affect its course relative to my relationship with the energy, I do not start or stop it. What comes, comes before I am witnessing (at least that is where I am at now) and it is my opportunity to witness the energy into a divine whole balancing love. This happens mysteriously when I surrender any FORMulations and allow pure love to feel its way through me.

    Life is surely a divine gift!
    Blissings to you and all your infinite allies and alliances of energetic love!

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