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What is Divine Grace?Divine Grace is often thought of as being something that another person or God/Spirit/Source does for us without us having done anything to earn it.

There is a modicum of truth in this perspective, but it could do with a bit of enhancement to help complete our conceptual understanding.

First, it’s very helpful to be aware that Divine Grace is an effect of a natural energy with unlimited potential. This energy exists everywhere and in everything. This energy is Pure Love.

The Law of Grace is a sub-law under the Law of Love. In my eBook “The Universal Laws of Energy and Consciousness” (Update Feb. 12th, 2020: revised edition in progress) I wrote:

The Law of Grace (Harmonic Transcendence)

Through application of love operating within an expanded enough field of awareness — i.e. love which resonates within phi harmonics — the Law of Balance may be invoked thereby fulfilling the activity of all laws subsidiary to the Law of Balance (i.e. the Law of Polarities; the Law of Return; the Law of Cause and Effect, i.e. Karma, etc).

This law is perhaps one of the most sought after and least understood of all Universal Laws. As defined, this law is actually somewhat of a linkage between several other of the Universal Laws and which has a specific activity wherein the laws are either attenuated or accentuated.

The net result is what would appear to be something “transcendent” or “miraculous” or which somehow cheats the other laws. The Law of Grace is, however, a working of the laws of energy in the Universe and not a magical potion. Properly understood it can be elicited at will for the benefit of humanity in a very powerful way.

Knowing that one also place’s themselves in the field of Divine Grace when invoking it for another may at first make it seem like this law is not working on principles of unconditionality.

Upon further examination it becomes apparent, however, that it could be no other way. This law works in precise alignment with the Law of Unity and elicits an immediate response from the Great Love whenever it is invoked. Opening one’s self to being a channel of Divine Grace for others guarantees you will receive Divine Grace yourself.

This is why the age old wisdom will tell you that if you are hungry, go feed someone, or if you are in need of clothing, to go clothe someone. That bit of age old wisdom is relating to us that if we are in need, our needs will be supplied most quickly and efficiently by invoking the Law of Grace, which requires a compassionate act to be invoked.

Another way of stating this would be to say that if you wish to experience this energy yourself, you need to expand your awareness and become a channel through which it can flow. Therefore as it flowing to the other it is flowing through you and your life experience too.

This does not mean you need to somehow deny yourself in the process. Doing that would take you into a much more limited experience and would not create a true flow of Divine Grace. Fill yourself with Divine Grace… Pure Love… with the intent to create an overflow that will benefit others (phi harmonics). When it overflows you must then allow that overflow to truly benefit others in order to keep it flowing.

That is what Divine Grace is and how you can consciously create the conditions through which you can experience it by sharing it! How awesome is THAT?

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  • Lyndy Starflower says:

    I like to think in musical metaphors and Divine Grace feels like a harmony that, because it echoes through infinite eternities, sustains and organizes vast spaces. When I move into a state of alignment with values rather than details, that divine sound (that I can’t hear but can observe through synchronicities) plays through my intentive moment, the details all arrange to become harmonious, and voila! something wonderful comes forward.

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