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The transforming power of love is a topic which has been spoken to in so many ways for a very long time! However, despite all that has been said if we take but one brief look around it becomes clear that what has been said is not being brought into fruition very well.

When I witness such things I naturally explore that energy more deeply to understand what is really going on there. This particular exploration of mine has been ongoing for over 20 years! I have learned a lot in that time. I have become keenly aware of how to put all that has been said into practice, and even better, into having it all become an autonomous state within myself.

The Power of LoveI have also had a lot of experience with helping my clients do the same. You learn a lot when working with both self and others on something! The hologram of awareness becomes much more complete and rich!

Well, after all that time, effort, exploration, work and effort… it all boils down to one simple thing. This one simple thing can best be described by the question: “What would love do?”

That is not only the description, it is also an amazingly effective tool! I could go on speaking to all the reasons why it works for a very long time… but the bottom line is that it does work IF you are aware that you need to use it, and then you do use it.

Here is a very simple to remember three step process which expands the transforming Power of Love within your being very powerfully and quickly.

Step 1: be self-aware enough to recognize when you are focused in a way that is not resonant with love and which is thus causing you to not experience love.

Step 2: ask yourself the question: “What would love do?” (in the situation)

Step 3: put your answer to that question into action.

If you hear your mind telling you that this is too simple, it will never work… ask your mind to tell you which of its more complex approaches has in fact worked consistently! This is an excellent tool for getting a quieter mind too! LOL

The beliefs, skills and qualities you must develop within yourself to go along with this three step process are: in the now self-awareness, authenticity, a belief in the supreme power of love, motivation to change and determined perseverance.

In the Now Self-Awareness: cultivate this through continual self-examination. This does NOT mean to be self-critical or self-judgmental. It means to always have an open mind about yourself and your experiences. A mind which seeks to know what it is that is going on inside of YOU that is causing you to experience what you are experiencing. “There is no out there” needs to become your core motto!

Authenticity: you have to be true to who you are in each moment on ALL levels of your being. Yes, you are a Divine Being of Pure Love. Yes, you are a Human Being having a limited experience that does not always reflect the beauty of your Divine Self.

This is NOT a paradox, nor is it indicative that anything is “wrong.” It simply means you need more awareness—an expanded context—with which to view it all then the paradox dissolves and every part of you can be accepted just as it is NOW. Then, and only then, can you truly be authentic and experience true inner peace and harmony!

Authenticity is important in this process because if you are not authentic enough to acknowledge to yourself that you are not focused on and experiencing love, then you will not have the self-awareness necessary to get past Step 1 above!

Belief in the Supreme Power of Love: rather self-explanatory, if you do not believe love has the power to quickly transform anything and everything into itself—love—then you will not be motivated to put such a practice as I am sharing herein to use.

Now, this is where it can get tricky. You may consciously believe in the Supreme Power of Love. Yet, you may also have sub/unconscious beliefs that are not in resonant accord with what you believe consciously. These may be from previous incarnations, or even from your ancestors! Often times they are indeed from our ancestral lineage.

Until such beliefs are removed/transformed they are at odds with your conscious intentions and act like little saboteurs running around inside you. You may make great effort in a particular direction of achievement, and yet still it does not seem to work. These sub/unconscious beliefs being in a direct oppositional duality with your conscious intentions is the primary reason why this occurs.

Motivation to Change: again, rather self-explanatory. It needs to be said though, that this motivation needs to emanate from a true desire for experiencing your full potential as a human being versus an aversion to, or escape from, what you have going on in your life right now. The latter often masquerades as the former… when this happens the motivational energy will continue to drive you deeper into what you do not desire to be experiencing. This can be very dis-concerting until you finally understand and see what is taking place.

Determined Perseverance: yes, you will have to persistently stay with this process for awhile as a new way of approaching life itself before it starts becoming more like a light-engendered autonomous habit. Determined perseverance for a period of about 90 days will produce good fruit. Each time you apply the three step process you are further transforming your epigenetic and neural circuitry so that it makes it easier to accomplish the next time.

This is the same dynamic that comes into play when we learn anything else. When we first start learning to ride a bicycle, we have to focus real hard on balancing and peddling and steering. Yet, despite our best efforts we are wobbly and may fall over or run into something because we cannot figure out how to focus on all these things at the same time.

The more we ride that bike, the more our body actually learns what is required without us focusing directly upon it consciously… it becomes automatic, a matter of habit. This is in fact what happens with the three step process I have outlined above. If you keep doing it, your body and consciousness will start to do it automatically and your life experience will transform dramatically as a result!

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  • Lyndy Starflower says:

    I feel, dear Simeon, that you have spoken here to the very ultimate human expression, the purpose our embodiments in this cosmic body of form are present to become present with and affect.
    Love is like water, as a matter fact, I experience water as a container of love and fire as the space for love to move. (Just my current take) Yet, water, like love dissolves everything with its pure neutrality. And Love as Witness is what I postulate from my relationship within, is where I am to show up.

    For the longest time, I had ideas that things were wrong out there and I had to fix them to be worthy. Then, I thought if i fixed everything inside, there would be no more wrong, outside. While I played there with judgements and self-judgements, I never discovered any real power.

    Gradually, I was shown within that our presence is our god power in expression. As I gradually discovered more and more about my nature as living love, I came into many knowings, which were hidden until I knew how to wield presence as power.

    Now, I am dissolving the separations I imagined between my body and my heartmind. I feel so honored to have reached this moment when I can almost stand up and say, it is good, as a creator might.

    Surely, every breakthrough any one of we many-One make, is given to the power of love awakening as us into us and then, now-casting through us.
    Hurray for Cosmic Consciousness, the journey and the art of love making more space for love.

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