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Duality is rooted in the dynamic principle whereby there are two polarities of energy expression. Two polarities of energy expression are what the entire manifest universe is based upon! We really cannot get rid of that!

What we refer to as duality—and which we can do something about—is actually a state of imbalance and/or dissonance between the two polarities of energy expression that are involved. Transcending dualistic experience involves the balancing and harmonizing of our polarity pairs of energy expression so they can be unified.

Modes of Duality, Step Free into the Light of Your Soul!The sheer number of energy polarity pairs in a reality like we have on Earth is truly beyond our comprehension. However, after studying and working with this dynamic diligently for over 25 years with myself and others, I have been able to identify several fundamental polarity pairs or “modes of duality” which underlie just about all the rest.

Therefore, if we work to balance and harmonize these primary modes of duality all the rest start to self-correct. This is sort of like setting the foundation of a building straight, all the doors/drawers start to fit and the windows begin to work again when you do!

The fundamental polarity pairs or primary modes of duality I have identified are:

  1. Self-Other.
  2. God-Human/Something Else.
  3. Heaven-Earth.
  4. Light-Dark a.k.a Good-Bad/Evil.

All other dualistic polarity pairs I have come across fit into one or more of these four primary modes of duality. These are of course perceptual modalities which come into play relative to different domains of energy. Just understanding this alone takes you some considerable distance towards transcending duality and experiencing a more unified state of consciousness and being.

It is our perceptions which cause us to experience reality in a dualistic manner. If we can sufficiently shift our perceptions of the four primary modes of duality I listed above we are free!

We need to be able to shift completely enough that these four primary modes of duality autonomously become unified perceptions—i.e. we no longer need make any effort to perceive their attendant realities in a unified way.

This would mean that you autonomously perceive self in other and other in self; that you autonomously perceive the God/Divine in all humans as well as yourself; that you perceive and experience Heaven as being right here with you on the Earth as a state of being; and Light-Dark or Good-Evil are perceived and experienced as different expressions of the Great Love which have a purpose.

When I say the four primary modes of duality are “autonomously perceived” as unified realities, I mean that there is no thought about it. You simply experience life and reality in a way where these polarity pairs are unified, balanced and harmonious.

If you have any difficulty experiencing something in your life harmoniously as the being of love that you are in truth, then I can confidently guarantee you that this difficulty can be traced back to a duality of perception, imbalance and/or dissonance existing in one or more of these four primary modes of duality! I have spent many years testing this theory in practice and it has not failed me yet!

To quickly shift your perceptions in this way might seem a tall order to achieve at first. That is nothing more than a limited belief that can be changed very quickly too! If you change your belief around what is possible, then what is possible also changes!

In fact, dualistic perceptions themselves are rooted in limited beliefs. These limited beliefs often have nothing to do with anything that we as a soul being ever did, thought or experienced directly. Many times they have piggybacked along on our DNA from our ancestors!

The good news is that they can be erased like old computer programs from your operating system (consciousness) and hard drive (cellular DNA memory) quite easily! The simplest way I know for accomplishing this is to change your focus anytime you start experiencing something you find to be dualistic and uncomfortable. This leverages the principle underlying the metaphysical axiom, ‘where your attention goes energy flows’ to your advantage. So in essence, you are simply re-focusing your attention in another direction, one which represents that which you really wish to be experiencing.

Try it, this is very simple and very powerful and works right away. The hardest part, is in coming to accept that the shift you experience is not some kind of illusion, and that it can really be that easy. We are deeply conditioned to believe life and everything associated with it is, or must be, a struggle. Using this simple technique will transform and release that dualistic concept, and in so doing, it will liberate you from a whole lot of duality!

Let me know how you get on with this, and/or share anything additional you have to add to help others in the comments below!

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