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In the computer world “GIGO” is an acronym for “garbage in – garbage out” which goes way back to the early days of computing. It means if you input bad data, you cannot expect the computer to give you good data in return. It only processes what it is given.

More recently there has been an expansion on its meaning to “garbage in – gospel out.” This new rendition applies to the growing tendency for people to trust blindly in whatever comes out of computers as if it were the gospel truth all the time. This tendency ignores the original GIGO principle.

Both of these principles apply to spiritual transformation as well. In this case the “computer” is our subtle energy system which must process all the various energies we circulate through it. It is quite common to have GIGO taking place where there is good conscious awareness present of “garbage out” but not enough of the “garbage in” portion of the dynamic.Watch Full Movie Streaming Online and Download

Spiritual GIGO“Garbage out” is easy to be aware of, its all the stuff we are experiencing mentally, emotionally and physically that we do not wish to be experiencing. “Garbage in” is a lot more complex than with computer data entry, and much harder to become aware of.

There are numerous sources for “garbage in” when we are speaking of our subtle human bio-energy systems. The main sources are listed below in a rough general order of impact and importance:

  1. Our thoughts, feelings and emotions.
  2. Our state of health.
  3. The people we are around most frequently.
  4. The substances we take into and put on our bodies.
  5. Our environment.
  6. Our ancestral genetic energy patterns.

The order of priority can change with circumstances too. So whereas normally “environment” may be second to last on that list, if you are suddenly in a catastrophe zone that was just devastated by a major earthquake, then environment may be first on the list until that situation changes. It can change for different individuals as well. You get the idea.

In normal circumstances where there is no extremes taking place in any of those categories for potential “garbage in” they will roughly fall into that level of prioritization for most people. For many people who have been on the spiritual path for some time, 1-5 on that list are being addressed rather vigorously. This does not mean there isn’t more to be done there, but conscious effort is being made.

It is item #6 that usually escapes getting proper attention although there are a lot of things that attempt to address it. I have met and worked with many people who are “doing everything right” and still have a lot of “garbage out” going on much to their dismay. The reason for this is that the ancestral genetic patterns in their DNA which have not been addressed properly are like bugs in the overall program preventing it from working as it should. Yet, they are trusting in the energy system to give them good output when they are “doing everything right.”

People who have done a lot of good work in items #1-5 often experience huge quantum shifts very quickly when they finally address item #6 properly and effectively. People who have not done a lot in items #1-5 need to also address those areas too of course. Yet, if you address #6 along with them it goes a LOT faster! Learn some self-muscle testing and go exploring! Muscle testing accesses your sub/unconscious. It reveals what you BELIEVE to be true. No, it does not reveal ‘absolute truth’ as is commonly believed, but, this is MUCH better!

Why? Because to know what your limiting sub/unconscious beliefs are is one of the most powerful gifts you could ever receive. Most of your ancestral genetic patterns will be found here! Once you know what this level of garbage-in consist of, you can then transform it. The precursor to being able to change or transform any dynamic is that you must become aware of it first. Otherwise it remains a hidden garbage-input that keeps a messin’ with you! Let me know what you discover in the comments below!

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