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The idea of perfection in our world is usually focused on perfecting material form. The idea of perfection for spiritual Mastery sort of has its own version of this focus as well.

Perfection of self being the focus of spiritual Mastery, and herein a lot of attention gets paid to the form of our expression. This is useful and has purpose and can help us quite a bit actually. To learn to be in control of your emotions so you do not blurt or dump them on others in the very least improves our social life. We are social beings and our survival depends on successful social engagement.

However, at some point we must come to understand that the energy behind and within things is what needs to be perfected. The words and actions can be quite imperfect, but if the energy within them is truly coming from a place of love then others will not usually react… or if they do, you will be in a solid place with a warm embrace and that is the end of that!

Along these lines, a lot of effort goes into watching what words we use. I came to realize quite some time back that words are only containers. The energy we put into those containers is what matters. It is also true that there are some words that billions of people have put a certain type of energy into throughout time… therefore there is value and purpose in avoiding the use of words that have an undesirable energy charge placed into them… especially if we are attempting to communicate to more than just one other person.

We ourselves may be able to transcend and put a different energy in the container of that word, but a lot of the others we are communicating to may simply unconsciously summon up the long-standing energy charge and then associate that with what you are attempting to communicate.

However, avoiding such words with this level of awareness and purpose is quite different than avoiding them because we have a belief the word is “negative.” We can say “I love you” in a thousand different ways energetically for example.

If we really mean it, the other person feels that and knows it is genuine. If we are saying it reluctantly or for any other reason than a true expression of our love for that person, then the other also feels that and knows it is not genuine. As I was saying, the words are only a container for the energy we put into them!

I could sum up this whole developmental arena of consciousness evolution quite simply with the phrase, “true perfection is to be found in how well we embrace the imperfections… with love.”

To the degree we can accomplish THAT, the perfection of form no longer matters and whatever forms are meant to be perfected just self-perfect! Ahhh… THAT is true liberation my beloved Family of Light!

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