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Core State Entrainment Technique (CSET) TM
State-based Life Enrichment


The "Best You" is a simple idea. It's about YOU experiencing the best you have inside of yourself in a sustainable way. When you can experience the Best You your life is enriched. Your relationships with others flourish. Your abilities to engage the demands of your life expand and everything just flows. Your levels of creativity, intuition and inspiration soar too.

Maybe you don't even know that you have anything that could be referred to as "best" inside of yourself. If so, that's very sad and my heart reaches out to you with hope. If such be the case, I can uplift you to some degree right now by assuring you that you'll very soon see that you do have a "Best You" already inside of yourself. Either way, watch this video and sense the shift then read on...

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See how you feel much better already! That is what this Core State Entrainment Technique (CSET) is designed to do. It can take you directly to your Core State where you feel much happier. This simple program will help you discover and experience this "Best You" state of existence that we're referring to as the "Core State." It will help you be able to eventually sustain your Core State on an ongoing basis without much if any effort.

This is therefore a state-based approach versus a process-based approach. A "state" in this case refers to how you are feeling inside of yourself. When you feel up and happy you experience a particular feeling state. When you feel down and sad you also experience a particular feeling state. Herein we have a happy state and a sad state. Your Core State is balanced, which can include happiness, joy, peace, positive motivation and a whole lot more!

You may indeed go through a process while discovering and learning to sustain your Core State. However, the process part is really optional, it's up to you. In other words you're not limited by the progression of the program I'm offering you for experiencing your Core State.

The steps I teach are only a means to help help you access and experience what's already there inside of you. It's waiting to be experienced right NOW. It's only you that determines what you can discover and experience at will. You alone also determine just how fast this can and will occur. This means you can choose to experience your Core State as quickly and often as you wish!

The humblest and most noble truth of this program is that you already have your Core State perpetually present inside of yourself. It's just waiting for an opportunity to emerge into your human experience. Do you know that you actually expend a great deal of energy interfering with your innate ability to experience your Core State? It sounds silly I know, but it's true!

In order to experience your Core State, you need to just accept your limited-self and all of it's shortcomings, FULLY. Your limited-self will then relax and step out of the way and your Core State will naturally emerge! Sounds easy, but can it really be that easy?

The answer is that it's easy once you have a basic idea of what to do. Until then it's not only hard but it seems almost impossible much of the time. This is because what we usually do involves chasing down the things that seem to interfere with our Core State in an effort to get rid of them or replace them with something else. This is well-intentioned, but it produces very little in the way of enduring and desirable results. Where your attention goes, energy flows... chasing your demons actually feeds them!

You'll learn another method for eliminating this interference in my FREE eBook which is available for download at the end of this article!

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First, it's helpful to understand what the primary qualities and components of your Core State actually are. I've listed these below in the sequential order in which they tend to naturally unfold. They very well may seem to unfold differently for you, however. So don't be concerned about the sequence, just learn to recognize them in your experience.

Focus only on your sense of these various elements being present. You don't need to have a sense of all of them all the time either. Many times several of them will be involved but you may only be aware of one or two being present in your experience.

This is because in truth, they are just the many faces of your Core State. Even if you're only aware of one, it's good!

  • Accepting
    Acceptance of what you're experiencing at any given moment, your reactions or responses to whatever life brought your way, allows you to enter into an experience of your Core State quite naturally, usually without much further effort.
  • Present
    Once you've accepted what you're experiencing in the moment you become more fully present with yourself and whatever or whomever you may be engaged with.
  • Balanced
    Once you've become present your entire state of mind and emotion comes into a greater state of balance.
  • HarmoniousAs you become more balanced you naturally begin to experience a more harmonious state of existence.
  • PeacefulWhen you're in a more harmonious state of existence you naturally feel much more at peace inside yourself and with others.
  • NeutralWhen you are at peace with yourself and others you are much better able to remain neutral by not taking things personally and by not assessing things or others to be bad, useless or purposeless.
  • Open
    Being neutral also means that you are more open to the views of others and to understanding their problems and needs.
  • EmbracingBeing open means you are able to embrace others even when they may be acting out towards you or reacting to something you've said or done.
  • CaringWhen you've been able to embrace others you are quite naturally and authentically caring about them and most people will feel it inside themselves.
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1. DISCOVER: Learn to Experience your Core State

2. IMPRINT: Remember your Core State Feelings

3. ENTRAIN: Return to your Core State at Will

4. SUSTAIN: Remain in your Core State Continually

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  • Sarah says:

    Removing “old programming of shame” is a necessary component to accessing the “core state” — once people are given permission to love themselves authentically the core state is then the foundation for consciousness.
    You’ve managed to use the Solfeggio element to create a safe place for the “mind” to enter and begin the process … it’s pure genius. Well done!

  • Annie Saqr says:

    It’s amazingly beautiful and centering. Will live experiencing more!

  • Paul says:

    Thank you for sharing this, Simeon! This work is profound in its simplicity, freedom from dogma and its trust in the essential nature of who we truly are…

  • Raymond Pelletier says:

    I Love what you’re stating here! I my own way I work with a similar format as I do the designs. I let go of the old processes taught in the ancient mystery schools and work solely with the core principle from universal source.
    Kim Ki’Ma’Ra…. WOW …OMG…..WOW I’m sure when you chant like that it resonates throughout the universes.
    I would love to hear more.
    RayMond Tao’Ra

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